Browns players arrested after early-morning traffic stop

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Browns outside linebacker Armonty Bryant and practice squad defensive back De’Ante Saunders were arrested early Friday.

Scott Taylor of WOIO Channel 19 in Cleveland was first to report the arrests on Twitter. Taylor reported that Saunders was charged with OVI and speeding but the reason Bryant was arrested has not yet been released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Per the report, police found a gun and the prescription drug Adderall in the car.

A statement from Browns general manager Ray Farmer released Saturday morning said Bryant won’t make the trip to Kansas City for Sunday’s game vs. the Chiefs.

“These are charges that we take very seriously,” Farmer’s statement said. “The importance of responsible decision-making is something we continually stress to all members of our organization, which makes it extremely disappointing that these two individuals would put themselves in this situation by making such poor decisions.”

Bryant was arrested on a DUI charge the week after he was drafted in 2013. He has a career-best 5.5 sacks this season.

Saunders is a rookie who signed to the practice squad in November.

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  1. I think practice squad players should watch that ‘Undrafted’ show on NFL Network. Just to see how many people are working their butts off, just for any opportunity to take their spot. Character issues are a gift.

  2. Farmer talking about “responsible decision-making”? If nothing else, the Factory of Sadness” is good for laughs.
    I wonder if he texted that to the media……

  3. noochieleon says:
    Dec 26, 2015 10:14 AM
    Another attack on athletes by the over zealous media. Crooks like the Patriots are still sold as the best.


    Careful, Patriot fans patrol every article, looking for even the slightest negative comment to thumbs down and report. They’re an extremely sensitive gang.

  4. To the Browns fans in Columbus, Dayton, other mid-Ohio towns – why not root for the Bengals instead? They learned their lesson from all this nonsense several years ago and not too much bad news coming out of that locker room, plus they win and at least make the playoffs consistently.
    It’s not going to get better up there unless they sell the team to an owner that knows what he is doing or will leave the personnel decisions to someone that does.
    When Mike Brown gave more power to Marvin Lewis – whatta-ya-know, they are getting better players and better people.

  5. Farmer is an absolute joke and will hopefully be shown the door after next Sunday’s game. Unfortunately the great fans of Cleveland are stuck with the poor leadership of Jimmy Haslam. Look on the bright side, he probably has the homeless man who told him to draft Manziel all lined up to take over.

  6. The final nail in Farmers coffin. These are the groceries that he is buying for Coach Pettine. Give Pett another year, get this scumbag Farmer out of here.

  7. “I just want to apologize to anyone who I may have offended by the mistake that I recently made. It’s not who I am. I was not raised like that. My teammates and my coaches and Mr. Haslam and the Browns organization are very important to me. And the Cleveland fans are the best in the NFL. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.”

    There. Just in case the PR machine is off today.

  8. Forget the Redskins or Miami Marlins, the Browns are the most dysfunctional franchise with the most dysfunctional fans in sports! They will continue to be so due to their lousy treatment of Art Modell.

  9. was hoping it was manziel getting stopped arrested
    HE NEEDS TOO GO ASAP but well be 1 defensive player short on another bad lose coming
    sorry jets fan we can help u for ya playoff push
    beating the chiefs

  10. Just two more stupid NFL players. Look what team they are on too, its over and over with the Browns. A gun and Adderal in the car good job there guys!!

  11. Make beliveland needs to clean house I recommend a board of fine upstanding honest intelligent men headed by the donald also Dion Chris Michal also a few Patsy if things go cow crap

  12. noochieleon says:
    Dec 26, 2015 10:14 AM
    Another attack on athletes by the over zealous media. Crooks like the Patriots are still sold as the best.


    Careful, Patriot fans patrol every article, looking for even the slightest negative comment to thumbs down and report. They’re an extremely sensitive gang.
    Most cheaters are sensitive..

  13. The obsession with the Pats and their legendary success historically speaking in the NFL, is quite pathetic be jealous fans.

    Here are two Browns rubes being dumb, and somehow the jealous types start talking about the Pats? Pathetic, but the jealousy is delicious.

    I will say, Belichick would have cut these two on principle alone.

    That is one difference between the Pats and a franchise like the Browns.

    Drafting Manziel was a massive mistake, obviously. Is it in the water, or what?

  14. Ordinarily, this would be a set back to the Browns, but thankfully they drafted those two great players in the first round on DraftDay…

  15. What is the problem with having a gun in a car in Ohio? It is, generally, as legal as a package of kleenex. In fact, the right to own guns in Ohio is protected in the state constitution.

    I suspect most of the commentators here come from slave states like NY or NJ, and don’t realize that most states allow almost unrestricted carry of guns, and over 40% American households [outside of the aformentioned slave states] own guns. The numbers that say “only” 38% are counting the peons in NY, NJ, IL, etc., to bring the percentage down.

    If a cop stopped me in my home state of NH, he might find a pistol, a revolver, and a Colt AR-15, depending on where I was going. And he would say, “Have a nice day, sir.”

  16. noochie and ybthat way…really? Let’s see the GM when Broncos paid a guy off the books to cheat the salary cap, John Beake. Left after winning 2nd Superbowl in 98. Guess who NFL hires in 2002 to be an exec on Park ave….OK so a cheating nfl exec is hired by nfl….hhmmm and you believe the nfl???
    Mike Tomlin steps into field of play to disrupt an opponent returning a kick? Yet never see you on Steeler articles.
    Do you want more?

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