As free agency approaches, Alshon Jeffery doubtful


The rough contract year for Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery continues.

Jeffery, who had 1,000-plus-yard seasons in both 2013 and 2014, likely will miss his sixth game of the season on Sunday against the Bears. Jeffery is doubtful with a hamstring injury.

The anticipated absence comes a week after a season-low one-catch performance against the Vikings. (The good news is that it resulted in his fourth touchdown of the season.)

Jeffery is eligible for free agency in March. It’s unclear whether the Bears will try to keep him before he can test his value on the open market. The franchise tag is also an option, but a one-year deal in excess of $10 million seems like a lot to page for a guy who likely won’t generate more than 1,000 yards this year.

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  1. He’s been a glass house since he’s been drafted. Worthwhile long term at a descent rate, but don’t deserve much more than average if you figure out projected games he will actually be healthy.

  2. As a Bears fan I say either tag him or let him go. He is not durable enough of the time to warrant a long term commitment. He’s that Ferrari thats in the shop more than on the road but you’re still paying license and insurance. I would rather overpay for one year under the tag and have the option to cut bait if he can’t pull his conditioning together than overpay him for multiple seasons on a long term deal.

  3. Yikes. No more Jeffery and no more forte. That said the Bears back up looks really good. Buuuut it’s still Cutler leading the helm so we all still hope for you.

  4. Alshon is the ONLY thing that anyone feared from the anemic Bears offense… I say let him go (oh, and keep Cutler).

  5. ariani is on a Bears article and posted twice, both about the Packers. At least we know what he’s doing with his Christmas.

    Get a life dude. I’m honestly concerned. Go be with your family.

  6. I can see putting the franchise tag on him because they have no other wide receivers. White is a bust pick. Royal is injured more than Jeffery. Marquess Wilson has not grown in three seasons. My bet is that Bennet will not be back and Forte will be back…….that leaves the Bears with no one to catch the ball.

    I was thinking that the Bears should abandon the pass, replace the offensive line with 10 heavy weight Sumo wrestlers…..and direct snap to the back, run behind them hopefully for a gain of 4. Most defenses would not be able to deal with this power. They should be able to march down the field. Then build a great defense with draft choices.

  7. This is the only year he’s been hurt…..and he’s still put up 800 yards in about 8 games played.
    After Brandon Marshall, he’s the best WR we’ve ever drafted….and you really want to get rid of him?

  8. a one-year deal in excess of $10 million seems like a lot to page for a guy who likely won’t generate more than 1,000 yards this year.

    You’re not paying him $10 million next year to generate 1,000 this year. You’re paying him to put up those numbers next year. And he’s proven he is a very good receiver in this league. If the Bears don’t pay it, someone else will.

  9. With the Ravens having the worst WR corp in NFL history, it will be important that Ozzie signs someone like Alshon Jeffrey. While Flacco has one Super Bowl MVP under his belt, we may be looking at a Mallett led Ravens squad heading into next season. He will sure need all the help that he can get, much like Matt Ryan has had throughout his career.

  10. Pace- you screwed up by giving Marshall away for bag of peanuts, don’t let Jeffrey go. he was healthy in 13 & 14, Tag him. You already look like a moron for dumping Marshall, stop the bad decisions.

  11. Pack spend money on a free agent? Send that wish to Santa Claus. Jordy going down should have been enough to go trade for a WR back before week one.

  12. …..Jeffery is worth the 10 million ayear and he’ll get it…..Tampa Bay could swap him out with Vincent Jackson and having him and Evans catching Winston Td passes would be awsome.

  13. Still one of the best receivers in the NFL on a per game basis. He’ll get paid and deservingly so. Minnesota? San Diego/Los Angeles? Does Baltimore finally dip into free agency for an elite talent?

  14. they are nuts if they let him go, imagine the kind of season the bears and Cutler would have had if they had all their wide outs healthy this season. no project ahead to next season and a healthy jeffery and white as your starting wr and with wilson in the slot. who do you double team? as long as they bring in someone to maintain the offense gase built they should be unstoppable next season.

  15. Jeffery has emerged as one of the best wrs in the game today, definitely top 15. I want him back no matter the cost because as much as I like Eddie Royal, he gets injured a lot too. And Kevin white missed the entire season. The only healthy wrs we have that are really fast and tall and reliable are marquess Wilson and cam Meredith. So I would like to bring him back. Also, as much as I love me some Matt forte, he needs to go because it’s langfords team now, and Carey will be his backup
    I hope Bennett comes back as well and our o-like remains the same. Maybe get a right guard 3rd or 4th round. Our awful defense needs to be fixed too. Get some better corners and a young talented strong safety and some REAL outside linebackers. Not some old washed out defensive linemen that go into a linebacker position to blitz every time.

  16. If you think GB would pay Jeffery….you need to start following football closer or keep your mouth shut because GB would never pay a guy like Jeffery just like New England wouldn’t pay him either….

  17. Alshon has the potential to be a top 5 WR in the NFL. Sadly, he has neither the work ethic nor drive to get there, his injuries are a result of poor conditioning. It would be a waste to lock him up long term, he hurts the team by annually sitting out 5-6 games a year than being on the field.

  18. No more Devin Hester
    No more Greg Olsen

    We all know how well those moves went too! Just add Forte and Jeffery to the latest list. The Bears trade away good talent and replace them with bust out high draft picks. It’s like they have institutionalized mediocrity and that’s why they’re losers…Mama Bear notwithstanding.

  19. These Viking fans better be careful what they wish for.

    Aaron Rodgers + Jordy Nelson + Alshon Jeffery = Another guaranteed 5 years of total domination by the Packers over the hapless Vikings.

  20. I wonder if teams will break the bank for Jeffery given the durability questions, although it would be quite a change in Chicago if they lost Jeffery, Forte and Gase. Who woulda thought Cutler would be the last one standing?

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