Tom Cable: Marshawn Lynch will need to “adapt” to Seahawks


It’s likely not a coincidence that the ascension of Russell Wilson to true franchise-quarterback status has happened with running back Marshawn Lynch out of the picture. And it’s now becoming more clear that, whenever Marshawn returns to the team, he may not recognize it.

“We’re counting on him to get healthy whenever that is and then once that happens, it’s for him to come back in and be able to adapt to this football team and the way it acts and the way it’s moving right now collectively,” offensive line coach Tom Cable said Wednesday, via Curtis Crabtree of KJR and PFT. “That will be his challenge, but right now his number one thing is getting healthy.”

So how is the offense different than it was before Lynch exited for hernia surgery?

“I see us being a little more detailed,” Cable said. “I see us playing at a very high tempo, accepting challenges, overcoming issues when they show up whether it’s in a game or practice. I think we’re growing up in a big way and so I think maturity is probably the thing that stands out to me more than anything and that’s across the board.”

Lynch’s adjustment to the new offense doesn’t become relevant until he returns to the team. And it’s still not clear when he will. Coach Pete Carroll told reporters on Wednesday that he doesn’t know if Lynch will be back bext week, and that “[t]here’s a chance” he’ll be back for the playoffs.

“This is something that it’s possible for him to return,” Carroll said. “It’s possible for him to return. Fortunately, we’re going to get to play longer, and the more we do that, the better off his chances to get back.”

Carroll added that Lynch currently is following his offseason workout regimen.

“This is how he gets ready and gets in shape, and I think this is what’s best for him,” Carroll said. “I think this is a good choice for him to be where he is.”

Regardless of whether Lynch returns this season, it’s becoming more and more clear that the place he won’t be next season is in Seattle. The Seahawks can spend the $9 million Lynch is due to earn in 2016 elsewhere and rely on Thomas Rawls at tailback. Or pretty much anyone at the position.

As long as Wilson is playing the way that he has over the last five weeks, it won’t matter.

51 responses to “Tom Cable: Marshawn Lynch will need to “adapt” to Seahawks

  1. Too bad it took an injury to Lynch for the Seahawks to see how redundant the running back position is.
    Most of the good teams have known this for years. You don’t pay ‘franchise’ money for a RB.

  2. Yeah, because if only Wilson had thrown more instead of handing it off to Lynch at the end of the Superbowl…

  3. Was it Lynch’s absence or Jimmy Graham’s that has elevated Wilson’s play? Maybe in the course of Wilson’s development what he really needed was a blocking TE.

  4. Contrary to the implication here, it isn’t clear to me that Lynch is not wanted or needed by the Hawks in 2016. In fact, I believe that having Lynch with Rawls in the backfield is ideal. Clearly, the team is becoming more complete and the Hawks should be one of a few favorites in 2016 to compete for a SB appearance. That said; I hope that if and when the team and Lynch decide to part ways that Lynch gets traded to Oakland. Lynch has been so good for the Hawks and his heart and soul clearly are with his hometown of Oakland.

    My hope is that he plays in 2016 for the Hawks and gets extended into 2017. Traded after the 2016 season to Oakland and gets to play for his hometown team for a year or two before retiring. Regardless on what happens for the rest of this current season and beyond, he has my respect.

  5. In Seattle, we love our Beast. There will never be another Beast Quake or the roar that erupts from the stands when he breaks one for big yardage. However, even the best backs to ever play the game come to the end of their career sooner or later. I think we’re near that point now with Lynch and it’s hard to watch. I think his heart is in Oakland and, even as a lifelong Seahawks fan, I’d have to wish him well if he decided to finish his career with the Raiders.

  6. Lynch will be in the Corey Dillon mode. He will be in New England next year (Belichick always got all animated talking about Lynch).

  7. It reminds me of my vikes with Teddy and AP. Everybody was on Teddys jock at the end of last year. He didn’t have AP. He blew the roof off the joint when AP went down in the bears game with 4 or 5 tds. I can’t’s shown all year with Teddys stats that he can’t get in a rythm as well when AP gets the ball 30 times a game. But looks like Norv finally woke up and had a different game plan with Teddy recently which has paid off. Hoping it keeps up.

  8. It’s an interesting premise and I agree with it. I know many Viking fans feel like Teddy would become better or develop faster without Peterson “in the way” and I think that particular faction is correct.

    You have to have a capable running back, and a balanced offensive attack is pretty much a necessity; but in today’s NFL the offense has to center on the quarterback, not the running back, and the running back needs to be on board with that.

  9. tReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Dec 24, 2015 8:32 AM

    Cable’s a good coach. Got the short end of the stick in Oakland, he’ll be back in that coaching position sooner rather than later.

    not really the assistant coach he assaulted is the on that got the raw deal Cable is a total punk….yes they have done a nice job rebuilding is image with Seattle, but this dude is a low class assistant coach and nothing more ie: Norv turner. Make him a head coach and you will be sorry.

  10. “Yeah, because if only Wilson had thrown more instead of handing it off to Lynch at the end of the Superbowl…”

    Everyone who’s so sure Lynch would have gotten a TD on that last play hasn’t looked at how he performed last year in similar situations.

    5 times in 2014 he ran on 4th and 1 and only once did he get the first down. I suspect Carroll was looking at that 20% success rate as part of why the pass was called.

  11. In the not to distant future Lynch won’t have to be bothered by the media anymore. No one ever cares what a cranky washed up athlete has to say.

  12. We don’t know if Teddy will ever be a great QB, but we know AP is a great RB. I would take Adrian over Teddy all day. Norv went though this once in San Diego. The thought was he was going to develop Philip Rivers at the expense of LaDanian Tomlinson. Well, with Tomlinson the Chargers made the AFC championship game, yet under Rivers the Chargers haven’t sniffed a playoff win since. Gimme Adrian over Teddy anyday.

    On Teddy’s 4 touchdowns, 3 were on short passes that the receivers made plays to get into the endzone.

  13. Lynch isn’t great from the 1 yard line. He has a conversion rate of 45% which of the 39 RBs with 10 or more goal line rushes over the 5 years going into the Super Bowl ranked him at 30. Only one Patriots player read that as a pass even Revis said he was playing the run. It was a well designed play, it was well executed, Butler just made an incredible heads up play.

    So please stop with the Lynch should have run it bit. It was old in Feburay and its way past old now. The hawks lost had they stopped Brady on the drive before they would have won. The team lost the game not Wilson. Get over it.

  14. I read this and all I can think of is John Riggins. Sat out for a year and when they wanted him back he said, “Give me the football.” And all he did was run them into the Super Bowl.

  15. Jimmy Graham was not a problem in Seattle and his blocking improved. The offensive line was the difference, at the start of the year with converted DT and C they missed assignments in run/pass game and Wilson got sacked at record pace.

    Jimmy Graham can do the blocking that Luke Willson and Cooper Helfet are doing. They aren’t max protecting – the offensive line is just very much improved and they chip once in awhile with TE/HB.

    Pete won’t say it but his philosophy has opened up. They were trying to force feed the run game to punish team – now they are exploiting the weaknesses of defenses in the air and the run game is still prevalent. Lynch is a beloved player in Seattle at the same level as Wilson, Earl, Sherman and Kam.

  16. rocketdogsports says:
    Dec 24, 2015 10:56 AM

    Jim Brown is the best back to ever play the game. End of discussion.


    I beg to differ. Not necessarily over Brown being the best ever as he may very well have been the best ever; but over the idea that proclaiming Brown the best ever is “End of discussion.” There’s room for all kinds of discussion on this particular topic.

    On another note, Jim Brown was absolutely great in the highly underrated movie “Tick… Tick… Tick…” with George Kennedy.

  17. henry53 says:
    Dec 24, 2015 7:57 AM
    Too bad it took an injury to Lynch for the Seahawks to see how redundant the running back position is.
    Most of the good teams have known this for years. You don’t pay ‘franchise’ money for a RB.


    Yup. The RB position is a commodity these days, which is why you’ll never see a team like the Pats paying this kind of money for one. Just look around the league at how successful backups have been at filling the starter’s shoes:

    West / Charles
    Williams / Bell
    Allen / Forsett
    Rawls / Lynch

    After seeing how washed up Williams has looked the past few seasons and how well he’s done in relief of Bell, I just have to wonder if anyone could run in that offense.

  18. johnodocks says:
    Dec 24, 2015 9:01 AM
    Was it Lynch’s absence or Jimmy Graham’s that has elevated Wilson’s play? Maybe in the course of Wilson’s development what he really needed was a blocking TE.

    Ever heard of Zach Miller? Not that Zach Miller, the retired one.

    Wilson had an awesome blocking TE… Graham wasn’t the problem, that’s just lazy media analysis you’re regurgitating. Look at the advanced stats……

  19. Far too early to be writing off Lynch. Cable isn’t doing it.,hes just saying they’ve adjusted the line and blocking schemes since, and as a result of, Lynch being unavailable,and it’s worked out, so they won’t be changing it back.

    The performance of Lynch over the last 5 years in Seattle has gotten them to where they are at, both in him running, and his presence in the backfield, as a threat every single down and someone that other players don’t want to have to tackle.

    Sure, thus season he’s played injured, the first major injury while in Seattle. While he’s not getting any younger, he can still dominate.

    And can we stop taking driveby shots at locker room discord? There are a lot of players that are pals with Lynch, I don’t see them negatively affecting the Hawks or Wilson, even if you subscribe to some unreconciallable issues between Lynch and Wilson any more then any other two teammates on any other two teams.

  20. Lynch had every opportunity in the universe to throw everybody under the buss when they didnt give him the ball on the one yard line to WIN the super bowl !

    and he didnt.

    I dont see him complaining about the offense going through Wilson instead of him, especially if they are winning.

  21. Another option that no one has mentioned here is that Lynch has discussed possibly retiring for a few years now. He may decide it is no longer worth the pounding his body takes and call it quits

  22. 99% of opposing Hawk fans have consistently said, Russell is just a product of the system. He’s just a game manager. Wilson would be nothing with out Lynch. Would be squatash without the Hawks Defense.

    What happened to the trolls not watching Hawks roll?

    Suddenly, no Lynch. Suddenly, the D plays like swiss cheese vs good Qb’s.

    Suddenly, Wilson sets an all-time record of 5 straight games with 3+ TD’s combined with 5 straight games with 0 int’s.

    19 td’s & 0 interceptions? How is that possible from a game manager? Fans in Seattle didn’t see 19 w 0 but we saw a dynamic franchise Qb if he received his op.

    Nice to shut the trolls up!!

    Suddenly, Doug Baldwin is catching Td’s that only Jerry Rice caught over a 5 game stretch. Doug Baldwin.

  23. The best is “Seattle has crap receivers” now i see online that Cam is doing this with receivers less than that of Seattle. Funny, Baldwin and Kearse are still undrafted “Pedestrian” Wide receivers, but since they have worked their butts off and grown with Russell, they are now a strength? People need to just admit that Seattle does it right and that they are simply jealous (except NE fans who have also done it right).

  24. Cable is actually the one coach that Lynch has a really strong relationship with. He may be the only person in that organization that can say something like this.

  25. It used to be about RBs that ran the offence, especially those with poor QBs. They ran to keep the ball. Rawls is a Lynch clone, albeit, smaller. The game plan didn’t really change, except Wilson was asked to throw some strikes, and the receiving core answered the bell…thankfully. I think Wilson realized he had to take control of the game…and he is doing it well.
    Today, it is all about the QB…good RB helps, of course, but an accurate, elusive and smart QB can win the game without a good RB. A RB doesn’t even have to run all that much…he is there to block, be an outlet and keep the defense honest.
    RB are becoming pseudo receivers…you try to blitz, your burned, you don’t put enough guys on the line, you get burned…

  26. I love BeastMode football, thank you Marshawn for so many years of entertaining and inspiring running. I also love the way the Seahawks have been playing lately without Marshawn and even after losing Rawls, who was impressive.
    If it were up to me I would pay him for another year or two even if he couldn’t play if he wanted or let him go to Oaktown. Front offices have to think about the future not the past.
    Marshawn Lynch has been the best of a long line of great backs in Seattle, probably the best player ever for them.

  27. I still think it’s pretty awesome that we were able to just wave C- Mike and then when Rawls and Marshawn both go down somehow we were able to just pick him right back up and boom he does 86 yards last week in a group effort as if he never left.

    What’s more is the big problem with him was his attitude and his lack of humility which has easily been taken care of by being released by the lowly Cowboys and Redskins. Now the guys got hunger again and the Seahawks are going to use it through the playoffs

  28. What if Christian Michael starts putting up huge numbers through the playoffs? What happens then? Marshawn is gone no matter what.

    Rawls and c-Mike 2016. Marshawn will either be in Oakland semi-retired or retired completely. The man is really just a kid still at 30( I’m older so you kids wondering what I mean will understand later) and his back is almost destroyed already.

    Life is a long time if you make it

  29. Lynch has never liked Wilson. Made fun of him in the locker room and called him a phony (not black enough.) One of the reasons Harvin and he became good friends. Lynch stirred the pot when Wilson got his new contract. Now Wilson has proven that they can win without Lynch and that Wilson is now the leader of the team. Lynch has to accept it if he wants to come back. I don’t think he will. He will sit out this year with “injuries” and retire.

  30. LOL. These opinions are somewhere between fiction and scifi. What if Christine Michael does what? He was release in preseason because he couldn’t hang on to the ball or just generally live up to his 2nd round billing. He was then released by the Cowboys who can’t do much of anything correct. We re-sign him because of injuries and desperation. Throw DuJuan Harris and Bryce Brown in the mix and the RB position doesn’t appear so plug and play anymore, does it. Rawls is a great talent. So great that had we not signed him, Turbin and Michael would’ve likely stayed in Seattle.

    You can’t prepare for a 350lb DLineman coming down awkwardly on your ankle or a sports hernia. The only thing you can hope for is that your team has depth. Depth does not mean DuJuan Harris. It means maintaining what we have with the beast we rode to SB 48 and our depth being a gem named Thomas Rawls.

  31. The Hawks are a run first team as long as C & C are Assistant & HC. If the Beast returns at full tilt and balls out, and they do get their 2nd trophy, he probably rides off into the sunset and retires a Hawk.

    Don’t be surprised though, if that trophy becomes elusive again, that he does return in 2016 for some unfinished business. Marshawn and Kam made a commitment this year to do just that, to get that 2nd ring. Going unfulfilled may just lead to one last go at it.

    Marshawn is a team player despite all the misrepresentation of his player antics. All the guys in the locker room love him. He’s also a very intelligent football player. He can see the metamorphosis of the more complete offense being implemented.

    Does he have the ability to blend into makeup of this advanced offense? Of course! In a run first offense with Rawls, Michael and the Beast in the backfield together, the 3rd down percentage would be off the charts, if they ever reached a 3rd down.

    It all it really comes down to is, are they willing to pay him and at what cost? Will he renegotiate to a more cap friendly amount? Is he willing to share the rock with a more diminished role?

    These are difficult questions that ly ahead on the horizon, especially if he doesn’t get that 2nd ring.

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