Oakland won’t submit financing proposal to league by deadline

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The NFL established a Wednesday deadline for St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego to submit financing plans for new buildings to keep their teams which want to move.

At least one of them isn’t going to bother.

According to Rachel Swan of the San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland officials said they won’t submit a financing plan to the league, but will send a letter to the league updating them on their efforts.

At a time when owners are trying to decide how to divide up the Los Angeles pie, it looks like Oakland’s not going to throw a last-second money Hail Mary to the league.

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf has insisted that no taxpayer money would go to a new football stadium, since they’re still paying for the 1996 renovations to one of the NFL’s worst buildings. But Raiders owner Mark Davis said he’s trying to revive a previous offer of 169 acres of land at the Coliseum site, which was made by previous mayor Jean Quan.

“In 2013, the city and county made a presentation that would give us the land,” Davis said, adding the 169 acres “is the starting point for us, absolutely.”

Of course, Davis is still talking to Oakland because it’s unclear if owners are going to let him move to Carson with the Chargers, or whether the Rams will take their show to Inglewood.

But it’s interesting that Oakland isn’t blinking in the face of the NFL’s attempt to see how much money they can shake of a city which apparently isn’t moved by their deadline.

25 responses to “Oakland won’t submit financing proposal to league by deadline

  1. That’s because the backroom deal is in place. Look for Kroenke to move to LA with the Rams, Spanos is off to STL.
    , while Davis gets all the financing in Oakland. MLB did thid with the Expos-Marlins-Sox and Nationals.

  2. The NFL has billions. Cities would be better off subsidizing their public schools, infrastructure or almost anything else than a stadium for an NFL team. If I was a resident of any of the places looking to throw public dollars at this very, very profitable business that has an economic impact of a medium sized grocery store on their local communities I would not see that as a good use of taxpayer revenue. If the NFL wants to open a franchise in LA then the franchisee should fund their plant and equipment. Cities that throw money at pro sports teams are out of their minds.

  3. No city should be giving these scumbag billionaires a single stinking dime.

    The owners and league should be paying for their own buildings.

  4. …actually this is a great sign for the Raiders…slow down and see what ans IF the Oaklans officals can reallt do……..if it doesnt work out Davis has a ace up his sleeve…..San Antonio. Thats a strong possiblity…..a better relocation and fit than the LA market….why do think the Texans Owner is pushing sooo hard for the Raiders to share a stadium with the Chargers?

  5. Newsflash – its not some unshakeable will in the face of the NFL that is causing Oakland to miss the deadline. It’s Oakland being a financial mess and not having anyway of presenting a plan that would make any sense.

  6. No one needs a new stadium it’s 10-13 games a year. The NFL is FOS. No tax payer money to billionaires.

  7. If anything the Chargers should move to San Antonio not the raiders. The raiders have the California fan base, Chargers don’t. No one would want to put a team in St. Louis. Very blue collar town with little corporate presence, declining population and its ruled by the cardinals. Not to mention it’s about to lose its second team in 30 years

  8. The former mayor offers land that the citizens own, such a deal! Years ago the governor of Massachusetts offered Bob Kraft land the state didn’t own, but had through a long term lease from private owners. Mark Davis is out of his environment when dealing with men who have real jobs.

  9. you mean it’s unclear if the raiders are going to allow any other owner to move to LA with their approval. Say what you want, but the Raiders will state exactly what Paul Tagliabue stated while on the stand in a court of law. “The Raiders have paid for the rights to LA.”

    Hey Stan, give Mark Davis and the raiders a billion dollars to build a new stadium in Oakland, and he will give you the rights to LA. IT’s a win/ win or see you in court, where the price goes to three billion. After all the clippers and dodgers each paid two billion for sports team in leagues of lesser value.

  10. People saying that Oakland is broke or a dump need a reality check. I’m not sure how many of you have ever even BEEN to Oakland, or if you have, outside of the Coliseum industrial area, but Oakland is BOOMING right now. If someone were to blindfold you and take you to Uptown, Downtown, Rockridge, Temescal, Montclair or anywhere around Lake Merritt and took the blindfold off, you’d be wondering what gem of a world class city you’re wandering around in. Oakland has the 4th most expensive rental market in the country and property values are sky high. The reason we’re not caving in to the Raiders is because we finally have a mayor who is a capable steward of the city. I am a diehard Raider fan but I applaud Libby Schaaf for not giving in to the strong arming tactics of Mark Davis and the NFL. If they don’t realize that they belong in Oakland then get out and hope you enjoy those half empty crowds in LA.

  11. So when is it time to give back to this dedicated fan base of one of the most storied franchises ever to exist in the league!!!! And whats Oakland city financial structure really going to look like once this team leaves really???? This is peoples lives and a citys financial structure cause its either the Raiders or nothing but Weed for Oaklands economy……

  12. Its a proven fact there isnt a more loyal fan base for the Raiders than right here at home and Davis come on man we would really run the bay as the rainbow now lands in santa clara lol

  13. And any of u who feel differently must have not ever been to an Oakland Raiders Game been in the house since 95season and was there to the bitter end if they leave but im telling u that vibe on Christmas eve wasnt the same kinda vibe of a team saying good bye

  14. Son-of-Al should sell a portion of the Raiders to someone who would have the resources to commit funds to a new stadium in Oakland. I would shed no tears if Son-of-Al sold his share of the Raiders completely but if he wants to remain as controlling owner then he could put in a clause that ensures that this continues (so that the new partner wouldn’t take over control in a coup the way that Al Davis did to Wayne Valley).

    If Son-of-Al doesn’t want to sell a piece of the team then he should either hold his nose and share Levis Stadium with the 49ers or move to San Antonio (where there is a built stadium and where Texans are passionate about football) or Portland.

    But if Son-of-Al repeats his father’s mistake of moving to Los Angeles with the expectation of something good then that would be insanity (according to Einstein’s definition). Fortunately, I think/hope that Kroenke is powerful enough to be able to prevent that.

  15. kind of sad that cities give BILLIONAIRES more BILLIONS to build stadiums but there are millions of poor people with no place to live. how many houses could be built with $800 million – $1 billion dollars?? 10,000+. glad our priorities are in the right place.

  16. Is there a reason NOBODY has heard from ANY people FROM Los Angeles screaming for a team to move there?
    Maybe there is a lesson there – ala LAKERS?

  17. jddre says:
    Dec 29, 2015 5:02 PM
    Is there a reason NOBODY has heard from ANY people FROM Los Angeles screaming for a team to move there?
    Maybe there is a lesson there – ala LAKERS?

    UGH!!! Really? The reason you don’t see any Angelenos screaming for a team is because we’ve been jerked around by the NFL for more than 20 years since our teams were ripped from us. Do none of you think about that? We’ve heard we’re getting a team back every year since the NFL left. Would you be screaming for a team and getting your hopes up? No, you wouldn’t… you would wait until you actually saw moving trucks pull up to a stadium and begin to unpack before you started to get excited. Nobody here is going to show any support or emotion until we know it’s real this time. Simple as that.

  18. That Libby Schaaf she’s such a maverick, she won’t be bullied by the NFL and these Billionaires, she’s looking out for you and your tax dollars!
    She’s got a good PR team, I’ll give her that.
    The A’s have been a little too quiet during all of this.
    I also don’t believe it was coincidence or convenient that Libby met with MLB after her NY NFL presentation.
    I believe there is a deal with the A’s already and she needs the Raiders gone, but doesn’t want to be seen as getting rid of the Raiders.
    That is the only explanation I see for her actions and repeated party line of “no public money” but not actually making a plan without, but saying that it can be done. It also explains that whole Kephart fiasco, which started before her term, but was renewed on her watch, even though they knew the result would not be satisfactory for the City or the Raiders. It even had Floyd feeling used and confused.

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