Jerry Jones doesn’t even talk after latest Cowboys loss

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Here’s how you can tell things are bad in Dallas.

There were cameras and reporters in the Cowboys locker room, and owner Jerry Jones didn’t jump in front of them to insist that they were on the verge of fixing things.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys owner declined his normal post-game interviews after his team’s flat-line loss to the Bills, which left them 4-11 and in contention for a top-five pick.

His son Stephen, the team’s executive vice president, did talk, but didn’t have much more to offer when asked about potential future changes or draft priorities.

We’re worried about this week,” Stephen Jones said. “There will be plenty of time to deal with evaluating what this team did for the season at the end of the season. We’ve got a game left against the Redskins and that’s what we’ll focus on.”

Stephen even mixed in a “next question,” when the next question came in, so you know they’re in a great mood.

Of course, Washington has already clinched the NFC East, so they might be sitting some guys next week, such that it will matter. Things stopped mattering for the Cowboys months ago, and the fact that the elder Jones can’t even talk about it underscores his frustrations and their own inability to fix it.

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  1. Here is what is funny about Dallas. The last couple of seasons it has been reported that Stephen has been mostly in charge of building the roster. And he has been cheered as wildly successful. Building up a great offensive line etc.

    And as he has done a good job building the roster, the results have been good on the field. And this past off season, they bought into their own hype. They decided, they were close last year, they just need that one piece that would put them over the top. Greg Hardy.

    Turns out they weren’t that one piece away. And now they took the PR hit for nothing. They decided they were willing to take the PR hit because when they win games people with let it go. Hahahahaha

  2. Jerry is the number one problem. Until that changes, not much else will change. He is the new Al Davis. Look at how long it is taking Oakland to recover from the years of Al Davis’ mistakes. Dallas will be the same way. After Jerry is finally gone, they can start to do things the right way.

  3. Jerry was in shock after realizing Brandon Weeden really can throw the prettiest pass you’ve ever seen…as a Houston Texan, just not as a Dallas Cowboy.

  4. What the heck are they “worried” about? Their season is over.

    THAT’S the problem in Dallas – they’re stupid.

  5. That’s a good thing. Maybe Jerry is one step closer to accepting the fact that the Cowboys need a General Manager who can manage and a coach who can coach.

  6. Jerry needs to fix the defense. With a Romo return and hopefully a better back up the Cowboys can make the playoffs in 2106. Remember
    the other Division teams have lots of problems too.
    If you look at what the Cowboys have done on defense the last couple of years it is a tale of confusion and indecision. They hired Rob
    Ryan for his high- pressure blitzing defense ( a 3-4 ) only to hire
    and older coach who brought the 4-3 to Dallas. Now ewe have a vanilla
    4-3 that plays in a bend and eventually break fashion. Opposing QB’s
    sit in the pocket on 3rd and 14 and patiently wait for their receiver to
    get open. No wonder the Cowboys have no turnovers.
    Perhaps we are waiting on our young D- line to develop. Lawrence
    showed flashes. We don’t know whether Gregory is the real deal.
    Unfortunately Tyrone Crawford was injured early this year. He has
    been much better when not hurt. Hardy was a disaster. They need to move on.
    Bottom line when you can’t stop the run, you let teams into 2nd and short. Just like the Dallas offense last year with Romo and Murray, 2nd and 3 gives you lots of option. We need to build a defense.

  7. Which Washington is Dallas playing this weekend? I can’t tell by this article.

    As a Cowboys fan, I am still hoping they lose against the Redskins. Jerry needs to take his medicine as he learns once and for all he has no ability to be a general manager and his fans are getting tired of this stuff. Glad to see he kept his trap shut for a change.

  8. garrett has got to go…he has lost this team and his a horrible leader, motivator, talent evaluator as the only reason they went 12-4 last year was on talent. He actually has screwed a number of games up too with his horrible game management. Take linehan with you as well as he sucks big time as well. We get a Jimmy JOhnson type coach back leading this team we go to many SB’s over the next couple of years. Our problems plain and simple are coaching….Look at other teams who lost their QB…they are winning because of strong coaching.

  9. It’s a mark of just how delusional Jerry and Son are that this game is seen as being worthy of extra concern. Somebody named Kellen Moore was QB and went 13 for 31 with an interception yet somehow they still were tied 6-6 at halftime on the road. 16 points isn’t a bad defensive effort and the Bills had neither a 100-yard rusher or receiver. What exactly was the expectation from Jerry and Son for this game? Moore throwing 5 TDs in his first-ever start?

  10. Jerry has a nose for making money (that’s how he became an NFL owner). It could be that he’s decided not to talk because someone finally told him that every time he opens his mouth it always draws laughter – so that now he’ll be reserving his speeches for the stand-up comedy routines with paid admittance.

  11. This season is just full of frustrations. Every game someone new gets hurt. Every game we loose in the final minute. Every game we loose by a td or less. This season sucks. I do feel if Romo did not get hurt this team wins this divison hands down. But I also feel that somehow a back up qb needs to win in Dallas. It’s not like it’s just this season. Back up QBs don’t win in Dallas. It’s not like we have had terrible back ups. Brad Johnson, Jon Kitna, Matt Cassel is the Deffination of a backup qb. He sucked so bad that it makes people go how the hell did he ever play. Brandon weeden is absolutely trash in Dallas then goes to Houston and wins and does stuff he didn’t in dallas. It’s not that the texans offense is better. It’s the fact of he is actually trying now. Is dallas he held on to the ball to long took too many sacks when he should of town it away and never
    took shots down field. Weeden then goes on to say the coaching said to check it down every time. That one is hard to believe. Scott linahan likes to air it out. Always have and always will. The thing is its not like we’re getting destroyed out there. It’s all very fixable things.

  12. Listening to the media for the past 8-9 weeks it seemed as if the Cowboys, no matter how bad they were, could get on a run and get Romo back in there that they would be primed for a deep playoff push. Even after Romo broke his collar bone the second time this absurd idea was still being floated. It seems as if with one game to go that it has finally sunk in that this was a less than ordinary team, and a downright putrid one without Romo.

  13. Of course, the Jerry doesn’t want to talk to the media now. He alone is responsible for this mess. The coaches, the players, the salary cap, the not making the playoffs 15 of the last 20 years, and only to get knocked out of the first round the five times they do. They have had occasional wild card wins, including one bye, but the Cowboys have not advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs since 1995. And only one person is to blame for it, Jerry Jones. For his son to come out and talk about the next game at this point is pathetic.
    Think about it, 20 years. Jerry Jones has as many losing seasons as Tom Landry the legendary coach he fired, had winning seasons. At least Landry kept the Cowboys competitive, with more playoff victories than any other coach (other than Belichick until now), and Johnson kept them champions, but the Jones have relegated Dallas to irrelevancy. Of course, he doesn’t want to talk about it. He would have to admit he’s a failure.

  14. That’s fair. Would Jones instead like to talk about the prettiest passes he’s ever seen thrown by the current Texans QB during their last two wins? No?

  15. Jerruh only hires puppet coaches – that’s the real problem with the Cowboys. He wants the team to succeed because of him, not because of his coach.

    Until the Cowboys hire a real GM to run the team, they are doomed to failure. JJ fancies himself a “football man”, but the results show otherwise.

  16. Jason Garrett still thinks the team is “doing some good things’ in these games.

    All he does is clap on the sideline and use that one liner after every game. No discipline and a push over HC.

    JJ is the worst owner in sports, bar none.

  17. Boys before Romo injured = 2-0.
    Afterwards = 2-11 (inc 1 win & 1 loss with a wounded Romo).

    Romo should be MVP! – he showed his value whilst out. But it also shows lack of squad depth, coaching, backbone & management.

  18. The mistaken assumptions by a lot of Cowboys hating fools aside, another “effect” of a season that has put Garrett’s failure under the spot light has been to reduce what was once the most accurate and OBJECTIVE Cowboys site to be found into the home of the Jason Garrett fan club, whose state of denial is such that calling them out for their REFUSAL to see the truth is now perceived to be an insult. (It got me banned!)BTB I mourn for the loss OF that objectivity.

  19. Winning the last game of the season would be the dumbest thing Dallas have done all year. SO clearly they will, and move from 4th to 8th in the draft order for no reason whatsoever.

  20. With a Romo return and hopefully a better back up the Cowboys can make the playoffs in 2106.

    Freudian slip, there…

  21. As fellow Texan Dr. Phil would ask, “What’s the common denominator in all of Dallas’ problems?”

    Answer: Jerry Jones.

  22. I agree with other posters that Garrett is not an NFL head coach BUT, no qualified person is going to take the job in Dallas just to become Jerrah’s puppet and male gigolo. The boys won under Jimmy Johnson because Johnson had full control with no interference from Jerrah. Jerrah got no credit for those 2 SB wins and thus his insistence on being owner/gm/ head coach/team doctor etc. etc. If Jerrah were to fire Garrett, who would he get?? I would love to see him hire Wrecks Ryan, what a marriage that would be, LOL

  23. thejuddstir says:
    Dec 28, 2015 11:33 AM

    If Jerrah were to fire Garrett, who would he get??


    Jerry could always bring back Dave Campo.

  24. Jerry was thinking on which bank to put all the Cowboy’s fans money that they keep shoving at him LOL. He’s the best carnival hawker in the world!

  25. Terrible GM compound by a really nice guy that was never a good Offensive Coordinator, only to be promoted to puppet Head Coach at which he is in way over is head. Garrett is a terrible game manager who will never be a head coach after he’s done here, I would question if he would be considered as an assistant coach outside of Dallas.

  26. Good.

    Maybe he’ll actually realize that he needs to just sign the checks and worry about the business aspect of the team, which he’s good at.

    Buuutt his massive ego will not let it be so.

  27. Cowboys will never enjoy success. The part that has never been fixed is the owner trying to manage the team. Everyone on EARTH knows this but him.

  28. Win Lose or Tie I am a Cowboy fan till the day I die!! But I now refuse to buy another cowboy item until Jerry backs off!! I refuse to give him my money anymore. I am so pissed off that this man cannot see or ADMIT how much damage he has done to the boyz. I just pray that I will get to see the boys in another super bowl with my grand kids before I die. Go Cowboys!!!!

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