Suspension possibility looms for Odell Beckham


The league office thought he should have been ejected. He wasn’t. So now the question is whether the league office will preemptively eject Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. from his next game, Sunday night at Minnesota.

Beckham’s antics didn’t include any one clear, single, glaring, after-the-whistle act of misconduct that would trigger a suspension on its own, like an Ndamukong Suh stomp or an Aqib Talib eye gouge. But the repeated acts of chippy — and flat-out dirty — play could make the league willing to impose one-game suspension, especially since plenty of Beckham’s behavior came in the form of blows to the head of an opponent.

The most glaring example came when Beckham lunged with the crown of his helmet into side of the helmet of Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. Coming only days before the release of Concussion, which will make the NFL look bad for its failure to recognize the dangers of head trauma, the league may feel compelled to at least try to dramatically discipline Beckham down in response to egregious, repeated attempts to go beyond the scope of the rules, and in turn to endanger the health and safety of another player.

“Try” is the key word. The NFL doesn’t have final say on matters of discipline for on-field behavior, with either Derrick Brooks or James Thrash, jointly hired and paid by the NFL and the NFL Players Association, handling the appeal of any fines or suspensions. Sometimes, the league is willing to roll the dice on a suspension and accept the risk of losing on appeal. The constant stream of pushing and shoving from last Sunday’s Steelers-Bengals game coupled with Sunday’s out-of-control antics between the Panthers and Giants, could make the NFL willing to risk suspending Beckham and losing on appeal, if only to send a message to all teams, players, coaches, and officials that this kind of stuff has to end, now.

If it’s going to happen, it’ll happen quickly. Typically, suspensions for on-field misconduct are imposed on Monday, with an appeal hearing happening promptly and a final decision coming Tuesday. That allows the issue to be resolved before the team begins preparing in earnest for the next game, with the first regular practice of the week on the Wednesday before a Sunday game.

At a minimum, Beckham and others will be heavily fined for the repeated acts of extracurricular violence. But with well over $100,000 in fines levied against the Steelers and Bengals only two days before the Panthers-Giants game was played, it’s safe to say that taking money doesn’t have the same deterrent effect as taking a player off the field.

With Beckham, the officials and coach Tom Coughlin failed to do it. The question for Monday is whether the NFL will.

218 responses to “Suspension possibility looms for Odell Beckham

  1. I can take the tussling and smacking around, but that head first hit on the side of Normans head was intentional and out to hurt the man!!! Beckham is an a$$ and should be suspended for the rest of the season!!

  2. Football is a violent game. But that doesn’t excuse bush-league, punk-ass behavior like Beckham’s.

    I think they should suspend his ass for the rest of the season (and playoffs if the Giants somehow get in) and ride him hard next year until he shapes up.

  3. They tried fines after the Rams game last season. They tried fines after the Bills game this season.

    Between the helmet-to-helmet launching, the tripping, the slapping and all the other nonsense that he got up to yesterday, he was out of control, and fines clearly don’t have any corrective power.

    Sit him down for a week, though, make him realize how much he actually loves playing football, and maybe he’ll do some more of that when he comes back, instead of whatever that was yesterday.

  4. Completely disgusted by OBJ’s actions throughout most of that game and by Coughlin’s decision not to pull him at any point.

  5. Not only should the player be suspended, Coughlin should be suspended as well. He knew his player had basically lost his mind and still left him on the field. If any serious injury resulted from ODB’s asinine behavior, the blood would have been on Coughlin’s hands as well. Can I say blood in a non-literal sense without getting fined by the NFL?

  6. You think the NFL will willingly not allow one of their brightest stars to shine on the big stage of SNF? Surely you jest.

    Maybe if it was a 1 o’clocker next week.

  7. The NFL doesn’t have final say on matters of discipline for on-field behavior, with either Derrick Brooks or James Thrash, jointly hired and paid by the NFL and the NFL Players Association, handling the appeal of any fines or suspensions.
    Except when der Furher decides its an issue of “conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game”, which can be (and does arbitrarily get) interpreted to mean just about anything, but could easily be applied here.

  8. Do the 87% of you that feel Beckham should be suspended feel that Josh Norman should also be suspended because it does take two to tango?????
    Norman is just as guilty as Beckham. Suspend them both or neither of them.

  9. For that headhunting attempt he should be banned some games. It’s not a dirty play in the context of the game rules, it’s flat out headhunting, trying to hurt another guy. I don’t have time for that, and I hope the league doesn’t either. Imagine if the hit was more direct and Norman goes down, and is injured for the season and that derails Carolinas chances of a superbowl?

  10. Marquee player suspended for a prime time game that is already kind of a yawner-and even moreso if AD is out?

    Don’t see it happening.

    If he is suspended, the appeal would be allowed to drag on until next week or something allowing Beckham to play Sunday.

  11. If he is not suspended, then you know the Giants have an advantage in the front office. Kinda like those cap violations back a few years ago that they used to attempt to gain a competitive advantage that only backfired.

  12. The officials messed up by not tossing these guys. If you are gonna go after the players, go after the refs too for letting things get to that point.

  13. No way they suspend him with the Giants playing on Sunday night football in the featured game of the weekend. They flexed it into the Sunday night game with the importance of the game. They will fine him 1ook for all the infractions and go from there. They won’t take the biggest star of the biggest stage next weekend even though they should.

  14. OBJ showed how easy it is to get in his head and completely take him off his game. This isn’t the first time he’s had it happen, but it is definitely the worst he has acted. Completely deserves a week off to think about it.

  15. He had a little hissyfit because he thought Norman should have been in awe of him after Rivera compared him to Jerry Rice. I said at the time that would make his head swell up even more and I was right.

  16. The main root of the problem was the officials. First series there should have been a PF on Norman, followed by a PF on Beckham on the next play with a warning that ejections were coming. Both players (especially Beckham) should have been ejected in the first quarter. By allowing this stuff to go on the refs gave their permission for dirty play. I am not excusing Beckham for his hit to the head, but it could have been prevented by the zebras paid to protect the players.

  17. If the NFL really cares about player safety, they’ll make a statement here. One or two games and a fine is NOT a statement. That’s table stakes.

  18. Norman is as guilty as OBJ. He started the fight. This is football and no suspensions are needed. Sorry about that whole “shut down corner” reputation you used to have Josh.

  19. Not only should the guy be suspended, but Tom Coughlin should face a hefty fine also. He had to know what was going on and how bad Beckhams antics were and stood by allowing them to continue. Beckhams was out there trying to end people’s careers, over a football games. He went above and beyond the scope, showing how angry of a little boy he is.

  20. It was like he didn’t take his meds or something. He was acting just plain crazy. That hit to the head was dangerous, but the officials were on LSD or something during that game. They don’t have the balls to toss Beckham…..geez

  21. Their was a hit in this weeks Pittsburgh game too. Play was over and a line jumped over the pile to drill a player standing their for everyone had stopped. Was not to the head but way late. Their is enough player injured with out having to take cheap shots.

  22. He should be fined heavily or suspended for a game. Norman should be fined for instigating and even slamming Odell to the ground(that was the 1st one) then standing over with his crotch in Odell’s face then walking away(and that’s when Odell tripped his leg). Odell lost it eventually but the media is spinning this as if Odell went out there and Norman was just a bystander. Odell took it too far, Norman needs to stop slamming receivers and attacking them and expecting them to take it. This is what happens when people only see the highlights. No one can watch that and say Norman wasn’t at least 40% responsible

  23. Must have gone to the same school as Dez…punk land

    How come we never hear bout this stuff from AJ Green or J Jones? Maybe because they know how to act like a pro

  24. If I know Goodell like I think I do. Someone who cares greatly about the wrath he will take from media on giving someone a light penalty who ran 10 yards at full speed to give someone a helmet to helmet hit on the week the Concussion movie is coming out. People who are thinking he will only get one game dont know Goodell

  25. He didn’t LUNGE at the players helmet, he ran about 10 yards aiming for the players head He should have been ejected at that time

  26. he should be but will not and likely end up with a slap on the wrist in a paltry fine he caneasily afford. everyone wil feign shock and outrage that he got away with it but they are same people who said goodell had to much power so I do not want to hear it.

  27. Yes absolutely for his intentional helmet to helmet shot at norman when he wasn`t looking. Tom Coughlin should also recieve a hefty fine for allowing it to continue because`he wanted to win the game.`

  28. Norman is a dirty player. He has gotten into altercations with at least 4 other wide receivers this season.He started the whole debacle with a body slam to start the game. Both should be suspended.Norman has a history of this behavior.Odell does not but was way out of line.

  29. OBJ’s flagrant helmet to helmet hit was pretty “clear, single and glaring”. It just didn’t happen after the whistle, as if that should matter.

    If the NFL doesn’t suspend him, it just doesn’t care about player safety.

    What a ridiculous display of immaturity yesterday.

  30. What are you talking about? His misconduct included about 7-8 individual acts worthy of suspension. The helmet-to-helmet hit on Norman was is easily in the conversation of one the cheapest hits in years. The intent was to hurt him.

    I was a big OBJ fan until yesterday. Not anymore.

  31. What are you talking about? His misconduct included about 7-8 individual acts worthy of suspension. The helmet-to-helmet hit on Norman is easily in the conversation of one the cheapest hits in years. The intent was to hurt him.

    I was a big OBJ fan until yesterday. Not anymore.

  32. Cody Wallace should be suspended too for taking out a player with a vicious head shot after the play was dead.

  33. They should, but they won’t. Even if they did the NFLPA would appeal and get it lifted. People love to hate on Goodell for botching punishment, but the times he’s actually gotten it right, they’re overturned and then people complain about people not being held accountable. Beckham threw two punches against the Bills earlier in the year and we didn’t hear a peep, but the guy has a history of getting away with chippy crap like this. The spearing to the head of Norman was ridiculous, and as Norman said, would have gotten a defensive player ejected.

  34. So we will find out exactly how important intentional head shots are compared to PSI in the league discipline process, right Roger? #INTEGRITY.

  35. The poll may be worded incorrectly. Should he be suspended? Yes. Will he be suspended? No.

  36. This is getting o ridiculously overblown. You look at ESPN and there’s like 12 articles on this. Ya OBJ was a bit over the top but it’s not like this scrums haven’t happened before during games. Not sure what makes this one so much different.

  37. Deion Sanders should be suspended too! When Chris Rose was railing against Beckham’s behavior in the post-game, and speaking specifically about the helmet shot to Norman’s earhole, PrimeTime reluctantly said it warranted some NFL attention, but then mumbled under his breath as they went to commercial that if it was his son that made the hit, he’d tell him he was proud of him!!

  38. How was the play we’ve all seen not “one clear…act of misconduct”? Turning his head into a missile targeting another player’s head is bad enough, but it was also completely unnecessary. Norman was simply standing there, the play essentially over, and Beckham completely blindsided him. That’s almost as clearly a bad a single act on the field as I can imagine that is realistic.

  39. Josh Norman was beating up on OBJ from the start of the game. Norman even said that he took offense with OBJ dancing before the game. What? With the Newton taunting after every touchdown?

    The larger problem that the N F L doesn’t want to acknowledge is the inconsistent calls on pass interference, holding, and cheap shots by DB’s in this league.

  40. THE STORY of the game should be
    Cam 300+yds in air and 5 TD and 100yds on ground
    Comeback in final minutes balanceing passes and a run to get into very makeable FG range.
    14-0 CAMVP
    Keep Pounding
    don’t waste your breath talking about….

  41. Suspension or not, sit his punk arse down for the rest of the year and get a better draft pick

  42. Very talented player but he was totally out of control. I think of all the spurious penalties against players on my team and then I watch the Carolina vs Giants yesterday and the officiating is a disgrace. I’m looking forward to hearing Blind Dino defending his refs again. Not only should Beckham get suspended but the refs should be suspended as well.
    Fire Blandino.

  43. Beckham’s antics didn’t include any one clear, single, glaring, after-the-whistle act of misconduct…

    The most glaring example came when Beckham lunged with the crown of his helmet into side of the helmet…

  44. OBJ drops a gimme TD against Norman, and the next thing you know Norman is body-slamming Beckham while Beckham had his hands up as in ‘don’t shoot,’ The refs could have put an end to it there. Next altercation: ref’s subdue Beckham while Norman gets a pass. OK, NFL: this was of the officials’ making. The running helmet thing was crap: I will give you that; but the play was not blown dead. I have seen worse against Warner and some other QBs.

  45. Even Giants fans want this idiot suspended for his behavior. We’ve heard it all year long, especially but the Bills. He’s nothing but a punk who likes to throw cheap shots at DBs and then run into the huddle. Unfortunately for him, it was all on camera yesterday and that spear attempt on Norman should get him at least 4 games. I mean, that’s far worse than letting a little air of a football, right?

  46. Can someone plz explain how a 15-yard full sprint into a head-first launch into an opponent’s head isn’t in the same realm as a stomp or eye gouge?

  47. his behavior was outrageous:
    – multiple blows to the head of an opponent
    – removing his helmet in the field (which is ejectable on the spot)
    – spearing the head of an unprepared opponent after the whistle

    he should get a 2 or 3 game suspension

    what I wanna know is why were the refs letting it go so far without an ejection?


  48. Both Beckham and Norman were to blame, but this is football. Fine them and move on already.

    Beckham eventually won this battle with the game tying TD, which is why Norman took to Twitter like a 13 year old girl.

  49. Great player, but man that helmet hit was bush league. This kid is in the spotlight because of his immense talent and needs to grow up quickly.

  50. “Beckham’s antics didn’t include any one clear, single, glaring, after-the-whistle act of misconduct that would trigger a suspension on its own,”
    Actually, any one of the things Beckham did independently was was cause for ejection and or suspension. What he did was to make a mockery of the NFL on the world’s biggest stage,the news media Mecca of NYC.

    I take full credit for connecting his missile shot on Norman, to the movie ‘Concussion’, in a comment right after the game, here on PFT. Frankly, OBJ’s conduct was disturbing.

  51. What a loser he is. There is no place in the nfl for players to act the way he did. Needs 2 game suspension. Great players don’t behave that way.

  52. The league will just confirm that they are not serious about the concussion issue if they let Beckham slide on this. He should get a one game suspension at minimum. He needs to be made accountable for his actions.

  53. The Refs lost control of that game, both players should have been ejected from the game for their actions…..and Odell’s should receive at least a one game suspension for the helmet to helmet hit leading with the crown of his helmet and a huge fine, there’s no place in the NFL for that kind of conduct…someone is going to be seriously injured…

  54. What a loser he is. There is no place in the nfl for players to act the way he did. Needs 2 game suspension. Great players don’t behave that way. Play better next time and control ur composer.

  55. Odell should have been ejected from the game, fined and suspended at least one game. The officials should be fired for not ejecting OB, letting it go as far as it did.

  56. I think that helmet to Norman’s jaw was plenty glaring. More of an intent to injure than other incidents. Suspend the idiot.

  57. Beckham should get a 2 game suspension. This is not the first time that he has taken heap shots. In the Buffalo game players complained of him throwing punches and replays showed 2 instances where he punched defenders. I don’t watch the Giants every week, but I have heard from fans of opposing teams that he is indeed a cheap shot artist.

  58. Mara is trying to impose salary cap penalties on Dallas and Washington after OBJ’s display.

  59. I’ve permanently lost respect for this guy.

    But let’s be honest, I’m an Eagles fan, so I’ve always hated him, and all this will affect is whether I’m willing to draft him on my stupid fantasy teams.

  60. Should he be suspended 100%. But lets be honest here, the decisions made by the NFL are always 100% based on money. And they sure as heck aren’t going to have a prime time game without OBJ and lose out on all that money in viewers he would create. He will be fined and play. And in the end the NFL will make more money by having him play after all this and having more people watch to see what he does. Then in the off season they will give more speeches about how all they care about is players safety… well that is when it’s profitable.

  61. This guy is the leagues golden boy. The media and everyone is on his sack I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t get suspended

  62. I was thinking yellow card/red card like in soccer, with an automatic suspension. But, it wouldn’t matter when you have the “3 Blind Mice” calling the game!!

  63. Agree with others…the only thing really in question is the head to head helmet shot after the play. Everything else was flagged and handled appropriately.

    I find it hard to believe he will be suspended, or the suspension will stick…

    Don’t know if the NFL will consider his entire body of work for this game…

  64. “Beckham’s antics didn’t include any one clear, single, glaring, after-the-whistle act of misconduct that would trigger a suspension on its own, like an Ndamukong Suh stomp or an Aqib Talib eye gouge.”

    “The most glaring example came when Beckham lunged with the crown of his helmet into side of the helmet of Panthers cornerback Josh Norman.”

    How is launching himself helmet first into the side of Norman’s helmet not glaring enough to trigger a suspension on it’s own? Did you watch it? It was clearly premeditated and an easy case of targeting. He came full speed from 15 yards away. I would argue this is worse than Suh stomping on a guy. OBJ could have ended a career with his actions. The refs and Coughlin both failed at their jobs yesterday. Eli failed to be a leader as well. Sure, Eli brought them back but he didn’t clamp down on OBJ like he should have either. What a disgrace to watch as a football fan. And it overshadows how great the comeback was and how spectacular Newton’s effort was.

  65. LSU trash. Great players, but…

    Norman is no choir boy, though. He admits to “going to a dark place” for motivation.

  66. He should be suspended. The way the incidences kept piling up, each one more violent than the one before it, was actually getting a little frightening. And the obnoxious way he acted after the game shows the 45 yards in personal fouls obviously didn’t send any kind of message. Nor would a fine, IMO.

    These were violent, deliberate slaps, punches, and targeted helmet to helmet hits that were without question intended to injure. The NFL can’t possible think they can get away without at least attempting to suspend him.

    While we are at it, how about a suspension for the referee who allowed the dangerous escalation of this situation?

  67. …in 61 yrs of watching NFL football, I have never seen what I saw in the Giants-Panthers game. A player lost all control and was targeting another player…imagagine if the defensive player would have done that to Beckham…we would be talking about, at the very least, a multiple game suspension…if what Beckham had done was done to a QB, perhaps a season suspension at the very least. This is what happens when you favor offense over defense for the entertainment buck, this type of behavior is enabled. Oh, and by the way, the refs should be banned from officiating any other NFL games. Nice job, Goodell…

  68. With all the hype and attention, Odell’s ego got the best of him. He lost it.

    I still think he’s a good kid that will get even better and he will learn from yesterday’s lack of maturity and focus.

    He made it personal and let his team down.

    I can see how others will jump all over him for this considering all of the attention he receives and he deserves some (not as much as he will get).

    I’m still a huge fan.

  69. Hmmmmmmm….

    An act witnessed by millions and no fine, or suspension yet.

    An act of nature which players had no control over and it’s a 4 game suspension, millions in fines and loss of draft picks.

    Of course, the Giants are one of the darling franchises.

  70. Used to like Odell but not anymore. What a lowlife punk. Never seen anything like that. And Tom Coughlan, shame on you for not pulling him from the game. Thought you had more class than that

  71. Yes he should be suspended, and the only people that really don’t think he should are LSU fans and Giants fans.

    I actually used to like this guy, wanting him on my team. After yesterday, I think he is a punk. I dirty, immature, sore loser. I lost respect for him, and he just gave me a reason to hate the Giants that much more.

  72. I think what ODB did was a “heat of the moment” reaction. Totally unacceptable but I can understand it. Hopefully he can learn from this and avoid a dirty player label.

    As a Vikes fan I don’t mind facing an ODB-less Giants team this week. Thanks for the Christmas gift ODB!

  73. Giants fan for over 40 years here. If ODB is suspended Sunday our season is definitely over. But after watching that game yesterday, it would be a disgrace if he isn’t. There is simply no excuse for that kind of behavior from a “professional.” Time for a new coach and some discipline for this kid. Great talent, but that behavior cannot be tolerated.

  74. For my two sons – age 9 and 12, OBJ was their favorite player. Until yesterday. even my kids were disgusted by his behavior, and that was before the spearing incident.

    Multiple blows to the head, and the most violent spearing incident I have seen in decades. Dude, needs a time-out.

  75. Suspension should include first game of next season and $500,000 fine on team. refs should not be allowed to work post season and Giants must play more games in London and be on Hard Knocks

  76. What makes it worse is just last week Beckham saw his buddy Jarvis Landry pickup a bunch of dumb penalties and cost the Dolphins against the Giants. You’d think that would stick in his mind but just one week later Beckham is losing his mind. At least you can tell why Landry and Beckham are friends.

  77. suspended for the rest of the season and charged for assault? get over it already its so obvious the jealous beckham haters are having a field day because they finally have a reason to talk negitive about beckham obviously he should be punished for that but can we please stop acting like he is a convict and can we please stop acting as if norman was not antagonizing beckham every play

  78. I’m not sure why OBJ is getting all the hate. Isn’t it clear his actions were a reaction? Did no one care that head was complet body slammed early in the game after the play when he didn’t have the ball? Norman was equally a bitch and yet he is going by unscathed.

  79. The refs declined to throw Beckham out because the NFL wants ratings and wants to give us the “match up” of the year — pathetic and greedy

    It worked, kept me peeled to the T.V. in amazement — can’t believe also what Coughlin said in his press conference about the only way for him to learn is to keep playing him, instead of benching him?

    It’s ok to play your best players, but do the right thing Coughlin — now he’s going to get suspended because you failed to intervene & act, and your Giants are about done

  80. TheodoreBabyHandsBustAqua says:
    Dec 21, 2015 8:36 AM
    He should be suspended an additional game for that monstrosity that he calls hair on his head.
    Those are burger king chicken fries he uses to munch on between series

  81. How was it allowed to go on as long as it did. OB is a pile of garbage. Blatant head targets on multiple plays. These poor refs look lost this season. Are they getting worse or are cameras better.

    He should have been kicked out of that game not the next.

  82. Funny how no one is showing the retaliation blow to Beckham’s head when Norman kneed him after that play. I wonder what that looked like in slow motion.

    Not saying what Beckham did was right, but this was a two way street the whole game.

  83. I remember earlier in the year Bills CB said Beckham plays like he thinks defenses should let him catch the ball. Basically implying he is a bit on the softer side.

    The dirty play yesterday and losing his mind because he was slammed to the ground or because he dropped a big TD says something about his mental toughness.

    The 15 yard running head shot is worse than Suh’s stop of that lineman’s arm. Also shoving your hand in somebody’s helmet into their face?? Oddell is a talent but hope he gets a suspension and realizes after losing it he is going to face people being physical with him over and over again.

  84. zack2482 says:
    Dec 21, 2015 7:20 AM
    If he is not suspended, then you know the Giants have an advantage in the front office.

    Beckham should have been ejected from that game. Ejecting him would at least have given some redress to the team that was assaulted. He should also be suspended for at least one game if not the rest of the season as a deterrent to that type of dbaggery although the ‘advantage’ there goes to a team fighting for a playoff spot, that can’t be helped. If he is not suspended that has nothing to do with the Giants having an ‘advantage in the front office.’ It would however have a lot to do with how suspending the Madden cover boy would make the story bigger and ensure that people that don’t really follow the game would become aware of it at a time the league has a heightened awareness of it’s image problem outside of the football watching community with the concussion film coming out.

  85. @dcviking,….I disagree that “everything” else was handled appropriately. OJB removed his helmet after one of the altercations. That in and of itself is a penalty. The Browns were penalized for this, a few years back, on a game ending sack, when Dwayne Ruud threw his helmet in celebration of a perceived victory at the end of the game . An official flagged him for it , with the additional penalty yardage , a game winning FG was kicked. I believe the other team was Kansas City

  86. How these refs are not suspended and every NFL official watching this game is beyond me.


    Beckham should be suspended for the rest of the NFL season and playoffs if they were to make it..

    The ultimate example for your kids to avoid.

    What a punk….

  87. I am a Giants fan but I am a bigger fan of acting like a good person and Christian. Odell’s behavior was an embarrassment to the team, the city of NY and the NFL. It was a cowardly move launching head first into Norman’s jaw when the play was over and the CB wasn’t looking. Odell strikes me as a spoiled brat and prima donna. I am no fan of his.

  88. “Beckham’s antics didn’t include any one clear, single, glaring, after-the-whistle act of misconduct that would trigger a suspension on its own” is outright wrong.

    I saw him hit Norman in the helmet after the whistle was blown (and honestly it doesnt even matter if it was before or after). There was no “oh Norman shifted and thats why his head was there”.

    It was outright dirty and Im personally surprised Beckham wasnt ejected immediately. He sure deserved to be.

    Hell I even think he deserved to be ejected much earlier, and Im a GIANTS fan!

  89. As a Giants fan, this was just such a head scratcher. We’ve seen O’dell bring some fury into games before and play a bit rough but nothing like I saw during this game. It really was such a shame to see how he didn’t re-adjust unlike Norman after those first few scruffs. Suspension is a tough call. There was that flagrant helmet hit, there’s no excusing that and it took him until nearly the 4th quarter to completely get in sync and just play ball. If anything, I’m more disappointed with Tom Coughlin for not pulling him after that helmet hit. We’ve all seen Tom bench players for a lot less like last week after the fumble.

  90. So are all of you going to dismiss the fact that Norman started all of this and body slammed Beckham to the ground? Doesn’t excuse the antics but come on, Norman is a punk who does this week in and week out and it was clearly part of their game plan to mess with Odell.

  91. It’s a shame the preferential treatment a star gets, even in clear violation of the rules. You blow smoke about how you care about players’ safety, but you let this clown head hunt all game? It’s laughable that you want to suspend him now that the Giants hopes of making the postseason are slim. That’s probably fair right?***********

    Coach Coughlin you had a chance do something about this, but chose to win a ball game at all costs. How would you feel if one of those guys didn’t make it home to his family due to a serious injury?

  92. The League should suspend him two games and then I’m sure those ex-player appeal officers will reduce it to one game & the league still gets it’s desired effect of making OBJ pay for his atrocious behavior.

  93. birdgangcardinalshawkeyes says:
    Dec 21, 2015 7:15 AM
    Do the 87% of you that feel Beckham should be suspended feel that Josh Norman should also be suspended because it does take two to tango?????
    Norman is just as guilty as Beckham. Suspend them both or neither of them.

    That’s absurd. Norman was playing rough and maybe a little dirty, beyond the whistle, etc. Beckham did all of that, but much more. He took a deliberate shot at an opponent’s head at full speed, almost after the whistle. He then stopped running routes and just targeted him. Norman should be fined for retaliating, hand fighting, etc. OBJ must be suspended for the rest of the year. His conduct was absolutely egregious. Coughlin should be fined for not taking him out, and the officials who didn’t eject him should all be suspended too.

  94. The main root of the problem was the officials. First series there should have been a PF on Norman, followed by a PF on Beckham on the next play with a warning that ejections were coming. Both players (especially Beckham) should have been ejected in the first quarter. By allowing this stuff to go on the refs gave their permission for dirty play. I am not excusing Beckham for his hit to the head, but it could have been prevented by the zebras paid to protect the players.


    Do not condone nor excuse each and every non-football related action OBJ did yesterday. He deserves any and all recourse coming to him, if not more. But to add to the comment above, it, the situation, with Beckham and Norman should have been addressed from the beginning. There’s a thin line between letting players play and not letting things get out of control. One or both players could have been seriously hurt. If both players were penalized from the beginning, it would, more than likely, would not escalate. As it played out, the officials were left trying to catch up to them through the remainder of the game.

    But, and as someone has stated above, it does take two to tango. Beckham definitely did some things not allowed on the field but, and at the same time, Norman did his part, he’s no innocent party to this mess.

  95. @birdgangcardinalshawkeyes says:
    Dec 21, 2015 7:15 AM

    Do the 87% of you that feel Beckham should be suspended feel that Josh Norman should also be suspended because it does take two to tango?????
    Norman is just as guilty as Beckham. Suspend them both or neither of them.
    It does take two and Norman’s behavior was also unprofessional but it wasn’t malicious. That’s the difference.

    The officials should also be suspended for allowing that BS to continue. They’re all lucky someone’s career wasn’t ended yesterday. Beckham will forever be a marked man in this league.

  96. A record breaking fine and a warning that next time he acts up, multiple game suspension. A one game suspension won’t mean much, but to put him on notice that his actions will not be tolerated and might end his professional career will mean something. He’ll either catch the drift, or be bounced out of the league of his own doing. Remember, most pro athletes are not all that bright. Beckham has likely never faced consequences for his actions in his life. He won’t understand how punishment work unless it s explained to him and administered in a fashion that makes him learn. One game? He won’t learn from that. Being put on notice and then enforce the notice? That gets even stupid peoples attention.

  97. Not a fan of either team but both of those players should have been ejected.

    The body slam that Norman put on OB should have been a penalty and ejection. The head shot should have been an auto ejection. The punches thrown that weren’t called penalties should have gotten three players tossed, including Finnegan for retaliation.

    All of these guys are punks and the refs…… I am at a loss to even describe how negligent they were. It is impossible to believe that they did not see what was happening on the field yet they allowed this to continue and to escalate.

    I would think that all three players should sit and all of the refs fired for incompetence. OB can sit until next year. Norman until the playoffs and Finnegan until week 17.

  98. I am a Giants fan and have no issue with a one game suspension. That said Norman was just as guilty and also should be suspended.

  99. It confuses me that so many people think that this is somehow the first time that this idiot has acted like this in a game. Just go back and watch any game he has played against the Redskins and he takes at least 3-4 cheap shots on Breeland, and the refs do absolutely nothing. Last season, he was shoving and punching Breeland after nearly every play, in front of the refs, and they did nothing. Then, they eject Moss because he argued a terrible call at the end of a half and gave the Giants amazing field position to start the next half. Anyone who thinks that the league governs all players and teams equally is just kidding themselves. It is so blatant that the Giants consistently get beneficial treatment, that it clearly makes the WWE look like a genuine sports league.

    This clown should be suspended for the remainder of the season, and have to receive psychiatric treatment in the offseason in order to be reinstated. Until that happens, he will continue to act like the petulant little child that he is.

  100. These two guys should have been ejected long before the nonsense got to the level it reached.
    Beckham needs to sit the rest of the season & Norman needs to sit out a game. Heavy, heavy fines for both. What bothered me most, was the fact that nobody on the Giants sideline, other than the receivers coach, approached Beckham to get him under control. If you watched the Panther sideline, the vets & coaches were all over Norman to get him calmed down & get his head on straight. Not Coughlin, Manning, JPP or anybody considered a “leader” over there stepped in to assist with calming OBJ down. In summary, kudos to the Panthers & shame on the Giants for their handling of this matter……..and, as it seems to be par for the course, the officials failed miserably to control anything in this game.

  101. i’ve never seen a player throw so many punches in a nfl game. beckham threw like 10-15 punches in the first half alone. josh norman earned my respect for not retaliating. it was ridiculous. the refs just didn’t do anything to stop it.

  102. One other thing. The league just made an announcement about how teams were going to be punished for violating the leagues injury protocol. How does that play into this. Clearly, Tom Coughlin saw that Beckham was intent on not just injuring Norman, but ending his career and possibly giving him a life altering injury. And Coughlin did nothing about it. If that isn’t violating the leagues injury protocol, what is? And the game officials should be fired. Not suspended, Fired, for allowing this behavior to happen. If Josh Norman would have had his jaw broken, and quite possibly concussed by that ridiculous launch, I would have to assume that the crew could have been held legally responsible for allowing it to happen. They even allowed Beckham to stomp on Norman after catching a TD later in the game. Think about that. No foul, no warning. Nothing. Beckham should be done for the year, and subjected to a hearing before he is allowed to play again. But Coughlin should be fired and banned from coaching, and the refs fired and banned from officiating.

  103. Let’s make this perfectly clear. It isn’t SHOULD he be suspended, it’s should be how many games he should be suspended. I’m not anti Beckham/Giants guy. I’m anti intentional injury guy. Back in the day the old Pittsburgh or Chicago Defenses would have found a way to knock Beckham the hell out…. but you can’t do the right thing anymore.
    If the NFL doesn’t send a strong message right now… someone is going to get rightfully curb stomped right there on the field and then the NFL is going to have a HUGE mess.
    But since when has Goodell done the right thing?

  104. Beckham is possibly the most amazing pass receiver in the game and his ego thinks he can do no wrong.

    He needs to be taken down a notch–even if only for his own good. But, lets see what the league will do this late in the season with so much at stake for the play-offs.

    To not suspend sends a message that it’s okay to act up if your team needs you in order to win.

  105. No suspension. If anything the refs should be in trouble for letting it go on as long as they did. If they flagged Norman when he slammed OBJ at the beginning it wouldn’t have gotten out of hand like it did. But they let it continue and continue

  106. Can you imagine Belichick or Arians allowing one of their guys to go off like this? Coughlin should have yanked him out of the game and had him sit for a series or two in the 1st quarter and make it clear the team won’t sand for that.

    No respect for Coughlin after this. All the clock mismanagement problems was bad, but this shows he has no control over the team and is prepared to do anything to try to win.

  107. As a Vikings fan, I want him to play. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. Odell is one of the best in the league and I’d really like to see how Xavier Rhodes stacks up against him.

  108. I don’t know if they will suspend him since this is his first offense. However, he should be fined at a minimum and he has most certainly burned his “Brand.” He now resembles a “hood rat” in a uniform not one of the good guys he’s been made out to be. His ego is such that if someone is able to defend against him he cannot handle it instead of taking it all in stride.

  109. wttoolman says:
    Dec 21, 2015 8:18 AM
    No gloves for the rest of the year seems like a suitable punishment.

    Without those gloves we wouldn’t even know who he is. I want to see him make a bare handed one hand catch. Then I’ll be impressed.

  110. @mudmandenny – That is a fair point. By the letter of the law that is a penalty — agree 100%. That penalty doesn’t seem to get enforced consistently however. I guess my point was:

    In my opinion, there was nothing actionable (fines OK, suspensions no) after the fact against the players other than Beckham’s helmet to jaw / helmet spear. However, the referees do have some serious ‘splaining to do regarding why additional actions weren’t taken to control the game.

  111. if you watch the video, it looks more like his facemask hit the side of his helmet, but then Norman slammed him on the ground and it looks like Norman need him in the face….he will be fined, nothing more

  112. OBJ showed he is nothing but a punk. A real tough guy with that helmet on covering that ridiculous hair-do. If that would have been a hokey game, someone would have beat his ass for taking a cheap shot like that.

    Take away his gloves and he’s an average receiver at best. Take the gloves of OBJ and let’s see you make all those one handed catches. You know you can’t do it. #fraudster #IcouldcatchifIworeglovestoo #canttakethehoodoutofthepunk

  113. Give him a heavy fine and suspend him for at least one game. Coughlin is an idiot for not taking him out of the game and the referees are either imcompetent, blind,. or both.

  114. 1st, the refs should be suspended for being unable to police the situation. Next, it’s time for some humbling for Mr. Beckham. Minimum one game and we have to take his sticky catcher mitt gloves away for the rest of the year. He can get them back when he’s done acting like a 8 year old.

  115. There’s a lot of blame to go around here. Norman with the body slam well after the play is over, Beckham for not being able to keep his cool, the refs for not nipping it on the bud early. Beckham for the legal but cheap helmet-helmet block 20 yards away from the play, Norman for grabbing the facemask every single snap, Beckham for diving head first at Norman, Norman for responding with a knee to the head, Norman for trying to behead Beckham on the very next play. Both coaches for not getting in front of this and sitting their players a few plays together.
    If only Beckham gets suspended he will win on appeal based off of the NFL failing to suspend a lot of the dirty hit plays this year. If the league suspends both of them then they can make a case and neither will win on appeal. At the very least there are some 6 figure fines coming.

  116. Norman made a relevant point in his post-game comments that offensive players don’t get the same punishments for cheap shots as defensive players. If that was Talib, for example, that laid that headshot on a receiver, it would have been instant ejection, no question at all.

  117. Let the PC Media witch hunt begin!
    All PC readers speak up about how offended you are at OBJ’s actions!! The most up-voted comment is that he should be suspended for the season. How embarrassing.

  118. This guy needs to grow up. Anyone who has watched this guy play this season knows this is what Beckham does every week. Sammy Watkins called it in Week 4.

  119. If he was playing for Jacksonville or Detroit, the league would suspend him in order to set an example for others in the league…

    But players that are employed in New York, New England or Green Bay generally get a free pass– likely fined…

    So what stops him from committing more actions like yesterday toward Xavier Rhoades?… Possibly adding to the already compounded injuries on the Vikings’ defense??

    And another thing– What about the cheap/low hit that #30 for the Chicago Bears delivered to Teddy Bridgewater???… Another moment where a player went directly into the knee of Bridgewater— That hit was right up their with the cheapness for which OBJ was delivering.

  120. Carolina tried to bully NYG from the get go. Punk Norman body slammed OBJ to start the game. There was talk of taking OBJ out of the game prior to the start of it too.

    While OBJ lost his mind/cool out there, the undefeated Carolina Panthers should be ashamed of themselves.

  121. Anyone saying that a suspension won’t happen because it will ruin the Giants chances at the playoffs….. You should know the Giants chances are pretty much done anyway. They have the longest odds out of the Eagles, Redskins and Giants. Giants would need to win out, the Redskins to lose out and obviously the Eagles only to beat the Redskins and lose to the Giants. Possible, but unlikely. The Giants don’t look like a team that you can expect to win out and the Redskins have the easiest schedule left against the Cowboys who are not good and the Eagles who are up and down.

  122. He acted like a bi*ch, he had a lot of people fooled in regards to maturity. OBJ is extremely immature & no matter what he does in his career from this game forward, he will ALWAYS be remembered for Sunday’s temper tantrum. Stuff like that is NEVER forgotten, no matter how many records he breaks or great catches he makes.

    There is never a reason to run at a player 2-3 seconds after the play is over, duck your head down & run head first into his ear hole as if trying to cause a concussion. As an bird fan I was starting to respect this kid until yesterday, he’s lost total respect.

    He better watch one of Normans defensive brothers on another team that has been smart enough to keep his opinion to himself but filed it under “next time I get to see OBJ”, Beckham is putting targets on his back acting like that & DB’s will take the fine for hitting him harder or late after what they saw Sunday.

  123. randomguy9999 says:
    Dec 21, 2015 8:31 AM

    “his behavior was outrageous:
    – multiple blows to the head of an opponent
    – removing his helmet in the field (which is ejectable on the spot)”

    It is 15 yd unsportsmanlike penalty . But then again the official can eject a player at anytime he feels it is appropriate .

  124. As good as his fantastic catch was last year, his antics yesterday will always overshadow it. His career rep is now self-stamped as an immature idiot.

  125. I love watching him play he is a great WR. but come on man we just got past the Diva WR era and are finally back to just playing football.

    stop acting like a fool on live TV, maybe a game sitting out would make him realize he cant act like that.

  126. Norman starts it, OB3 finishes it, and everyone’s crying for OD3 to get suspended… idiots… its football… they BOTH were going at it the whole game, and norman wasn’t a saint either yesterday…

    agreed, the targeting thing was really bad, he should’ve got sent off..

    but the whole nfl conspiracy thing is out of hand on here.. thought this site had smarter people than that…

  127. “Multiple blows to the head of the opponent”

    Aside from the haymaker helmet hit for which he should be punished, everything else was fair game imo. I find it fascinating that people are mostly disturbed by the fact that an offensive player was so aggressive and didn’t just let Norman have his way

  128. BOTH players need to be fined a large amount. Norman instigated a lot of that contact. And if you keep poking the bear, the bear might try to bite your hand off. It’s common sense.

    Neither player showed good sportsmanship. Fine both players and suspend Beckham one game.

  129. How can anyone say that he should not be suspended? I watched parts of that game, and he should have been ejected in the first qtr. Let’s put this into perspective. The league tried to suspend Tom Brady for 4 games because they felt that he wasn’t being cooperative in an investigation into himself. Basically, they wanted to suspend him for not incriminating himself. Beckham tried to end another players career, and potentially alter his health long term. That would be a crime off the field. Anything less than 4 games proves the league is a sham.

  130. I am a long time Giants fan. This is an email I wrote to my friends earlier today.

    I don’t blame Odell Beckham Jr. for what happened yesterday. He just turned 23 years old and got caught up in the game. Many have made this mistake and many have learned from this mistake. I am sure that he will learn a lot from what happened yesterday. It’s easy to blame the referees for allowing things to escalate between Beckham and Norman, however, the referees have shown all year long that they are not even competent of accurately officiating a game, let alone keeping control of a situation like that.

    As I watched the situation explode between Beckham and Norman, I asked myself, how long is Tom Coughlin going to let him stay in the game? People seem to be going back to the one play where there was a helmet to helmet collision and forgetting that both players were out of control yesterday. On that specific play, the whistle had not blown yet and I suspect that’s why Beckham charged after Norman. It should have never gotten to that point as both players should have been ejected probably well before that. Despite all this and a halftime apology from Beckham to his teammates, Coughlin kept Beckham in allowing him to have that fateful play in the third quarter.

    Players acting like idiots are nothing new to the NY Giants. From Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg to Lawrence Taylor and his drug addiction playing out in the media, what happened yesterday was new to the Giants and as a Giants fan, very embarrassing. This was not something stupid off the field, this was a player out of control on the field and a once respected coach that has been blasted this year for repeated mistakes made all year and the final straw was yesterday. Only yesterday was not a mistake per say, there was only once choice that anyone with common sense would have made in that situation.

    Yesterday was not about Beckham or Norman, it was about Tom Coughlin. The fact that Tom did not remove Beckham from the game, something that was so obvious, is inexcusable. Tom Coughlin is dangerous. He made that clear yesterday when he failed to protect not only Beckham, but failed to protect the Giants and their fans. As the Giants were furiously coming back yesterday I was thinking what I am writing now and found myself actually rooting against the Giants. I feared that a Giants miracle win would mask the embarrassment. Screw the win. There is a certain prestige and proudness that comes with being a Giants fan that was lessened yesterday.

    What made me even more embarrassed was the way Beckham acted after scoring that touchdown. Want to know why the NFL has a domestic violence problem? Look at the fans that were going bananas as Beckham jumped on the bench and was gesticulating to the fans as if he was the warrior that had slayed the evil Norman. I grew angry watching this. Where the hell was Coughlin? I thought of Wellington Mara and Paul Tisch and felt sick to my stomach. Nobody ended up stopping Beckham on the bench which should not have been a surprise since nobody had stopped him from going on the field. The Giants were losing respect the whole time all of this was happening. Maybe other teams act like this, but not the 8 time champion Giants.

    There is NO reason that Coughlin can give that can excuse his inaction yesterday. None. I am embarrassed to be a Giants fan because of yesterday. Players are always going to make mistakes. The head coach is there in part for this very reason, to protect the player from himself and most importantly, to protect the team. Tom Coughlin proved yesterday he is not capable of this. The league may take action against Beckham, and that’s fine. I’m okay with whatever they decide. There is no discipline for Coughlin. Yesterday was fatal. There is no sorry, there is no excuses, there is no goodwill. I don’t care if he won 10 super bowls, yesterday happened and Coughlin needs to be removed now. Like taking the keys away from a grandparent, every day this does not happen there is growing risk that Coughlin will do even more damage.

  131. Since when is an illegal hit or fighting on the field considered being “chippy”?

    These extra curricular activities must be dealt with accordingly! There’s NOTHING chippy about it.

  132. And Brady was gonna get 4 games for PSI, these clowns are loose cannons. But hey whatever gets people to watch the game right? At first I doubted the “Turning into the WWE crowd” now I’m not so sure. Maybe ODMe can pull a Plaxico and shoot himself and save us all the pain of watching Coughlin sit idly by as his money maker makes a ass of himself.

  133. Odell has passion for the game, ignited the 28 pt comeback,

    Norman and cam scrapped during camp, Norman is ok, odell torched him

    Also hr torched Norman who is apparently the best cb in the league…..

  134. “Beckham’s antics didn’t include any one clear, single, glaring, after-the-whistle act of misconduct that would trigger a suspension on its own”

    …one sentence later…

    “The most glaring example came when Beckham lunged with the crown of his helmet into side of the helmet of Panthers cornerback Josh Norman.”

  135. Not so fast kids. They suspended A P for a whole year. I’m sure The head honcho isn’t real proud of OBJ today.

  136. Norman’s game is to get away with physically intimidating and manhandling opponents for as much as he can. When the refs allow him to get away with so much that his opponent is in danger of being injured, then it’s up to the opponent (Beckham, in this instance) to do something about it. The replays and the ever moralizing Joe Buck kept focusing on Beckham’s retaliatory actions and not on Norman’s and the general public bought into the media’s slant, as it usually does.

  137. ultimately no susp. here with ploffs on the line 4 nyg. suh has only been susp. once for three head stomps so far. the nfl doesnt like deciding games with suspensions. also beckham using the he started it defense is very smrt on his part. though useless during game, the he did it first defense, is one of the most effective post game. hopefully terezowens can get some audio of any slurs that may have been exchanged. further…Go Bears! Keep Frotay with Langfort! Woo!

  138. This will really hurt his marketability.
    My 11 year old sons favorite player was odell, he even has an odell Beckham jersey. After watching the cheap shots last night my son looked heartbroken, and told me he had no idea odell was such a bad person. Time for my son to find a new sports hero..Very sad..

  139. Nothing is going to change until there’s a death on the field in prime time. And I guarantee it will happen within a couple years. Players are bigger, faster, and more immature each year. Get them pumped up with the outrageous hype of the NFL, and physics will eventually win out.

  140. The week the Concussion movie comes out and you have a dirtbag player intentionally spear another man helmet to helmet? A- you can’t make that up and B-just about everyone agrees a suspension is required, I say at least a year with the possibility of a lifetime ban seriously under discussion. Here in Chicago a High School player DIED from a hard hit – not a dirty play that I heard – so for a pro to intentionally blast another NFL punk in the head like that is really playing with fire.

  141. Is this one of those things where he will just appeal the suspension and then end up taking it week 1 next year? Also, I kind of doubt they suspend him because NYG are playing on Sunday night next week, and they don’t want a repeat of this week’s SNF contest.

  142. @wjw006 did you really just connect standing on a table and yelling to fans after scoring a touchdown, to domestic violence? Talk about hot takes

    Do the people complaining about their kids who watched (oh the humanity) root for “big hits” in the NFL? What about the scrappiness that happens every week among players? The fact that we ask these players every Sunday to be tough and vicious but not too vicious. What we expect from players defies every logic of psychological research. We get angry at them when they fight, when they go on angry rants after games, when they go for knockout hits, when they get overly emotional. We want them to play in the most physically violent and emotional game possible while being self righteous after the fact when a few step over the line. Are hockey games bad for kids too? Beckham should be suspended but this whole “my kids watched the game” or other nonsense is a stretch. Beckham is like that guy who got punched in the mouth by a stranger, then snapped from getting punched in the mouth and reached for a baseball bat. It was excessive, but Norman is getting a free pass for being a player on defense. Hence why Norman’s slapping and punching first among other things to instigate are excused

  143. I can’t believe all the excuses people are giving. Ya you can blame the refs and the coach, but in the end Odell is responsible for his actions. People are touting his age like an excuse. Really? 23-year-olds can act like that? I would expect better from a 15 yr old. I have nothing against the giants and liked Odell until this. Had him in fantasy last year and this. I obviously would like his points in the championship next week, and don’t want any excuses for the Viking’s game next week, but this man deserves to be fined a lot and suspended.

  144. Not the first time obj has done this. People forget that buffalo complained about him punching defenders in their game earlier this season. Should be suspended for rest of season.

  145. Whatever. Norman runs his mouth all week and then body slams Beckham. He tried to bully Beckham, and OBJ would have none of it. Beckham fights back and now Norman is the victim. Did OBJ cross the line? Probably, but if Norman didn’t want any ass woopin’, he shouldn’t have opened the can.

    Norman said this matchup would be “edible” Well, I guess he didn’t like the taste of Beckham’s hand in his mouth. Don’t talk trash if you can’t accept the consequences.

  146. Suspend the league’s best WR in fantasy championship week? Don’t punish the fans for what he did.


    What do the fans have to do with it? This is the league responding to on-field incidents.

  147. I am a Giants fan and I firmly believe OBJ deserves everything he gets as far as fines and suspension. I don’t even agree with him appealing it. Trash talking and getting into your opponents heads is a part of every major sport out there. This is how Reggie Miller got into the Knicks heads. And majority of Knicks/Pacers games during the 90s were heated and some even involved fights.

    It was quite obvious that OBJ hasn’t come across an opponent like Norman as his actions showed. No excuses, his willful intent to cause harm deserves every punishment the NFL can levy on him.

    If OBJ was a seasoned player who knew exactly how to handle this part of the game, it, of course, would have turned out differently.

    Players, and teams, for that matter, will do everything they can to get some kind of advantage on and off the field, whether it may be a motivational “bat” or a professional trash talker.

    OBJ should have watched game films of other wideouts who have played against Norman to see how they handled themselves. As it stands, not only does he look like a spoiled prima donna, he also looks like a fool.

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