Marynowitz out, Donahoe in for Eagles

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When Chip Kelly tried in intelligence-insulting fashion on Monday to claim he wasn’t running the football operation in Philadelphia, he clumsily tried to claim that V.P. of player personnel Ed Marynowitz was. And Kelly may have succeeded in putting Marynowitz in the crosshairs.

Marynowitz also has been released by the Eagles. It’s not a surprising move; he was Kelly’s hand-picked lieutenant after Kelly won a power struggle last year with G.M. Howie Roseman, who is now the executive V.P. of football operations.

Former Steelers and Bills executive Tom Donahoe (pictured), a Senior Football Advisor since 2012, will assume the role of Senior Director of Player Personnel. But since the Rooney Rule requires a full-blown search process that requires the interview of at least one minority candidate, it’s likely that more work will be done to hire someone who will take over as the new G.M. of the team, either in title or in function.

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  1. The Eagles had to learn the hard way , This guy was never cut out to be a NFL head coach, You can’t come into the PROS and treat grown men like college kids.And when it comes to personnel thinks you DON’T need ELITE talent to win games, Your SYSTEM is the be all that could win games with anybody ( talk about delusional).

    The only spot I see him working out in the NFL is as a COORDINATOR and just leave him there with no other IDEAS,Other than that College is where he needs to be.

  2. So let me get this straight: getting rid of your good players and replacing them with lousy ones is not a blueprint for success?

  3. Can we just be done with the Rooney Rule already? Thete are plenty of good black, white and Hispanic coaches and a whole lot of all of them who suck too. Interview and hire on merit and fit, period.

  4. Wait for it. Because of yet another new Head Coach, Eagle Nation will spend all off season spouting claims of dynasty. As usual, Eagles all mouth no fist.

  5. …” You can’t come into the PROS and treat grown men like college kids.”

    Yes, you can… Just ask the Pete Carroll led Seattle Seahawks if they respect or resent Pete’s “college” methods.

    I think it has a lot more to do with the GM and the specific personnel and motivation. And remember that the Seahawks traded/cut all their vets when Pete came in to. Hass, Lofa, and many others went good-by, just like the Eagles.

  6. Careful guys; in today’s world if you bad-mouth the Rooney Rule you might be considered a racist.

  7. Yes, you can… Just ask the Pete Carroll led Seattle Seahawks if they respect or resent Pete’s “college” methods.
    jshawaii22 says

    Bruh do i have to spell it out for you, WE talking RESPECT in the way you communicate with individuals or lack thereof as we learn took place in Eagle land ,To compare him with a Pete Carroll is INSANE , Pete actually RESPECTS his players. It was chip way or the highway.
    In college with kids you can get away with that, not in the PROS where these guys are men making MILLIONS.And they could get together like Murray did in going to management.


  8. When will they stop the “designated negro” nonsense and drop the Rooney rule that mocks minority hiring? Another failed liberal policy that makes a joke of the chump who thinks he’s actually got a chance at the job?

  9. Donahoe? The Eagles want to hire Donahoe? And put him in charge of a football roster?

    Whelp, see you in a decade Eagles. The Bills are still recovering from his tenure 10 years later. Donahoe was so bad at being a team president an 88 year old retiree took over for him and did a better job.

    I dont know if you could possibly make a worse choice for the job. Maybe Trump? At least Trump is confident

  10. Which is worse, the Rooney Rule or Jeff Fisher still having a job after 6 winning seasons out of 21? As long as there are Jeff Fisher’s, there will be Rooney Rules.

  11. Chip Kelly just couldn’t help himself. Most head coaches have the last
    say on the draft picks… why insist on full control. Head coaching is
    a difficult, time consuming job….why add a more?
    Tom Donahoe is a first rate personal guy. He got a bad deal in Pitttsburgh when he lost the power struggle with Cowher. Cowher wasnt exactly focused for a few years after his first Super Bowl trip.

  12. I get it… They had a bad year. Chip was unwilling to change the scheme to fit his players. i still think the firing was premature. You can’t expect a team with that many new starters and that many dudes fresh off of serious injuries, to win a lot of games. Honestly, Chip let go of some talent, he tried to keep Maclin, he tried to keep Mathis… Jackson has been “decent” in Washington. Mccoy has a a few nice games in buffalo, but nothing crazy. Herrimans is somewhere coaching a junior high girls volly ball team. Murray didn’t do anything for us. Athough, I’m certain the Cowboys would have been a different team this year if they had him blocking, catching and running in the back field. I’d rather the skins take the division than Dallas… It’s really disappointing to watch your favorite team blow it decade after decade.

  13. Speaking of Donahoe and guys who are done…when it comes to the HC position, what’s Ray Rhodes doing these days?

  14. Hello, buffalo?
    This is Philly, so um, we were just kidding about that trade. Can we pretend that never happened. I mean, that guy doesn’t work here anymore.

  15. Nothing wrong with the Rooney Rule. All it requires is that you interview at least one minority. Of all the stupid liberal rules, this one makes the most sense.

  16. jshawaii22 says:
    Dec 29, 2015 8:20 PM
    …” You can’t come into the PROS and treat grown men like college kids.”

    Yes, you can… Just ask the Pete Carroll led Seattle Seahawks if they respect or resent Pete’s “college” methods.


    Pete Carroll spent 15 years coaching in the NFL before ever becoming a college coach in case you didn’t know that.

    Just because his last stop was in college don’t think he didn’t have a wealth of experience in coaching in the NFL to help him with the transition back into the NFL. He knew better how to relate to the players and the demands of his position.

    Chip had zero experience in the NFL.

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