Report: Broncos “are now Brock Osweiler’s team”


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is all over the news on Sunday morning, but not because he’s returning to the team’s lineup.

That reportedly won’t be a news item to look for at any point the rest of this year either. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported on Sunday morning that the Broncos “are now Brock Osweiler’s team.”

Per Glazer, it looked like there was a chance that Manning could return to the lineup earlier this week but that those plans have been put “on hold” as the team moves forward with Osweiler the rest of the way. That might explain why coach Gary Kubiak initially called Manning’s Saturday workout “big” before downplaying its import on Saturday.

Glazer also reports that Osweiler has a Grade Two separation of his left shoulder. Osweiler hurt the shoulder against the Steelers last week and went to the locker room a bit early to have it checked out before returning to the game for the second half.

As for Manning, he’s had plenty to keep him busy while Osweiler gets ready for Monday night’s game against the Bengals.

12 responses to “Report: Broncos “are now Brock Osweiler’s team”

  1. Classless Broncos already distancing themselves from Manning/HGH. What a disgusting organization.

  2. It’s been quite obvious that Osweilers team since the day he replaced Manning. This could may very well be the next franchise ab. This has nothing to do with HGH or Mannings injury.
    And I’m not a Manning fan or a Broncos fan.

  3. nothing like a Ped Report on your HOF QB to help you figure out who’s team this Is.

    Shameful that Peyton’s career will be more like Dan Marino’s instead of Montanas. He really was a great QB til he faced Brady.

  4. First off, the report has been recanted and admitted to being false. Second, Broncos put out a statement that they do not believe this report whatsoever and support Manning 100%.. Until Peyton retires, leaves or chooses to become a backup. It is still his team. Brock has been doing a great job and it will be his team as soon as Peyton decides its time to move on. But right now, this is just stupid journalism trying to create headlines etc.

  5. The Broncos were reportedly thinking about shopping Peyton before the season even began, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is done playing QB for the Broncos. He struggled the last half of the season in 2014, so I’m guessing that Elway had already lost confidence in him before Peyton began to struggle this season.

    I’m a Chief’s fan, so as far as the Broncos and Elway, I have no respect for either. As far as Peyton Manning is concerned, I have all of the respect in the world for the man. I just wish he wouldn’t have picked the Broncos.

    I hope Peyton does the right thing and retires after the Broncos end their season. It’s damn hard watching him as a shell of himself and to hear all of the criticism.

    As far as the HGH thing, the guy who reported the whole thing has already admitted it was a lie. Let’s not give him anymore press or attention. That’s why he did it in the first place. It’s a non-story now.

  6. Noodle-arm Manning is a bum who could never win the big game and holds the record for One-and-Dones in the post season. And until Matt Schaub came along he also held the record for consecutive pick-six games. Awesome quarterback! Now he is a confirmed cheater!!

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