Rex Ryan OK with players openly criticizing defense

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Criticisms of the Bills defense haven’t been hard to find this season especially since players like Mario Williams and Preston Brown have been among those expressing issues with the way the unit has been deployed and coached in Rex Ryan’s first season in Buffalo.

On Wednesday, Ryan was asked about players going public with their complaints. Ryan reiterated his belief in having “an open locker room” whether players are saying good or bad things and that “frustration” is to be expected when a season goes the way this one has gone for the Bills.

“You know what? As we’ve said before, is there different ways of doing things? Are there things you can say behind closed doors that maybe are more appropriate and things? Maybe so,” Ryan said, via the Buffalo News. “But I’d rather give our fans and everybody else a true picture of this team. I’ve never been afraid of that in my life. And sometimes it’s going to be very positive, sometimes you’re going to be negative. And this just in: I think when the season doesn’t go very well, we know what it looks like.”

Ryan said he doesn’t feel the locker room is divided and that he isn’t worried about losing the support of players. Should the final two weeks go poorly for a team that’s lost four of their last five, that may be a smaller concern than losing the support of the people writing the checks in Buffalo.

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  1. That is Rex’s problem. He’s OK with a lot of things that shouldn’t be OK with a head coach. It makes him popular with players and media members but it’s not going to win you many games.

  2. Rex please, next week, leading up to the final regular season game against the Jets, provide some good lines so we have something to banter about here.

  3. Of course he us. He is scared of them. He’s like a dad that tries to be more friend than parent, the kids end up disregarding any type of discipline he tries to dish out when they screw up.

    This is the NFL. It’s a business, a job. When a coach doesn’t treat it that way from jump street, his fate is already sealed. You’re not their friend, or their teammate. You are their BOSS. Grow up and act like it, or get demoted back to the lesser position that you belong in, until you can learn how to handle being at the big boys table.

  4. This is the issue- u let players do whatever they want. McCoy wants to stay in philly and not fly home with the team and u just say ok. Players openly blast the team and u say ok. Last yr jets were 3rd worst in the league in penalties, this yr they are 2nd best. This yr the bills are the worst team in the league with penalties………..see the pattern?

  5. Just shows you what a miracle worker Doug Marrone was. I wonder if the players are secretly reminiscing the good ol’ days with Coach Marrone.

  6. Rex just doesn’t seem to get that discipline begins with not letting the players run their mouths.

    They run their mouths and spout out any moronic garbage that comes to mind and then they approach film study, game plan meeting and everything else with the same “do what I feel like doing” attitude. Which leads to the enormous number of penalties that have probably cost the Bills multiple games this year. Yet Rex thinks the penalties are just fine as long as the team is “fighting hard’.

    Rex has zero control over his players. He will never be a successful nfl head coach.

  7. People bag on Jim Schwartz on this site all the time but there’s no denying he’s a great defensive mind and coach with less than half the accolades and respect that Rex has gotten for his ability to build a great defense. It was foolish to can the architect of arguably the leagues best defense, up there with Seattle’s Super Bowl defenses of the last two years. How is that guy not coaching right now with all the teams struggling to build a respectable defense. Mind boggling. Oh yeah he pissed off the god Harbaugh so he must be a D bag who can’t coach (eyes roll)

  8. I’m not even close to a Rex fan but if you don’t realize that by far the main reason for the Jets improvement is Fitzpatrick having a career year, Marshall, Revis, Cromartie, Skrine, and Leonard Williams then you pay no attention, you just want to hate on Rex.

  9. pftfan says:
    Dec 23, 2015 2:10 PM
    I hope Bills fans have the stomachs for two or three more years of this.
    No, we dont. We’ve had it bad for 16 years and its getting worse. I cant handle much more of this.

  10. Of course he doesn’t care,he has a nice fat contract.
    Funny though how the Jets that were a losing team under Rex are now vying for a playoff spot whereas the Bills that were winners last season almost making the playoffs are now losers under Rex.
    He’ll talk up a storm to keep his job and the bills fans will get screwed again.

  11. Do what we did with Mularkey, since the price of firing Rex is to costly with his contract of 5 years then Pegulas should fire the OC and DC and tell Rex that he can keep his job only if he agrees with the changes from management and owners and just have head coach duties only. If Rex doesn’t want to work with other OC -DC of managements hiring, then he can break contract with the bills and move on. Don’t know contract but its something to think about IMO.

  12. yea, ok Jets fans. it’s all because Rex is gone that you’re having a nice year. Maybe because Geno Smith isn’t your starting QB anymore. That could be it, don’t you think? Not to mention your owner finally started to pay for good players on D. But hey, go blame Rex all you want.

  13. Not too keen of Rex anymore as a head coach. Seems like the perfect guy to have a beer with, but not head coach material. Frank Reich looks really good right about now.

  14. Rex gets paid whether the players approve or not, whether the Bills win or lose. He’s got a fully guaranteed contract. Why should he care?

  15. mjd08501 says:
    Dec 23, 2015 2:27 PM
    I’m not even close to a Rex fan but if you don’t realize that by far the main reason for the Jets improvement is Fitzpatrick having a career year, Marshall, Revis, Cromartie, Skrine, and Leonard Williams then you pay no attention, you just want to hate on Rex.


    You are missing the point. Fitz is a journeyman, Marshall is a malcontent yet Bowles has created a culture of accountability and team chemistry that is allowing these players to thrive and play at their ceilings. Rex has arguably more talent on his team and 6 more years of head coaching experience yet he is having a harder time making it work in his new surroundings. The reason is bc he’s not a good HC. Bowl s is actually coaching his team instead of talking and making constant excuses.

  16. Was waiting for Joe to provide the same babbling with no substance.

    The reality of the Bills is the need for Rex to evaluate his need for being out in the media or wanting to salvage a talented core of defensive players and finding a scheme that fits the players not the coaches ego.

    Secondly this NFL is offensively explosive. The days of winning with only strong defense is gone. The Bills need to shore up the line, get another top receiver and compete with the other powerhouses of the league.

  17. Rex can not be blamed for everything. For instance, we did a horrible job of tackling. Can only blame the players for that. Really Preston, you were getting calls late, so did you just realize this, did you speak up sooner? The players beat themseleves in almost every game we lost. We really only got beat twice. We sucked our way out of the other losses. It sounds to me like the players are more than willing to blame Rex for their failures. Mario only wants to rush the qb, but Mario is not the coach. For the money they were paid, at the very least they should have been respectful to the fans and do what they were told. Then tell Rex they wanted off the team.

  18. @limakey

    These are the same exact issues that plagued the Jets.

    Players are human beings. They need structure and accountability to be successful as a team.

    If you read Sammy Watkins’ quotes post Redskins defeat it pretty much sums up the problem with Rex Ryan’s staff and approach to coaching the team.

    Rex Ryan can’t give the tough love that players need.

    Sorry to keep referencing Bowles but the guy cut Coples (a first round draft pick) and put a practice squad player in his place – an example of something Rex Ryan would never be able to do.

    Rex doesn’t have it in him to be a good head coach. He’s too loyal to his players, his coaches (and himself).

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