Saints’ defense sets new record for futility with 43 passing TDs

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The Saints are proving themselves to be the worst pass defense in NFL history.

On Sunday, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles threw four touchdown passes in New Orleans, which means the Saints have now allowed 43 passing touchdowns this season. That breaks the longstanding NFL record of 40, set by the Broncos in 1963.

The Saints are also poised to break the all-time record for passer rating allowed: Through 15 games, the Saints’ defense has given up a cumulative passer rating of 117.1. The record for passer rating futility was set by the 0-16 Lions in 2008, when they allowed a cumulative passer rating of 110.9.

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was fired during the season for the Saints’ defensive futility, but not much has changed since Ryan was canned. The Saints appear to have a problem with personnel as much as with coaching, and that’s a problem that can’t be fixed until the offseason.

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  1. It’s amazing how many Saints diehards totally ignore that Loomis is responsible for personnel and that Payton was the one who hired (and stuck with) Rob Ryan. On any other team in the league the fanbase would be coming down hard on these guys but in NOLA it gets treated like these were inherited problems rather than stuff Loomis and Payton caused.

  2. Well, tt was a shorter season back then, and teams were still disposed to run. At least the record is where it belongs – in the Goodell era.

  3. 1. A new defensive coordinator would give the Saints 4 more wins. Ok, I lied. Try drafting good defensive players.

    2. Poorly managed salary cap for years.

    3. Why is Loomis still the GM? He’d be fired anywhere else, including Cleveland.

  4. It’s definitely a personnel thing. His name is Brandon Browner.

    Delvin Breaux next to Keenan Lewis would be awesome. Replace either of those with Brandon Browner and all you have to do is throw in his direction. Instant garbage defense.

  5. Brees just had to squeeze every last penny from the team, didn’t he? I despise the Pats, but I give Brady credit for restructuring and taking less than he could have for the team’s benefit.

    The Saints roster is (and will
    continue to be) a mess.

    Thank goodness I’m a Dolphins fan. :|.

  6. How can a Dolpins fan call the Saints’ roster a mess? Don’t you have enough problems including your mess at QB to worry about?

  7. Defense –

    The Good:
    * Defense was extremely young this year (4-5 first time starters) so this was a good learning experience
    * K Lewis should be back healthy next year so Browner wont be starting
    * Statistically can’t get any worse than 2105 so only place to go is up
    * Top 10 draft pick

    The Bad:
    * Browner
    * Alarming trend over last few years of key players getting hurt ALOT! Speaks to poor strength and conditioning
    * Byrd looks to be a bust!
    * Browner

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