Naive soccer community upset at NFL for taking over their fields

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Cities will hand over whatever it takes — and specifically, whatever the NFL wants — for a chance to land a Super Bowl.

And some Santa Clara soccer players are learning a real-life lesson in the business of the NFL, as their club’s complex is about to be taken over for two months by the NFL to create a “media village” near Levi’s Stadium for Super Bowl 50.

The 49ers and NFL care more about the property than the kids,” 16-year-old Andrew Robertson said, via Ramona Giwargis of the San Jose Mercury News. “I think it’s pretty unfair because that park has been there even before the plans for the stadium. I just think we deserve to be there.”

(Suddenly, I feel like the Grinch patting Cindy Lou Who on top of her precious little head, and telling her one of the lights on her tree is out, and I’m taking it to my shop on Mount Crumpit to fix.)

Sorry Andrew, but of course the NFL cares more about property than the kids. Because property is worth money, and kids and soccer games (250 or so which will have to be moved and rescheduled) are collateral damage in their war to conquer the hearts and minds and wallets of America.

But beyond the inconvenience of the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League (which will lose its fields from Jan. 4 to March 2), there are also questions about just what else the city turned over to the league.

The 49ers and the league have promised to replace two grass fields at the park after the Super Bowl, and team spokesman Bob Lange said it was all part of the 2013 bid to land the game. But the soccer moms don’t have to like it, saying the takeover of the soccer park was a last-minute switch, since the park was originally supposed to be a staging area for the halftime show.

“This is a world-class soccer facility and they’re going to destroy it,” said councilwoman Lisa Gillmor, who happens to be a soccer mom as well. “I’m appalled at this behavior. It reeks of stinky backroom deals and I’m sick of it.”

Of course, “it reeks of stinky backroom deals” is practically a league motto, and the innocent soccer players and their moms in minivans aren’t going to change that.

38 responses to “Naive soccer community upset at NFL for taking over their fields

  1. The absolutely pathetic “GAME” of Soccer, will never ever catch on in the US. It has become a sport for those who can’t play football. My son when he was five…like the complainers here played “soccer”…watching a pig pile of little minions running in a swarm all over the field trying to kick the ball. Today to spend actual money to sit and watch paint dry,,and many games end 0-0..then “extra time” still 0-0..worthless,,just plain worthless.

  2. Dear soccer community,

    Get in the kitchen where you belong and make me a sammich!


    The NFL.

  3. Wait until they find out that the obscenely inflated economic impact study for the new stadium was a bunch of BS, too. They all are. Greed is already ruining the USA; it’s doing the same to the NFL.

  4. Someone tell these little brats to grow a pair and play a real sport. Soccer is actually more dangerous for kids due to concussion issues than football anyway. And, it was invented by British women to keep themselves busy while their men did the dishes.

  5. Just another reason why we don’t care for big business and politicians, the greed for money will be our downfall some day. Bill

  6. They should direct their anger towards their own city officials for landing the game.

    I’m also pretty sure the minivan has been eclipsed by the SUV. Thank God.

  7. If the League cares more about the field, than by corollary, the kids don’t care about the field. Probably should have found another kid to interview who would say it right.

    If the soccer moms were upset, they probably should have done something in 2013 when the bid was made. In addition, you’d have to wonder who had the power to hand over the fields for use and why some councilwoman (who is likely to be one of the people who might have had said power) is complaining 2 years after the fact.

    It’s a shame whatever truth there is to this situation will be lost in your petty attempt to rabble-rouse.

  8. It is world class events like the Super Bowl (or the Final Four, or the Olympics, or even the Ryder Cup) that generates the tax revenue that allows a community to develop world class recreational facilities. Naive doesn’t even begin to describe theses people.

  9. soccer is a stupid sport…

    lets not forget all the football fields the MLS is happy to tear up playing their joke of a sport.

    Think of all the ACL’s injuries theyve caused just this year.

  10. If a 16 year old is still having his mom take him to soccer games in a minivan-well that might well be the saddest thing I have ever heard.

  11. I get that the NFL is all powerful. But this post is seriously unsympathetic, and a bit obnoxious. Never mind that I bet in 50 years, the tables will be turned.

  12. sdelmonte says:
    Dec 22, 2015 8:29 AM
    I get that the NFL is all powerful. But this post is seriously unsympathetic, and a bit obnoxious. Never mind that I bet in 50 years, the tables will be turned.
    We have been hearing that for decades. Kids play soccer and watch football. My son plays hockey and watches hockey and football. The tables won’t be turned.

    As for these ungrateful kids and parents, the Super Bowl in Santa Clara will pump more money back into your community to help build new fields and expand youth sports. Don’t be so short sighted.

  13. Sorry, just not into dudes running around in nut huggers. The fact that they even let soccer games be played on our NFL fields is offensive.

  14. As a life long Californian, let me apologize on behalf of these soft serves. Soccer is as un-American as Hitler driving a Toyota. Soft kids with softer parents play soccer and yes the superbowl trumps it.

  15. I love talking to the soccer warriors and having them tell me how soccer is superior and citing how “More people play” Most popular —bla bla bla

    By those metrics the greatest country in the world is the one with the most population. We should all move to China.

    The next time you’re talking to one of these heroes, tell them that soccer was created by the rich people in poor countries to keep the masses busy. It’s a Third World sport all it takes is four posts a field and a ball . It’s the most boring sport, and is the least inventive in it’s construct

  16. Jed York is a slime ball jerk .. He also scammed niner fans with his promise of greatness for many years and as soon as he got what he wanted (The stadium) he ripped apart the team, harbaugh wanted a raise.. he didn’t like that so he cut him and hired a bunch of scrubs that don’t know what they are doing for half the price he was paying harbaugh..

    That stadium was built to hold events and make them money not to win games.. everyone with a good of sense of home field advantage can understand that..

    The city and Fans should sue the niners and send them to bankruptcy .. (yah, that would ever happen)

  17. I miss the stick. I really do.

    I would rather rub elbows with the inhabitants of Hunters Point than deal with these santa clarans… I have never heard so much sniveling.

  18. A key difference between soccer and football is who plays it and how far into adulthood they can play it. Adults (male AND female) can play real games of soccer well into their old age. By comparison, when is the last time you saw a man (or woman) in his/her 40’s, 50’s or 60’s put on pads and play a real game of football? Soccer is a game you can play your whole life. Football is a game for the young only. After that its played from the couch or in jeans at Thanksgiving time. Ridiculing the game of soccer simply demonstrates you’re level of immaturity.

  19. This sort of thing happens all the time. It isn’t limited to the NFL, or pro sports in general. I think what some readers don’t appreciate is that Santa Clara isn’t Anytown USA. Santa Clara is next door to Sunnyvale, the average soccer mom is doing very well, and the companies that routinely throw their weight around in the neighborhood – Apple, Google, Intel, etc. have money that the typical NFL owner can only dream about.

  20. The way things are trending with demographics and the availabilities of NFL media. Soccer could have higher attendance soon enough.

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