Add late play calls to list of Bills defensive issues

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Linebacker Preston Brown wears the radio helmet for the Bills defense, which means he’s the guy getting the calls from the sideline about what the team should be doing on a given play.

On Tuesday, Brown said that one of the issues for the defense this season has been how long it takes to get those calls in and implemented. Brown said that it has “been an issue” identifying the personnel on other teams and that opponents are realizing it and taking advantage of the slowdown in communication for Buffalo.

“It’s something that shouldn’t happen,” Brown said, via “[Opposing offenses] run people in and off because they know we’re having issues with that upstairs in the box. So people are going to keep doing it, running in and off. I mean, teams that usually are the slowest teams on the ball, they’re hurrying up on us and trying to get plays because they know it’s something that we’ve had issues with.”

There have been plenty of other issues on defense this season and Bills players haven’t been shy about expressing their displeasure with various aspects of Rex Ryan’s scheme, personnel choices and more. How things will change on defense in the offseason aren’t clear at this point, but the fact that they will have to change is obvious after a flop in 2015.

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  1. Rex is a joke as a HC. I as a patriots fan couldn’t get why the bills hired him after watching him with the jets. He has zero control of his players. He has that say anything you want attitude and he pushes that attitude on his team. Rex has major problems with time management in games as well as in game adjustments. Every team he has had is horribly undisciplined and is always near the top in penalties. I think he knows how to put together great defensive plans at times but this year he has had trouble doing that as well. He’s just not an NFL head coach.

  2. Now Rex’s players are providing excuses for him! Here’s a tip Rex get your team ready to play the other 14 games on your schedule. It’s okay to be 14-2!

  3. I’m a diehard Bills fan since the early 60’s. This team just can’t find their way. If it’s not the coach it’s the QB. Fans keep asking for things we need and it just doesn’t work. We need a vocal coach because the last one didn’t say a word. Didn’t work. Draft a QB in the first round. Didn’t work. Need a new GM. Didn’t work. Everything us fans cry for they have tried and nothing seems to work. I guess we are just sick of excuses from players. Or maybe we are jinxed. Anyhow Bill’s fans will always be there to support their team.

  4. Being undermined by your players over a love for a mutt like Schwartz has gotta hurt. It used to be that Rex was the guy his players would take a bullet for. Now they’re shooting at him.

  5. Well, when Mike Pettine gets canned in Cleveland, look for Ryan to bring him back to Buffalo as D-Coordinator. Pettine did a good job there working with the defense.

  6. We have been caught with our pants down all season, this falls onto the coaching staff. Rex needs to be less buddy buddy with these guys and fix this stuff.

  7. How does this happen?? It’s mind boggling that with all the tech on sidelines and in booth, that communication is a legit issue.

  8. “How things will change on defense in the offseason aren’t clear at this point, but the fact that they will have to change is obvious after a flop in 2015.”

    Oh, I think it’s pretty clear. The skids are being greased for Rob Ryan. This is going to be great to watch from New England.

  9. I started watching the NFL when Doug Flutie went to the Bills (after he won 2 Grey Cups for my Argos and shattered every CFL passing record). After they benched him in the playoffs for RoboSack Johnson I hated everything about the team .. Wade Philips, Ralph Wilson included.

    I carried that hate for a long time..
    Now I just feel sorry for them.

  10. Seems to me that everything a “coach” needs to be good at, Rex Ryan struggles with. Something tells me that is not a recipe for success. I think Ryan is one of those Wade Phillips types, that excels at just one thing. If he can sit in a room and focus on nothing but defense, he can be successful. But when he is responsible for over seeing defense, special teams, offense, roster moves, press conferences, etc, he just cant get it done. No shame in that. When you figure out your skill, stick to that. Everyone aspires to be the head coach, but if you aren’t good at it, aspire to be the best coordinator the league has ever seen

  11. In his head coaching career, Rex has never had the level of talent he’s had on offense this season. He’s got a competent QB, a talented #1 WR, and a deep RB pool. Yet he squanders it by screwing up the defense, of all things. Wow, Rex, wow…

  12. From T.M.Q.
    Rex Ryan took over one of the league’s best defensive clubs and worked hard to make it one of the worst. Since Ryan fired Buffalo’s defensive coordinator, tore up the scheme and changed many defenders’ positions, the Bills’ defense has dropped from fourth over all in 2014 to 21st this year, allowing 35 points on Sunday at Washington. The offense isn’t much better. The Bills snapped four times from the Washington 1-yard line and failed to score, two snaps being no-misdirection runs straight at Terrance Knighton, Washington’s largest player. “There was no quit in anybody,” Ryan boasted afterward of a team that clearly quit.
    At least the Bills are second in the N.F.L. in penalties! Washington going for it on fourth-and-1, Buffalo jumped offside, automatic first down. The backup offensive lineman Cyrus Kouandjio came in for a gadget play in which he lined up as a fullback then went in motion — and was called for illegal motion. Kouandjio probably spent the whole week practicing that play, and committed a penalty. Washington leading 21-0, Ryan ordered a field goal on fourth-and-4, to ensure the Bills did not get shut out. Outraged, the football gods made it 28-3 one snap later.

    Percy Harvin Note. Midway through 2014, The Jets acquired the perennial malcontent from Seattle: The Seahawks promptly improved while the Jets went 2-7 after Harvin arrived. Since Harvin departed, the Jets are 9-5. The negative energy field Harvin projects seems to drag down everyone around him. That Rex Ryan wanted Harvin at The Jets, and then at Buffalo, is another of the many indications Ryan is clueless.

  13. More evidence of what a train wreck Rex and his coaching staff are. He keeps getting all this credit for a couple playoff wins the Jets had 5 & 6 years ago. It’s starting to look like they may have gotten those wins despite him instead of because of him.

  14. They’d probably be a lot happier if they could cheat and know the other team’s play call, but Rex has too much integrity for those kind of shenanigans, unlike a certain coach in Boston who cheats in his sleep.

  15. How did selling those pumps at the pro shop and billboards calling out Brady work out for all of you?

  16. There’s been at least one game where Rex slammed his headset to the ground and then complained after the game that it wasn’t working properly.

    Maybe that’s a common occurrence.

  17. Its one thing to call a defense
    its another to match the offense and substitute personnel as needed
    if they can’t decide quickly enough, and delay the play calls–that’s gotta also be on DC Dennis Thurman. Who has been mostly…bad. If he wasn’t friends with Rex would he still be coaching at all?

    Sounds like Rex has major issues with organization. That’s not a good sign for a veteran head coach at this stage in his career.

    In the Jaguars game they had headset issues–he complained to the nfl–they told him the batteries were dead. Nobody on his staff checked that?

    In the Chiefs game–Rex missed at least two plays that would have been over-turned on review in his favor. He didn’t throw the flag either time because the in-stadium jumbo tron didn’t run the replay. The Bills staff has access to the film/replay on their surface tablets. He even complained about this in the post-game press conference. He coached the Jets for how long and didn’t know this? Does he know about it now?

    If bills lose their last 2, get blown out or have lackluster effort, I don’t see how they can bring him back for 2016. Bills started 2015 thinking they’d knock off the patriots, now playoffs are off the table. Players will need to show up to save his job…if they want to save it. I think Mario Williams is gonna be…loafing a bit?

  18. Can you not make adjustments in the same season? If they can’t get the info from the booth in time, get those guys on the sidelines. It’s not rocket science but then again Wrecks isn’t too bright.

  19. I wonder if this is the same guy up in the booth that missed those extremely obvious coaches challenges that may have cost the Bills a win?

    If it is, the sad part is that Rex more than likely won’t get rid of him.

  20. I think it is obvious nobody was on the same page in every area in the organization. I give Rex one more off season to get it right. i seems it is team Doug vs team Rex. Team Doug has got to go. He has had his chances.

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