Texans work out Devon Still

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It’s the last Tryout Tuesday of the 2015 regular season, and plenty of non-playoff teams are taking advantage of the opportunity to kick tires on guys who could be signed to futures deals after Week 17. For playoff teams, it’s an opportunity to explore players who could be added to the roster for the postseason run.

For the Texans, who aren’t yet in but likely will be, Tuesday included a look-see at three defensive linemen: Devon Still, Glenn Foster, Josh Watson.

Still continues to get periodic workouts, but he hasn’t been signed since being cut by the Bengals not long before the start of the season.

The Texans have not yet signed any of the folks who worked out today.

4 responses to “Texans work out Devon Still

  1. Jed York talks about win with class, well this guy is the definition of class and our Dline could add him. Our coach was promoted from being a dline coach. Call him up

  2. All the help the browns need on the Dline the should call this guy up. The Browns will continue to stink cause they can’t judge talent at all

  3. Looks like Tarzan … if only he played with the absolute resolute fire & passion of his cousin, the undisputed #1 all time leading scorer & rebounder in University of Kentucky Basketball history … Valerie Still!

    You could trickshot a lot of trivia-meisters with that knowledge … Val played late ‘7os/early ‘8os while her big brother Art Still was there too

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