Redskins promote CB Harris, cut TE Hamm

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The Redskins promoted cornerback Jeremy Harris from their practice squad Thursday and waived tight end Je’Ron Hamm.

The Redskins are the fourth team of 2015 for Harris, a seventh-round pick of the Jaguars in 2013. He’s also spent time this season with the Jaguars, Chiefs and Jets. He played in six games for the Jaguars last season.

Hamm made his NFL debut earlier this month. He was promoted from the practice squad in November. A wide receiver at Louisiana-Monroe, he broke into the NFL as an undrafted rookie with the Saints in 2014 before joining the Redskins’ practice squad.

10 responses to “Redskins promote CB Harris, cut TE Hamm

  1. Gotta give credit to Washington, they showed a lot of grit this year.
    But as a Vikings fan, I’d love to see my team knock you out of the Playoffs… Like you did us years ago. lol
    It seems NFL teams surge and decline at the same time, with the Vikings it is Washington and Dallas usually. But like the Packers, without their starting QB Dallas is NOTHING. Washington did it as a team not just a QB and the rest… Congrats…

  2. To those apologists for the Washingtons moniker, it may be that, once upon a time, the nickname was not offensive. However, times have changed and people who were once marginalized now have a voice. Lobbyists and social media had an impact upon that outcome. As long as the team is referred to with a label that is offensive to some, you can expect to see others respond to that perception by choosing an alternate term for the franchise. Also, as long as you continue to stir the pot with your posts, you can expect this controversy to persist. Meanwhile, with changing times, other teams have made adjustments. What does it say about Washington that they have not adapted to the changing landscape?

  3. So, Bruce, if some tiny minority decided that “Bruce” was offensive to them, despite a long tradition of “Bruce” being a term of respect and honor, you would have no problem being ostracized and forced (at your own considerable expense) to change your name to “Wendy”?

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