Julio Jones has an outside shot at NFL records for catches and yards


With a big game on Sunday, Atlanta’s Julio Jones could put the finishing touches on the greatest statistical season for a wide receiver in NFL history.

Jones currently leads the league in catches with 127 and yards with 1,722. The NFL record for catches is 143, set by Marvin Harrison in 2002, and the NFL record for receiving yards is 1,964, set by Calvin Johnson in 2012.

So if Jones has 17 catches for 243 yards on Sunday, he’ll break both NFL records. That, of course, is a tall order. Jones’s career high for catches in a game is 13, and his career high in yards is 259.

But if there’s a game Jones could do it in, it’s Sunday against the Saints. The Falcons are eliminated from playoff contention, so there’s no reason they can’t make an extra effort to throw it to Jones even when he’s double covered, and the Saints have the worst pass defense in NFL history. If Jones doesn’t break the records on Sunday, he should at least move into second place in NFL history in both categories: He’s just two catches and 126 yards out of second place in both categories.

Jones and Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, who’s second in the NFL with 123 catches for 1,647 yards, are having two of the best seasons any NFL receiver has ever had. And they’ve still got another week to go.

15 responses to “Julio Jones has an outside shot at NFL records for catches and yards

  1. It’s not as unrealistic as it sounds, Dan Quinn is a players coach, and if there’s one thing Kyle Shanahan knows how to do it’s design plays where only one receiver has a chance to get open. Also, the Saints have Brandon Browner.

  2. Imagine what Antonio Brown would have done if he didn’t have to try to catch passes from Michael Vick and Landry Jones.

    Also, imagine what Keenan Allen would have done with a full season. He was pacing to obliterate the receptions record.

  3. Watching these guys play is something special. In the rare case they aren’t able to get open, they still find a way to come down with the ball. These guys have the skill without the headache of other diva wideouts. It must-have been hard as a Steelers fan to see Antonio brown wide open all the time but vick /landry couldn’t get him the ball. He is very well capable of breaking both records – IF- Big Ben can stay healthy the whole season.

  4. Pretty sure Delvin Breaux shut him down last time they played.

    However since Dennis Allen has taken over, Breaux has stayed on the left side and Browner on the right. If Julio is matched up against Browner, I see no reason for Julio to double is season totals for catches and yards.

    Browner is THAT bad.

  5. Taints fans keep saying “Delvin Breaux” like he’s a household name outside the 504. Props to him scrapping his way out of arena league and CFL but he’s not quite Revis yet.

  6. After embarrassing Norman, he gets his reward by having Browner pretend to cover him. If Julio got to include all the yards he’ll earn from the OPI penalties, he’d crush the record.

  7. Sigh… I wish Brady has a Julio Jones or an Antonio Brown. These guys are truly great receivers.

  8. If Josh “Jessica” Norman Covered (😂) Julio Again This Week. The Record Would B Smashed. Watching Julio Jones Highlights, Saw A Lot Of The Back Of Normans Jersey … Luke Kuechly Was Closer Than Norman On That TD Catch. Looked Like Norman Was Picking Up His Own Jock Strap On That Play 😂😂😂

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