Report: NFL found no evidence of gay slurs directed at Beckham

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Despite reports that Giants receiver Odell Beckham had gay slurs directed at him by players on the Panthers on Sunday, a report says the NFL found no evidence of that being the case.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the league hasn’t found any proof that slurs were used and will not discipline any Panthers unless new evidence arises.

Given how many microphones are on and around the field at any NFL game, there’s a good chance that there would be audio evidence if slurs were used. We don’t know, however, how much effort the NFL put into poring over all the audio from the game. The NFL has shown inconsistency in the past with how hard it tries to investigate allegations of misconduct, sometimes undertaking lengthy investigations and other times seeming more interested in sweeping allegations under the rug.

The NFL has said that abusive language toward opponents can subject a player to a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but the league has never disciplined a player for using a slur on the field. The NBA recently suspended Rajon Rondo of the Sacramento Kings one game for directing a gay slur at a referee. The NFL would likely fine or suspend any player who used a slur on the field, but the league apparently won’t have to take any such actions this week.

59 responses to “Report: NFL found no evidence of gay slurs directed at Beckham

  1. Not surprised. It was a late “Hail Mary” by people around Beckham to try and deflect blame for acting like an idiot when all other excuses had failed (while hoping no one noticed the preceeding pattern of behaviour).

  2. Allow me to further explain. Between the a-holes that beat women and kids and all the other incidents that give them a constant black eye, they simply didn’t want to find any evidence. The last thing they want to see is the LGTB breathing down their neck too. Keep up the good work, NFL.

  3. At this point, is anyone surprised that the NFL can’t find evidence involving any issue?
    After the “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” got away with DeflateGate, I don’t think the Keystone Cops (NFL) could find evidence that water is wet, the sky is blue, or that birds can fly.

  4. Beckham would start wearing a mic but it would expose all the nasty trash talking he does himself

  5. “Report: NFL found no evidence of gay slurs directed at Beckham”

    Meh, not that words should matter in this case anyway. FWIW the league isn’t very good at finding things, they didn’t find any actual evidence of deflation, the Ray Rice video or the Patriots PSI gauge they ‘misplaced’ either. Heck, they still can’t find out what a catch is either

  6. The league had no proof against Brady either. Didn’t stop them then. Beckham losing it and going beserk seems ‘more probable than not…’ to me. No evidence? Call TWells. He’ll make some up for ya. Maybe a ballerina video, a text msg saying ‘love ya bro’, something…

  7. Wow, now PC has entered the league of modern day gladiators. Unfreakkinbelievable. Talk about a watered down, sissified league now. The world is just getting ridiculous.

  8. do people really give any credibility to anything NFL “investigates” anymore, seriously? if you do, you are a very, very naive individual.

  9. And even if they did, does that justify Odell head hunting Norman that could have ended that man’s career? The media and Giants PR has tried every excuse in the book for their media darling instead of actually blaming the main culprit who went spearing because he was getting shut down.

  10. Beckham apologists (Giants fans) would have pointed to this as justification for Odell’s toddler tantrum. A few slurs is no excuse for a spearing a guys head. No story here.

  11. The NFL still can’t find the Ideal Gas Law, the logo gauge or an honest man at NFL headquarters. So I’m sure there were a slew of slurs.

  12. So let me get this straight, calling some gay or fag (which is bad and juvenile and I am sure most of us have done it at one time or another), would have gave OBJ reason and cause to spear a man in the head when he wasn’t looking? I am not sure what kind of idiot morons advise todays athletes, but they are as dumb as the bogus excuses that are given.

  13. They have shown the video of the pregame 50 yard line get together but not the audio on Inside the NFL. So the league knows exactly what was said. Release it, lets settle this once and for all.

  14. I’m shocked! You mean he and his butt posse along with some in the Giants organization were lying? I’ll bet the Panther’s bat played no role either except that maybe OBME saw it.

    OBME warms up down near the goal line on the Giants end of the field before the games and all the video I saw of the bat were around the 10 yard line or less on the Panthers end of the field. 80 or more yards away. I’d feel threatened too!

  15. Maybe, just maybe, if all the punk ass wide receivers and defensive backs that have to “show” their manhood week after week by trash talking would just shut up and play ball this and all future injured feelings could just go away.

    The disrespect mantra should have run it’s course on the football field and on the streets by now. Grow up. It’s not a crime to once in awhile say something stupid and It’s not a crime to apologize for it.

    One of these days a player’s going to pull a gun on the field like The Last Boy Scout intro.

  16. I never became angry if someone used gay slurs on me because I’m not gay. Why did Odell have a problem? Oh!!!

  17. Beckham just insured that the most aggressive DB will be assigned to cover him for the foreseeable future. Now he’ll look look to the officials to protect him with flags.

  18. So they investigated Brady and after one year went from generally aware to lead conspirator

    But for the panthers in one week they wash their hands

    Tis the season?

  19. Also, I think anyone who played a team sport in high school or bound can tell you there are tons of gay slurs and/or offensive comments in every competition. Only the weak are affected by it. I’m sure if everyone that made one was suspended we wouldn’t have enough players left to play.

  20. In a league that chased out Michael Sam and basically caused him to go into hiding once he was cut from The Rams, I don’t believe a word of it. If Sam weren’t gay, he’d be in the league. He was SEC Defensive player of the year! Of course he can play. But since he’s gay, the NFL isn’t letting him play.

  21. I don’t know if Beckham has officially come out yet, but Michael Sam had the top selling jersey for awhile. OBJ could be #2 if he announced or went transgender or something equivalent.

  22. Perhaps Beckham needs session with Dr. Ruth and Dr. Phil to get his head straight. What is that they say stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Well for crybaby Beckham that doesn’t ring true. Poor baby got his time out in the corner for 1 week. If he thought it’s bad now, wait until he is on the field again. Giants are you sure you invested your money wisely in Beckham? You sure didn’t do a very good job in checking out his mine set before you drafted him.

  23. So if it’s a white player, you play the race card when all else fails to cover your behind. When it’s another black player, you pull the gay card. Of course, when you pull it three days after the fact, it does beg the question, “why did you wait?”

  24. Beckham has a problem for sure. It is that he is a spoiled rotten head case, which is pretty typical of many of the players in the NFL today.
    Maybe he’ll learn from this episode, but based on his head coach’s failure to make him accountable, I’m sure he thinks that he really did nothing wrong.

    I have been an NFL fan since 1960 and the behavior of the players has become more about “me” with every passing decade. The team is secondary now to what the player wants to do.

    It’s a shame, but that’s the reality. It’s why I don’t have any emotional attachment to any of the players playing today. I really couldn’t care less about any of them. Most of them act like jerks, to me. They are just a piece of a machine and if they don’t work, throw them out and get a new piece.

  25. Nor did the league find any evidence of bats on the field… Thanks, NFL, I feel so much better when you “investigate”!

  26. If the NFL says something – always assume they are lying

    That’s the track record

    They said they had “proof” 11 of 12 footballs were deflated. That was a lie – and Judge Berman made them admit under oath they had no evidence against Brady

  27. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but if Beckham Jr isn’t gay, then it should mean nothing to him. If he is, then it’s a terrible slur, but if he isn’t actually gay, how does it affect him? Then it’s just name calling. I highly doubt people are using language on the field because they actually think he is truly gay. It would just be trash talk that means nothing if he’s not gay.

    In all honesty, as a friend to many gay and lesbian people, they would be far more hurt by somebody making a big deal about being called gay. In other words, the idea is so offensive to Beckham that he makes a big deal out of it. That’s much more hateful.

  28. There was no “proof” because the gay-slur f-word is likely used so often and heard so frequently on NFL Films game video/cut-ups, they’d have to call that 15-yard “bad language” penalty every missed 3rd down and/or suspend at least 5 players on every team every week. Since that can’t happen, there is simply “no evidence” of it occurring because they don’t want to be caught not enforcing a rule they prominently put in place that is so blatantly ignored.

  29. Say all you want to about any comments made by the Panthers. No names, no evidence, no story. That being said, how can anyone excuse their own inappropriate behavior by the supposed inappropriate behavior of others? Be the bigger person. Man up, own it and live to play another day.

  30. Amazing how this bizarre world continues to become more bizarre. Who would of ever thunk it? Gay cream puffs playing in the NFL? Wowzers!

  31. Clearly a lot of Panthers, Cowboys, Eagles, or Skins fans on here

    Odell was called a female, the b-word, among other things by Finnegan, etc. I see no reason why it’d be farfetched to imagine gay slurs are thrown his way. Now if you’re a bigot/fascist, and you believe this is okay, then just say so. Because dismissing it means that contrary to the NFL’s grandstanding and PR, a gay football player will never fit in NFL culture. Not as long as gay slurs and attacks are dismissed as nothing

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