“Big workout” coming Saturday for Peyton Manning

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hasn’t practiced since suffering a setback in his injured foot last Friday. Apparently, much of his status is hinging on what will happen in two days.

In a Thursday session with reporters, coach Gary Kubiak said Manning will have a “big workout” on Saturday, and that Kubiak will be part of it.

Manning hasn’t played since a November 15 loss to the Chiefs, due to a partially-torn plantar fascia tendon in his foot. The Broncos won three straight without him, including a victory over the previously-unbeaten Patriots. Consecutive losses to the Raiders and Steelers have left the Broncos reeling, however, and quarterback Brock Osweiler has both a shoulder injury from Sunday and an eye infection that developed Tuesday.

It’s good enough to find an open receiver,” Osweiler said Wednesday.

Of course, it may not be good enough to help the receivers actually catch the ball, something they’ve failed to do on a consistent basis in recent games. The Broncos also have failed to score points in the second half of the last three contests.

Whether Manning will ever again be part of the effort to generate offense in the third or fourth (or any) quarter of a game could hinge on what he does Saturday, only eight days away from the regular-season finale and, depending on how the Broncos fare down the stretch, possibly only 14 days away from the first playoff game.

25 responses to ““Big workout” coming Saturday for Peyton Manning

  1. I get that it’s Peyton….but let’s be honest here; he looked like toast BEFORE he got injured, for almost a calendar year. After he got injured he looked like one of the worst QBs in league history, against the Chiefs. Let’s say he’s healed enough to be around halfway between that performance against the chiefs, and the mediocre level he had been at before. That would still make him probably one of the 2 or 3 worst QBs in the league.

  2. the peyton watch is stupid, even when healthy, he usually implodes in playoffs. 2 out of 3 yrs in Denver, broncos lost 1st playoff gm, including vs balt when his back breaking pick in OT was the difference. and last yr vs indy he was a non-factor. what…his offense scored 13 or 14 pts ?

    if denv is smart, they cut ties overtly or covertly and go with osweiler if for anything else to get him playoff experience. signing manning, like minn signing favre, is a sort of deal with the devil, and now denv has to pay up with distraction, controversy, etc

  3. Peyton Manning has not played in a month, and leads the N.F.L. in interceptions. Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

  4. Peyton is a distraction from the issue of a long term franchise qb. Osweiler is unproven if you are honest and he does some really goofy stuff when under pressure. Cant say that is due to lack of experience or just the way he is, so what is the answer for the broncos at qb?

  5. If breaking the tie with Favre enters into the Broncos’ thinking at all then they are more pathetic than I thought. It would be meaningless anyway because Brady is going to destroy that all time win total by time he is done, he isn’t far behind right now. Manning is done, has been done for a year. Just because he doesn’t know it and has his daddy make excuses for him is no reason for the Broncos to indulge him

  6. Merry Christmas Florio. You’ve come a long ways from when you started this. I still have some lengthy email banter from you from back in the day. You’re one of the good ones. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  7. His workout will involve strolling back and forth on the sideline, raising a clipboard to face level, then lowering it to his waist again, for as many repetitions as he thinks he needs to stay in game shape.

  8. If I were Elway, I’d sign Brees for whatever it took in the offseason. All the pieces are there, except for QB.

  9. Peyton has so many ailments, so much general wear and tear, that I expect all his throws to look like that infamous attempt by Garo Yepremian. 🃏🐬

  10. Manning’s days as a Bronco are numbered and he may not play another down this season. Its sad for a first ballot Hall of Famer to go out like this even though he says he will play next year. Time will tell the tale.

  11. Gotta love all these “experts ” on here. Lmao
    Half of you never even saw a football field in High School, let alone college unless you were in the band.

    AND…I bet you guys had him on your fantasy team a few years ago too. #haters

  12. Both the Raiders and Steeler games were winnable without handing both teams unearned yardage via stupid penalties.

    The Broncos tendency to commit horrible penalties at critical times is more of a story than Peyton or Brock.

  13. Really sad. Should have walked away after the humiliation that Seattle put on em in the SB , but proud (stubborn) Peyton couldn’t go out like that. Could see even the end of that season he was losing it. Now the greatest regular season QB in history still doesn’t know when it’s over.
    This would be a good time for Archie to be a dad and not a cheerleader, and tell him the hard truth.
    Bengals are going to end their playoff hopes (getting a bye & a ton of luck in the playoffs with Osweiller are their way joy chance) Monday night. Hold a post game presser and walk away Peyton.

  14. Listen you can only hope for the best which is Peyton Manning. Brock is ok, but Peyton is the best. He’s hurt but you can hope for him to get healthy. A true Denver Fan will never hate on their own quarterback, you hope for them them to be better or get better. It goes with Brock too. Don’t hate Manning hate the system.

  15. Manning has had incredible career. But he and everyone else need to face the fact that he had a great run and it’s time to hang up the cleats. And everyone knows that he has very dismal postseason record. He should’ve retired last year. And if the Broncos were somehow lottery winners and made it to the Super Bowl they will probably have to face Brady who will destroy them

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