Dolphins place two linebackers on IR, sign two offensive linemen

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Not only do the Dolphins leave a bad taste in your mouth, they’re also banged up.

So they made a few moves to add some depth to thin positions Tuesday.

According to Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post, the Dolphins are placing linebackers Koa Misi and Chris McCain on season-ending injured reserve.

With those roster spots, they’re bringing back offensive linemen Shelley Smith and Jacques McClendon, and linebacker James-Michael Johnson.

The Dolphins are out of the playoff mix, but they have to put a lineup on the field, and they were short up front. With center Mike Pouncey leaving with a leg injury last week, they were forced to play rookie guard Jamil Douglas there. Now they at least have some cover.

18 responses to “Dolphins place two linebackers on IR, sign two offensive linemen

  1. My dad used to take me to the Orange Bowl to watch the Phins back in the glory days, I’ve been a fan as long as they’ve existed. It’s mind boggling, regardless of the changes they make there is never improvement. I’m starting to believe Shula sold the franchise’s soul in ’72. My football heart is dead.

  2. We said these same things at the end of last year. At the beginning of this year, I was complaining about the lack of a starting guard, at least one corner back and depth at linebacker. I said then that the injury bug would kill our chances in December if we did get some depth players that could contribute. This doesn’t make me a swami or a sooth sayer. This makes me a fan who has had season tickets way too long! I must admit that I have already purchased my tickets for next year. Ros can just use me and abuse me! I am predicting that the Jets looser administration will hire that all time looser Tony Mangini as our next head coach! This franchise is screwed from top to bottom.

  3. dfred19,

    Shula didn’t sell the team’s soul. But how about Shula getting kicked to the curb with a winning season in order to hire Johnson?

    We have not been to a conference championship since. It would a good excuse if I believed in things like that.

    Huizenga helped start the path to ruin, and Ross is just finishing the job. The ONLY thing Ross did right was just this year – he figured out that he had no clue how to run the team, so he hired someone who had at least some experience (crappy experience, but experience none the less) to take over. You know, a football man that he already knew in New York City (T-baum).

    How about this: Ross, sell the team! Get a new owner who doesn’t treat it as a toy. I am so afraid that we will hire Mangini, just because of familiarity. If T-baum is gonna do that, hire Hue.

  4. Shelby/Fede should have already been prepped to take larger roles. Wake is likely to be put out to pasture. Vernon is playing for a new contract somewhere and had a good game hidden in that last slop of a game.

    Dec 22, 2015 3:23 PM

    just in time for Patriots to visit to wrap up the one seed….AGAIN……….
    And they wonder why everyone despises them with a passion. LOL

  6. As a die-hard Dolphin fan all of my life, the last decade (and then some) has been brutal. Every offseason is filled with optimism as the team makes a multitude of changes, cutting and signing players, and spending boat loads of cash in free agency, only to be disappointed year in and year out as the regular season turns into a debacle. When will the suffering end? Our never ending search for a franchise QB seems to once again be an ongoing process, as Tannehill appears to lack leadership, that competitive fire, and an inability to be consistent. I think we have plenty of talented offensive weapons, but with Tannehill and our shaky offensive line, we can’t utilize any of them the way we should be. Our defense lacks the key pieces that every top 5 unit has, top tier linebackers. When will the suffering end? Every few years, after once again failing to make the playoffs, our management conducts a head coaching search, and while many top tier candidates are mentioned as our next savior, we wind up settling for a less than desirable replacement that ultimately goes on to prove that they are not fit for the job. Why can’t we hire an experienced head coach that was once a proven winner (and not necessarily in the NFL) and I don’t mean old retreads like Mike Shanahan. Who wouldn’t want to coach for a team that is located in paradise weather wise?Ultimately, I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m sure this offseason will once again be promising. Everyone will feel somewhat good about our draft picks, we will hire a coach that at one time had a winning record (hopefully), we will dive head first into free agency to help plug holes and shore up weaknesses (enter your favorites here), and all Dolphins fans will again feel hope that this year is the year we make the playoffs. When will the suffering end? I don’t have an answer to this never ending question, but hopefully, by the grace of God, it’s next year. I can only pray.

  7. With no HC hired with past NFL experience going back to 2000 it is high time to check that box off.

  8. i am terrified of who they hire as the next head coach. please, PLEASE not Mangini. they need to stop this BS of only hiring their buddies. how well did that work out for Parcells?!
    i just dont see many great candidates out there. NO NO NO to Mangini. NO to Haley. Shula?? really? i see more mediocrity there.

    the only one i would feel comfortable with is Sean Payton. and that may be a long shot. Pagano might not be a bad hire either. Gase might not be a bad pick.. but dont really want a first time HC.

    they picked a bad year to need a big splash hire.

  9. 4 2
    flannigan77 says:
    Dec 22, 2015 8:24 PM
    As a die-hard Dolphin fan all of my life, the last decade (and then some) has been brutal. Every offseason is filled with optimism
    Thats the bright spot for this season. The secret is out. Miami is really really bad. There will be no false hope this offseason because there is no way Miami can fix this mess in 1 year. Anybody who still buys into Tannehill at this point is crazy.

  10. I read so many bashing t-hill. Must be easy being an armchair qb. People forget that earlier this season he was top 10 in the league in qb rating and getting praise from every analyst in FB. Just a coincidence that was when most f their O line was in tact? NO. He’s without question playing being the worst line in football in the past cpl of weeks. You people that have never played the game crack me up. Go back to playing Madden.

  11. Forget the retreads, keep Campbell and let him grow into the job. Get him 2 experienced Coordinators. Draft well and let the young players develop. FO needs to be revamped that is where the problem lies, Aponte needs to go, she is on an ego trip. T-Baum and Hickey can work together.

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