Report: Kelly balked when Lurie asked him to give up personnel

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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie recognized that Chip Kelly wasn’t getting the job done as a personnel man, and tried to fix that problem. But Kelly resisted.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reports that Lurie has been considering changes to the structure of the Eagles franchise for weeks, and one of those changes Lurie considered was keeping Kelly but stripping him of personnel control. But when Lurie proposed that to Kelly during a recent meeting, Kelly balked at the idea.

When Kelly wouldn’t agree to give up personnel and focus only on coaching, that’s when Lurie decided it just wasn’t working with Kelly. According to Paolantonio, Lurie decided to fire Kelly now, rather than waiting until after Week 17, because he figured it would give the Eagles a jump on attracting some of the best candidates to replace him.

So because Kelly wanted to be both the coach and the head of personnel, he’s now neither.

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  1. @joewilliesschnoz

    Todd Haley has done a great job as coordinator, but he kind of fits that toxic coordinator mood, great play caller not fit to be a heard coach. Kind of reminds me of a Josh Mcdaniels or Wade Phillips, most teams would be crazy to not want them as coordinators, but very few would dare as head coaches. We’ll see if Haley has overcome his rep with his time in Pittsburgh, as a what I’d like to call myself an informed steelers fan, I just don’t see that being the case yet. Or maybe I’m just hoping.

  2. It will be Holmgren….. Lurie tried the unproven so now wants a proven winner….. Decision was made when Holmgren announced he wants to coach again

  3. Jeffrey Lurie has owned the Eagles for a long time now and doesn’t have a super bowl trophy. We can laugh at Chip Kelly or Andy Reid all we want, but Lurie’s decisions obviously haven’t led to a championship. I’m not quick to jump up and start cheering this latest decision either. I’m starting to think the man just doesn’t have it. The most stable organizations are the ones that win super bowls, not the teams that make changes just to look busy. They’re not fooling anyone. I take that back. Lurie is fooling some of you.

  4. Next will come the ESPN report : NFL owners fighting and falling all over themselves to hire Chip Kelly !!!!! … ala Doug Marrone last year. Wait for it ……

  5. Same thing happened in Seattle a long time ago actually. Early in his tenure, Mike Holmgren was given complete control of the roster along with being head coach and after a few mediocre seasons and terrible personnel moves, he was almost fired. It was only when he agreed to give up personnel control and focus on coaching did the Seahawks become a good team. Some coaches are just to arrogant to accept the fact that there are others more qualified to be GM.

  6. This is a totally unfair assessment. Lurie gave Chip total control to begin with, so the blame should be on Lurie, not Chip, especially when Lurie turns around and fires him one year after the promotion. So why is Lurie being cast as the good guy for trying to take away control he just gave to Chip last year (which almost never works out well, by the way), and Chip is the bad guy for not eagerly relinquishing control without being given at least a year to fix his mistakes? Ask yourself this question: if you were in Chip’s shoes, would you just give up control to save a job that’s unlikely to last beyond next year without an extension? It’s Lurie, not Chip, that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  7. He was railroaded by the players. Big mistake by the owner to side with the players. Should’ve had Chip’s back. Now they will be in rebuilding mode…. Again!

  8. I want to see how Chip Kelly does with another team.
    Lets see how much of a genius he is with Marcus Mariota and the Titans.

    At least he did major damage to the Eagles and it will take them a couple of years to recover.

  9. Eagles should be fine. Isn’t everyone in this high powered offense replaceable? Just insert another coach in….

  10. So can I now proclaim the Rams as the winners of the weak Foles/Bradford trade?
    Rams gained Nick Foles (who is not an upgrade nor downgrade at QB, although we did screw up with a minor extension before season began), a 2nd round pick in ’16, and rid of the hefty Bradford contract.

    Eagles gained Bradford for a year.

  11. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kelly has the Tennessee job locked up already and thus was happy to force the issue of his firing to collect an extra $13 million.

    If that’s the case it’s wrong to characterize anything Kelly said or did to get fired as anything BUT a pretty savvy move

  12. But, but, but, I thought the Chipster was the smartest guy in the world. A genius, I think they called him.

    Eagles starting over again. Too bad, they have rabid fans.

  13. If Chip had been brought in to run a struggling perennial-basement team, that might have worked. He could start essentially from scratch and there’d be no expectations for 4-5 years. But he took over a playoff-caliber team (Andy’s final season notwithstanding), gutted the playoff-caliber talent, and was too stubborn to update his “system” after the rest of the league figured out how to stop it.

    The fact that his “system” was figured out so quickly by NFL defensive coordinators is what may keep him from an NFL head coaching job in 2016. At this point, I don’t see any team worth their salt even wanting him as an OC… this wasn’t the next great offense a la Bill Walsh’s West Coast scheme that every team had to have.

    Parcells had two rings before he asked to “shop for the groceries”… Kelly had no such resume.

  14. Ha, he didn’t want control of personnel. He’s smart enough to know if he got fired, he gets his entire contract paid out. Then if he is hired as a coach somewhere else, he get the full value of that contract, without any offsets. The guy’s much smarter than you might think after watching him flop this year.

  15. jobo50 says:
    Dec 29, 2015 9:04 PM
    You heard it here first Sean McDermott from the Panthers will be the 2016 Eagles Head Coach


    Probably not… He was on Andy Reid’s staff and things didn’t go so well during his tenure in Philadelphia.

  16. He shouldn’t have been given power over personnel in the first place. He might have made it if he’d just been coaching because his best year was the first one before any of his guys were on board.

    But after that interview the other day where he basically said the team was fine and that next year the same roster would prove he’d been right all along how could they let him keep personnel power?

  17. SlinginSammieB says:
    Dec 30, 2015 12:41 AM
    Mr. Lurie, bring me Josh McDaniels or Matt Patricia.

    No, go get your own. I like them just where they are.

    – A Patriots fan

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