Breaking: Dan Campbell does not care for the “taste of crap”

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The Dolphins list of offseason needs is a long one, beginning with a head coach.

But the guy who’s sitting in that chair at the moment might add another couple of items, namely a toothbrush and some mouthwash.

Of course, interim coach Dan Campbell was reflecting on a loss to the Chargers that secured the fifth losing season in seven years for the Dolphins, so it’s understandable his mood was poor.

“I don’t like the taste of losing. There’s nothing fun about having the taste of crap in your mouth,” Campbell said Monday, via Patrick Maks of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “And that’s what we have.”

Of course, much of this was coming, when they fired head coach Joe Philbin four games into a season and replaced him with fire-breathing Campbell, who gave them a momentary lift. But the problems there transcend beyond coaching, and that’s something they can’t fix in two weeks. That mindset, apparently, has begun to stink up the locker room.

“I felt like those guys got themselves up physically to go,” Campbell said. “But mentally, the focus was not there. The focusing on the details, the discipline to the details, that’s what lacked.”

Again, the changes coming for the Dolphins figure to be significant, and they should be. Flushing this season might be the best idea for all involved.

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  1. At some point, and I understand that this is pie-in-the-sky dreams for this franchise. We all get that it’s ownership that is the real problem here, correct? That is something you cannot fire or fix. The guy who owns the team puts in some of the worst people in the management positions. Those people are picking the players. You can see how this is a never ending cycle. I don’t know what amount of ice cream this franchise needs to step into improve itself but one thing is for certain, and we’ve seen it year after year. Bad ownership equals bad football.

  2. I guess more Oklahoma drill is in order…strap em up Dolphins.

    Ross needs to clean house, then sale the team. Give the new ownership a shot to build a winning organization.

  3. Get use to it. Stuck in that Tannehill contract for 3 more years. Also with the ridiculous number the Suh contract goes to next year. I read somewhere they are projecting those two contracts to take up over 17% of the dolphins salary cap next year. You can’t win when that much money is taken up by two guys. You can’t build depth on a team.

  4. They need to “flush out” all the crew upstairs in the offices. It’s obvious that they have done a terrible job, for the most part. Except for a handful of good players, some have not done their part, they are just bad. This team is a mess, and Dan Campbell is quite right, but he doesn’t have a “magic wand”.

  5. Tannebaum and all the other Jet trash at corporate office stink worse than “crap in the mouth.” There lies the future of the Dolphins. Sad to say that since I stopped watching the games my stress level has lowered significantly. And this coming from a fan that went to all the games from 1971 thru 1995 and I moved out of the area. I have remained loyal since then but what I see now and for the future is bleak at best. Could be a while before I (we) regain interest again. Sad.

  6. I actually thought it would take two years for the Suh contract to completely ruin this franchise for close to a decade. For this, the Dolphins are overachievers.

  7. The only good thing about whena interim coach gets the boot at the end of the season some other team in the NFL now get a really good coach. This guy will make an excellent DC somewhere else now just because of the knowledge he now has of being a head coach… This is a guy a team like Vikings need as their HC

  8. Flush this season just like how many before it. They can’t even lose right, knowing them they will win one of these and screw up the draft order. This just in, next year more of the same.

  9. hard to believe…during preseason fins fans assured me this was the year Suh, the much improved defense and offensive line, and their newly anointed franchise QB were a division winning, playoff and SB bound team…what happened?

  10. captainwhodat says:
    Dec 22, 2015 9:27 AM
    hard to believe…during preseason fins fans assured me this was the year Suh, the much improved defense and offensive line, and their newly anointed franchise QB were a division winning, playoff and SB bound team…what happened?

    I never read one post on this site where dolphin fans claimed they were going to win the super bowl.

  11. being a Pats fan , watching this team , they have the talent without question. Just as all the other teams it comedown to being good , which they are to a point, staying healthy which to a point they are not and lucky which they are not…and finally coaching which has failed them on every level….They arent that far off and its something thats fixable with someone like Sean Payton coming in….happy holidays

  12. I don’t think theres a coach out there that could have done a better Job with this team. It starts in the trenches on both sides of the ball,and the brain trust of the organization had visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. I never liked the Sue pick(not to take anything away from his play)he is a good pick up for a contender ,not a pretender. That money would of been better off spent on multiple players (o-line,true middle linebacker and corner/safety ). To Ross, fans want wins,not flashy names and celebrites. I want to see football not a sun life circus.

  13. jchipwood says:
    Dec 22, 2015 9:37 AM

    I never read one post on this site where dolphin fans claimed they were going to win the super bowl.
    As recently as a few weeks ago you were talking smack about the Dolphins beating the Patriots in week 17.

    And actually that may happen, as the Patriots will have nothing to play for and will be resting starters. Though I doubt the Dolphins could win even under those circumstances.

  14. Like Dean Smith was the only one that could stop Michael Jordan (at North Carolina by keeping him on the bench), Campbell has taken the same approach with the #1 RB in the league as far as Yards Per Carry…that’s right, Lamar Miller had/has a 5.1 YPC and inexplicably, Campbell continuously takes him out of games, inc the Giants game where Miller had 70 yards and 2 TD’s by halftime and he didn’t see a pass thrown his way the entire game and only 4 carries in the 2nd half and none in the 4th quarter…pure genius…Campbell should be fired today/NOW!!!! he’s a joke…

  15. This guy seems like a meathead.

    Then you two would definetly have something in common. At least Campbell has some integrity.

    The problem with the Dolphins starts at the top and the crap definetly gets to warp speed as it gets on the field.

  16. Full Disclosure – this post is an outright TROLL.

    It brings great pleasure to see the arrogant opinionated Finfans suffer another miserable year of pure ineptitude and indifference while the Pats work on sewing up the top overall seed in the AFC….Again.

    Maybe some of you should stop throwing stones toward NE for an entire off-season next year and football karma will shift in your favor.
    Doubtful, but worth a try. Enjoy the beach….again!

  17. Preseason the Fins fans were hailing Tannebaum as the next Marino. Oh how things have changed.

  18. I get it… Kick us when we are down. This Coach or ANY Coach could not fix this team mid-season. As a loyal fan, I would rather lose with a guy that cares than a guy that didn’t. We were going to lose anyway. The OLine was ranked 31st in the League with Starters. Losing 4 of the 5 makes it even worse. Tannehill on another team would be pretty good. Lamar Miller will be great and we will probably get to see it. Let me correct a few glaring comments. Tannehill has a friendly Contract and must be paid next year after that can be released with no major hit to the Cap. Suh ( Haynesworth 2.0 as you all like to tease) is having a Pro-Bowl year and is the highest rated PFF down linemen. Unfortunately, the other 9 suck (excluded Rashad Jones).

  19. @jchipwood

    Patriots fans would like to personally thank you for Johnathan Freeny. He’s been a stalwart on special teams and has filled in capably for Hightower and Collins when they were out.

    Belichick said about your reject Freeny, ” he saved us”.

    Your reject has worn the green dot on his helmet for multiple games, meaning your reject is calling all the Patriots defensive schemes.

    Thanks again.

  20. Been a fan of the Dolphins since 1970. Even the 1-15 season wasn’t this bad because those guys would fight to the end of games. This team is soft and full of quitters.

    Hard to have interest in a team when every decision the owner has made has been wrong. Orange Carpets, Club Liv, Florida Gators day, Harbaugh fiasco, Joe Philbin, Mike Tannenbaum. Don’t fore see my interest increasing until Ross sells the team.

  21. So many dolphin fans have written so many hateful & erroneous posts regarding the 4 time super bowl champs, that said, what goes around comes around. Stop with all the lies & hating. Just a thought from this grateful Pats fan, we have been blessed to have the GOAT HC & QB!
    Happy Holidays!

  22. Dan Campbell: I’ve been here six years and Nothing Works Here, I hate this Place, The medications don’t work.

  23. When my Fins had jonathan freeney i thought he was Dwight Freeney he was playing so well then they let him go & off to NE we have seen this before with many former Fins going to Foxboro & killing us

  24. Belichick’s 1st year in New England he was 5-11 and that was after 5 years of head coaching the Browns so putting it all on Cambell in his 1st year ever as head coach would be unfair. With that said this team still blows.

  25. This is NOT a talented team, sorry… That being said, the real issue, as has been pointed out nicely in several posts, is that they are completely dysfunctional in upper management. No Head Coach with any kind of experience, or success, will agree to coach this team with the mess above them. Aponte, Tannenbaum, Hickey… Nobody knows who is running this fiasco. One thing is for certain, Tannenbaum has consistently proven he has NO clue on evaluating talent. He is doing the same thing here, that he did in New York, handing out monster contracts that handicap the organization. Even if we get a top draft pick, who is going to make the selection, Tannenbaum, Hickey (has anybody even seen this guy sine Mike came on board?), the new coach? Who in their right mind, would agree to coach this team with the ineptitude displayed from those above! There is a reason we have ended up with the Camoron’s and Failbin’s of the world. They just want to be a Head Coach so don’t care, while the buffoon’s above them make horrific draft picks and then let Failbin release quality players because they dare to have a personality. This team needs to be sold, or Ross needs to finally get rid of all of his yes men and start over. Nothing will change until he sells or hires REAL football people who can actually evaluate talent and use it correctly. We will now lose yet another quality player in Lamar Miller, who will never sign back here, and why would he as he is never used, and most likely end up in New England to kill us twice a year. It is maddening to see players flourish after leaving this quagmire and getting to a team that knows what they are doing!

  26. It would be uncalled for and mean for Patriot fans to pile on more abuse about the situation in Miami. One thing that stands out is the ownerships inability to give one man control and thus a focus of goals. Tannenbaum is not a leader, he is a disruptive force in the organization. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

  27. This team will be a mess until the cows come home,( that’s what we say here in Virginia ) or until we have a new owner…everything else is a waste of time…because he won’t sell or clean house….have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Bill

  28. Dan will get a job as a HC, but it will take a few years. I think he will be really good. As far as management picking bad people…..This team is loaded with talent. Oline blows – LB’s, so so. But overall, an extremely underperforming team. I think a good coach could turn things around pretty quick.

  29. Full Disclosure – this post is an outright TROLL.
    Doubtful, but worth a try. Enjoy the beach….again!
    Here at my home office on the beach in Miami, it’s 82 degrees, with puffy white clouds and pleasantly filled bikinis breezing by. So, how’s the weather and scenery where you’re at?

  30. Dec 22, 2015 9:58 AM
    Preseason the Fins fans were hailing Tannebaum as the next Marino. Oh how things have changed.
    Knowledge makes trolling more effective, though less humorous.

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