Matt Forte says there’s “not much hope” for deal with Bears

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As the season in winding down, running back Matt Forte is losing faith in his getting a new contract from the Chicago Bears.

Forte will be a free agent at the end of the season and says attempts to engage in contract talks have yielded little return thus far.

I mean, I want to return,” Forte said, via Gene Chamberlain of the Associated Press. “But if you’re saying am I hopeful that I do return? There’s not much to hope for right now because like I’ve said, I talked to (general manager Ryan Pace) earlier and they haven’t said anything back.

“So there’s nothing really to hope for.”

Forte hoped his strong start to the season would help spark negotiations.

“After the first seven games I think I was top three in rushing and stuff, and still producing,” Forte said. “But you look at that and you’re like, ‘ok, you guys?’ But, um, still nothing came from that.”

Instead, Forte is still waiting and hoping for something that may never come along. Forte has spent all eight seasons of his career in Chicago. He’s gained at least 1,000 yards in five of his first seven seasons.

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  1. Makes perfect sensed to reward a consistent performer like Forte with a new contract so you can count on the Bears and their dysfunctional management to send him packing. Maybe he will end up in Carolina with Greg Olsen and a year or two from know we’ll be hearing from the Bears about how they made a mistake not keeping him. He’ll be the next Thomas Jones lighting it up somewhere else. Too bad but that’s just the Bears DNA – and another reason why they’ll never be a contender.

  2. They drafted Langford for a reason and to bring back Forte.. They have more pressing need with the cap, like resigning Alshon.

  3. Stop judging this guy by yards and start judging him by touchdowns. He’s awful in the red zone and short yardage.
    Honestly as a long time fan, I am looking forward to Langford and Carey taking over

  4. the running back position has been seriously devalued. The Bears probably want him back but at a low price point. It will be a long time before you see a contract like Peterson got in Minnesota. People are investing their money in the passing game and in players who can stop it. RB’s don’t fit in there. Even backs who catch passes are not valued like a wideout.

  5. Should have traded him to Arizona or New England when they had the chance. 3rd pick down the toilet

  6. Vikes should trade AP and bring in Forte. His versatility and abilities in the passing game would allow the team to focus on Bridgwater’s ongoing development. Meanwhile, the team can use an early/mid round pick to draft a RB to develop.

  7. I would say Jerrah Jones would be interested in signing Forte but then Forte has always shown class and Jerrah’s not interested in class, he only signs criminals.

  8. The way I look at it Matt Forte sets his value…..if he wants to stay with the Bears he signs a series of performance based contracts without a lot of up front money. He gets his money and the Bears get production. At 30 years old, a 3 or 4 year front end loaded contract should be out of the question. I believe he has been pretty well paid in his time with the Bears.

    Also, Forte could allow the Bears to match his best free agent offer…….that is also in his court.

  9. Is Forte still valuable? Sure. But the Bears need SO much help in so many other places. In his short stint as a starter Langford has shown he can be competent, at the very least, in that role.

    Somebody is going to overpay for Forte. That’s just the nature of the NFL. The Bears want him back, I’m sure, but he thinks hes worth more than they’re going to offer because of the help they need at basically every defensive position, the OL, and the need to re-sign Alshon.

    At the end of the day there’s not a HUGE drop off between Forte and Langford, and the money that would be allocated to Forte can be used to upgrade the Bears dumpster-tier inside LBs, help their pass rush, and get some more playmakers in the secondary.

  10. The approach of the current NFL game plus how Langford has developed means that Forte will get better money elsewhere. He is still a great back but doesn’t have that same quick first 2 steps that Langford has in really tight 3d down plays. Backs are not of the same value given the current style of the NFL’s best teams. A shame but the current Bear owners run the place to make money first and win 2nd or 3d and they still sell Soldier’s Field out.

    Bears D needs the money much much more.

  11. I like Langford, really do, but he drops too many passes out of the backfield. Appears he blocks better than Forte, but the Bears will be losing a lot without Forte on the field. I do agree the Bears have too many pressing needs to tie a lot of money into Forte unfortunately. There will be a LOT of cap money next year for the Bears but they also have a LOT of needs. If anyone deserves a contract for all he’s brought to the team it’s Forte but given the way the Bears brass have treated players over the years, I don’t see it happening. Hope we see him in a Bears uniform next year but I don’t see it happening.

  12. He should not be too confident heading to Free Agency… He will be up against younger, more explosive guys like Lamar Miller and others. Tough to be a RB these days… They dilute their own worth. It is a shame, but a fact.

  13. Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Bears! Use them up and get rid of them! And that is precisely what they will do! AP is the best RB, Forte is second IMO, and the Bears would be stupid, and we all know they are, to let him go. I hope he finds a team that truly appreciates his talents and uses his abilities the right way! Good Luck, Matt, You deserve it!

  14. I don’t like the way forte talks like this when its contract time. Seasons not over yet just say you’ll handle it in the off season.

  15. Forte will head to either Foxboro or Green Bay, and play with an MVP QB and a team capable of winning a Super Bowl.

    The Patriots have been known to bring in many veteran FAs, and it’s worked for them.
    Corey Dillon, Fred Taylor, now Steven Jackson.

    The Packers hermit GM tends to be afraid to bring in other team’s guys. He prefers to draft young males, scout them, assess them, watch them, feel them up, etc.

    But he did bring Julius Peppers up there two seasons ago, and although they haven’t gotten to a Super Bowl for Peppers, they’ve been so close both times. Charles Woodson went there and took 4 years, and then reached a Super Bowl.

    I expect Peppers to try and recruit Forte up there, and Aaron Rodgers will second that. But the Packers GM might not have any interest, preferring to let the Patriots and Tom Brady get better instead.

    But as Sol Rosenburg once said: You never, you neva, neva, never know…..

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