Tomsula says he will coach until he’s told not to


Various coaching jobs will open soon. No one knows whether Jim Tomsula, coach of the 4-11 49ers, will be one of them.

Including Tomsula.

“I’m going to coach until somebody tells me I’m not,” Tomsula told reporters on Monday.

Tomsula added that no one has told him he won’t be coaching. Has anyone told him that he will be?

“No,” Tomsula said. “I see people every day and we talk about, the biggest thing that I get asked is can we help? Is there anything we can do for you? Do you need anything? That’s what I get asked constantly. And quite frankly, from that end of it, they couldn’t give us any more than they’re giving us.”

Regardless, the 49ers need more. And if the front office is giving everything it can, maybe the answer is to tell Tomsula he’s not going to coach.

It will be a surprise if it happens. Tomsula was the antidote to Jim Harbaugh, the hand-picked successor for the moment they threw one of the team’s most successful coaches since Bill Walsh overboard. It will look horrible for the organization if they get rid of Tomsula after only one year.

The 49ers can’t claim that they accidentally fell in love with Tomsula during an uncanny string of interviews. They knew him. He worked for them. For eight years.

They’re getting what they wanted, and if they admit it’s not working, they’ll be admitting that they had no idea that what they wanted wouldn’t work.

35 responses to “Tomsula says he will coach until he’s told not to

  1. Yeah, this was a dumpster fire of a decision. This season really isn’t Jim’s fault though. The guy was put in over his head. Look at all of their arrests and retirements. Trent Baalke and Jed York hasve a terrible enviroment going in the Bay. Jed isn’t going anywhere but Baalke should be the first one fired. Bring in a new GM and let him start this over. Trent Baalke and Jed York have ruined a good situation for the 49ers.

  2. Maybe the next coach the 49ers hire shouldn’t exhibit signs of early onset Alzheimer’s like this one. Just a thought. I’m not a niners fan so keep him. He’s humorous to watch

  3. Said it since the beginning, the coaching gig was, pure and simple, his reward for being the rat for Baalke and York on what Harbaugh was doing in the locker room.

    Those guys collected enough intel to from Tomsula that they could use against Harbaugh to push him out the door. Also, this season exposed those players who Harbaugh got the most out of and were his guys. Look at how the defence crumbled and the guys who moved in. Gore gone. Crabtree gone. Kaepernick will be gone. Give Tomasula a courtesy job for a year, but now can start over with a guy that Baalke and York don’t want and didn’t want in Kaepernick, but Harbaugh got so much out of him, they couldn’t not sign him.

  4. The three person Jib Jab cartoons were all based on Jed, Trent and Tomsula. How could anyone break up such a dynamic clown posse trio?

  5. Finally an easy decision for Jed York. The guy that hired Tomsula is the same guy that’s responsible for picking the players. So whether the losing is due to the players or the coaches, Jed’s job is easy. So now is the moment of truth. Does Jed actually care about winning? Your move Jed.

  6. Tomsula took over a team that had lost something like 5 of it’s final 6 games in 2014, with only a season finale sqweeker over Arizona who was resting for the playoffs. THEN they lost three or four star starters before the 2015 season got underway. THEN they lost most of the remainder to injuries.

    Harbaugh couldn’t win with twice the talent at the end of 2014 as Tomsula had this past season.

  7. Every other exec, expert, assistant coach, GM would’ve told him not to. Jed York is the only person on this planet who thought Jimmy T is head coach material.

    The Niners pulled the biggest and most blatant scam in NFL history. Pretend you care about winning until you secured your stadium, Super Bowl 50 and $100M net profit from PSLs for a lifetime.

    We Faithful have been duped.

  8. Im getting tired of hearing talk of firing first year head coaches when they have a losing season. Give these guys some time to implement their style and expectations, and if after the second year there is no improvement then talk about firing the coach

  9. When the Rams finish off the 49ers Sunday, the 49ers will finish off Tomsula. He shouldn’t have been offered the job to begin with. He’s not the long term answer in San Francisco. You don’t fire a coach who’s winning in consecutive seasons. Reminds me of the firing of Marty in San Diego. Where did that leave the Chargers? Norv Turner, Mike McCoy and moving to Los Angeles.

  10. As long as the forty niner “faithful” keeps coming to the games and filling seats, NOTHING is going to change., why should it? Bottom line is people are in business to make money and in this case of Jed York running this football team is just business and not a sport with a dynamite past, he doesn’t care about that evidently. Do the math, fire a HC that brought you to the SB and keep a losing 4-11 HC? Keep showing up at the games and sit there hoping things will soon change, not likely and it’s all your fault need to take one for the team and stop going to home games.

  11. This is the quality coach that would make an excellent head coach for the Dallas Rump Riders. Jerruh would never have to feel he is being one-upped by the former janitor and at least he knows who could be qualified to polish Jerruh’s knob and other fixtures around the Dome of Death and Faux Museum of ARt.

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