Ravens place Marlon Brown on injured reserve

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Heading into the 2015 season, the Ravens planned for Steve Smith, Breshad Perriman and Marlon Brown to play roles in their receiving corps.

Like most of their plans this season, that one wound up not coming to fruition. Perriman never played a down because of a knee injury, Smith played in just seven games before tearing his Achilles and now Brown is joining them on injured reserve. Cornerback Sheldon Price has been added to the 53-man roster in a corresponding move.

Brown has a back injury and has not played in the last five games. In the 10 games he did play, Brown wasn’t particularly productive. He caught 14 passes for 112 yards, the second straight year he’s seen his totals go down from the 49 catches and 524 yards he had as a rookie in 2013.

There’s a chance Smith could reverse course on his plans to retire and Perriman should return next year, but the Ravens will likely be in the market for more help at the position on top of that.

The Ravens also placed wide receiver Michael Campanaro on injured reserve this year and now have 20 players on I.R. in total. While the numbers match up, that’s not the way they wanted to celebrate 20 years in Baltimore.

12 responses to “Ravens place Marlon Brown on injured reserve

  1. What happened to this cat? Didnt he have 7 TD’s as an undrafted rookie? How does his production go down so much, even with more snaps? Is it Marlon being a simp, or is the play calling suspect? I like the offense under tresman, but the offense in baltimore is always vanilla.

  2. Failed to mention his EIGHT touchdowns as a rookie in not even a full season.

    He got in Harbaugh’s “doghouse” his second season(unfairly… Like most that harbagh exiles for no season). He wasn’t in the plans this year.if harbaugh doesn’t like you, you don’t play. It’s why there was a mutiny with veterans because they knew others should be seeing the field.

    This guy and Flacco can’t be gone soon enough.

  3. It was 7 TDs and each season thereafter his production has dropped by about 1/2 of the previous year’s production.
    He’s a RFA next year but I wonder if they’ll even tender him.

  4. 20 players on IR. I wonder what the record is for most players placed on IR by a team in one year. 20 has got to be close to the most.

  5. Big Steeler fan here. The Ravens unfortunately own the black and Gold since Tomlin has been at the helm. The Ravens are now the best organization in the AFC North!
    Ravens will be back on top next year after all of the injuries plus Perriman and a high draft stud.

  6. Marlon Brown, we barely knew you before you plummeted to obscurity. Don’t know what happened to the guy after his rookie season but he just couldn’t put it together. He dropped as many passes as he caught this year. Even assuming Steve Smith retires, I don’t see a place for Marlon on the Ravens going forward. They’ve been getting better production from Chris Givens and undrafted guys like Chris Matthews, Jeremy Butler, and Daniel Brown. I would imagine the Ravens will keep most of those guys in the training camp mix for next year and adding a (hopefully) healthy Perriman and Campanaro to the mix along with Aiken returning (who has proven to be mostly reliable) doesn’t leave much room, especially if Smitty does go one more season.

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