Beckham can practice pending resolution of appeal

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The Odell Beckham appeal isn’t moving as quickly as similar appeals have moved. It means that the situation likely won’t be resolved by Wednesday, the first day of the work week.

Per a source with knowledge of the NFLPA’s interpretation procedure, the filing of an appeal stays the suspension pending its outcome. This means that, if the appeal isn’t concluded by Wednesday, Beckham nevertheless will be allowed to show up to the facility for meetings and practice.

This practice conflicts with the text of the NFL’s suspension letter, which says that “your suspension begins immediately and you may not practice with the team or otherwise participate in any football activities for the Giants during your suspension” — and says nothing about an appeal changing that.

It’s usually not an issue, because the appeal usually is resolved by Tuesday. As the source explained, a hearing officer has not yet been named and a day and time for the appeal has not yet been selected for the Beckham case. The delay apparently is arising from the holiday-week schedule, which requires multiple calendars to align at a time when travel and other events could be getting in the way.

Ultimately, the question is whether former linebacker Derrick Brooks or former receiver James Thrash will get in the way of the one-game suspension.

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  1. The suspension better hold, and OBJ should be thankful it wasn’t for more games, after the spearing with his helmet. It appears he is feeling at bit above the rules. My major disappoint comes with Coughlin not benching him. He has always been one coach for whom I have had the utmost respect! The Mara family..well….

  2. He essentially spears a defenseless player intentionally from behind and appeals it? Unions are terrible

  3. Not sure what all the fuss about this guy is. When the pats played the giants early this year Butler pretty much shut him down except right at the beginning of the game when McCourty tripped Butler that led to a blown coverage. After that one play beckham was in the witness protection program for the rest of the game.

  4. “So two football players got into it. Dry your eyes everyone. Here’s a tissue.”

    There’s a huge difference from that and someone being a dirty player taking cheap shots. This guy has been acting like a child all season…wasn’t there a story about how he was doing this to the bills defenders??

  5. If the NFL gave Suh 2 games for the stomp and 1 game for the crotch kick, then OBJ deserves AT LEAST 1 for intentionally running at and then launching himself at an opponent. I don’t care how much smack was talked.

  6. OB was protecting himself. I’m not even talking about bats and slurs which is bush league. I’m talking about the FIVE OR SO earlier plays where Carolina’s DBs were trying to hurt him after the whistle. Watch Jordan Raanan’s film review for an objective perspective. If Odell didn’t ear hole Norman, there’s a good chance that one of Carolina’s DBs would have put him out of the game or seriously injured him in the coming plays.

    Pats fans…you all should know what happens when people rush to verdict. I’m on your side now and take everything back I ever said about deflategate. The NFL, media and talking heads are trying to railroad us now. I get it. You were right and I was wrong.

  7. dansardo says:
    Dec 22, 2015 12:00 PM

    Not sure what all the fuss about this guy is.
    This season: 5 TDs of 50+ yards, 2 TDs of 80+. Most receivers won’t get two 80+ TDs in their career. (Mario Manningham had exactly one, Plaxico Burress never had one.) And he had an 80+ TD last year. That’s why all the fuss. That said, he deserves the game off Sunday night.

  8. Since they both play for NFC teams, I personally can’t wait for Norman and ODB to be “teammates” in the Pro-Bowl. That is going to be one awkward situation.

  9. This season: 5 TDs of 50+ yards, 2 TDs of 80+. Most receivers won’t get two 80+ TDs in their career. (Mario Manningham had exactly one, Plaxico Burress never had one.) And he had an 80+ TD last year.

    Good point but also the NFC East is rotten these days and that might have something to do with this?

  10. Over the course of his short career Beckham has been a target. He plays in a large market and gets all the benefits that it has to offer. ESPN is constantly letting us know how he’s the only player that has ever (add your own silly stat). Madden cover. The result has been really what Frank Gifford must have gone through early in his career. Being the “golden boy” for a large market team. What also comes with that is a huge amount of resentment from the rest of the league. He is getting attention that established vets in smaller markets are not. They HATE that. Most of the league hates that as well. Add to that, OBJ end zone celebrations and for some vets it’s more than they can take. So how do they deal with it. Most just make condescending comments (Antonio Cromartie, Pacman). However there have been plenty who have done more than that and number have tried to take his head off. I think it just came to a head on Sunday. He took his last insult when Norman body-slammed him and no flag.

    Let me clear, I don’t condone OBJ’s response. It was wrong. I get the outrage about it, but I also kinda feel that something snapped in OBJ and he decided to make Norman pay for more than HE did during that game. I think OBJ was trying to send a message to anyone that would “try him” in the future. Unfortunately all he accomplished was make himself look childish and in truth he just unwittingly invited even more of the ill treatment to himself. The sharks smell blood in the water now and they now know how to pounce.

    What I really respect from OBJ is how he has reached out to HOF vets to get perspective. He asked, “What did you see when I was out there?”, and they didn’t pull any punches. They told him the truth. I appreciate that a number of HOF’s have come to his defense because they know he’s not a bad guy. He is going to have a tougher road than he knows, because he will be tested now more than ever. I hope he’s up to the challenge.

    When you have the kind of talent that he does, the vets around the league are going to feel like you should kneel down to them and “wait your turn”. OBJ doesn’t believe in that an neither do I. That being said, I do wish he would tone down the celebrations after TD’s. I also wish ESPN would tone down the stats as well. Proclaiming him the best of all time through a year and a half career is down right insipid.

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