Sean Payton says he wants to return to Saints, but what do the Saints want?


Rumors continue to swirl that Saints coach Sean Payton will consider other options after the season ends, even though Payton has said — multiple times — that he wants to return to New Orleans. So what’s really going on?

Consider this: As the speculation and reports continue to percolate regarding Payton, the Saints have said nothing. So what do the Saints want?

No one knows. And no one will know until after the season ends, at the earliest.

It’s possible that the Saints are keeping their cards close to the vest in the hopes that someone will contact the Saints in an effort to pry him away with compensation, allowing the Saints both to get something in return for Payton and to avoid a buyout obligation.

If the Saints fire Payton, they get nothing. And they’d have to pay the difference between whatever he’s due to be paid for the balance of his Saints contract and what he earns elsewhere. If the Saints essentially trade Payton (although it wouldn’t be a trade, technically), the Saints will receive compensation and owe Payton nothing.

Taking it all to the next level, what if Payton has been professing his desire to stay with the Saints in part to see where he stands with the organization? To date, his renewal of vows has been unrequited, which could make him more willing to consider opportunities in Miami or Indianapolis or San Diego or Tennessee or New York or pretty much anywhere there’s a vacancy with a good-to-great quarterback under contract.

Technically, Payton wouldn’t be able to talk to another team unless and until the Saints work out tentative compensation with that team, in the event Payton is hired elsewhere. But plenty of communications happen through the back channels, and Payton could be inclined to let interested teams know that he’s willing to explore other options, if the Saints haven’t told him privately that they want him to return.

They’ve definitely said nothing publicly, which could be saying plenty about what they may be planning to do.

12 responses to “Sean Payton says he wants to return to Saints, but what do the Saints want?

  1. He’s not going anywhere!! These poor reporters are grasping for straws trying to write something that will stir crap up!!

  2. Even the Saints aren’t that stupid. There is no one out there any better (with the exception of Bel./Pats). The problem with the Saints is they are cap strapped and have no defense.

    Payton isn’t going anywhere. You reporters are desperate and grasping.

  3. Only way I see him leaving is if Brees is released. No way SP sticks around with an unproven QB.

    Prediction-they get the best DC they can and make one last run and then blow it up.

  4. The Saints are a DECENT, not Hall of Fame, but decent Defensive Coordinator away from being in the hunt. Keep Payton and Brees, find a solid DC and you’ve added 3-4 wins right there.

  5. Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are their own worst enemies. For years, they have neglected the defense, including in this year’s draft by picking an offensive lineman with their top pick, when a defensive playmaker was needed.

    Every year’s draft, it’s all-offense all the time. They gave Rob Ryan a bunch of free agents and glorified special teamers while Payton and Drew Brees got all the offensive toys. (See also Brandin Cooks, Mark Ingram, et al.)

    While I appreciate what Sean did for the organization, I’d be at peace with a parting of company with him, Loomis and the Saints. Bill Parcells won two titles with the Giants, and he still parted ways. Jerry West left the Lakers. It happens!

    So, people need to understand: One day the Payton run is going to be over, and we can’t live off the laurels of a 2010 Super Bowl title forever.

    If you don’t believe me, ask the Lakers here in LA how well are those titles from ’09-’10 doing for them now? They fell in love with the memories while other teams were getting better.

    Saints, let go of the memories and make some new ones, otherwise, you’ll be the Lakers-south, with an overpriced, aging star in Brees, like Kobe Bryant, and you’ll be reviving the bags, asking, “Paper or plastic?”

    Payton is NOT the only coach in the NFL. It survived before him and will do so after him.

    And as Pat Riley once stated, 10 years on any job is long enough~for both parties.

  6. The Saints are poorly run, I’d want out if I were Patyon, especially with Brees getting old.

  7. ….I think Sean has a claus in his contract if ownership changes he can bolt…..with Tom Bendon being dragged down by his evil grandkids regarding his mental health….that would be his chance to leave……Sean loves Benson and thats why he may bolt.

  8. Bottom line, there is no one better out there for the Saints and we have never had better in New Orleans before them. Our main fan base is very loyal, discounting a few who do not remember what was before Sean and Drew came to New Orleans. They earned their keep by bringing us a Lombardi and as far as I am concerned, win or lose, Sean and Drew should be Saints until they retire! If the Saints make the poor choice to get rid of them before retirement, they can have my 4 season tickets back! I’ll watch the Saints without their Hall Of Fame QB (DREW BREES) from the comfort of my living room! #Saints #MyTeam #MyHeadCoach #MyQB #KeepSean #KeepDrew #Loyalty

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