Titans can now get Chip Kelly without compensation


Of all the various potential hypotheticals regarding the future of Eagles coach Chip Kelly, he never had been asked by the media about becoming the coach of the Tennessee Titans.

Now, Kelly has a clear path to Nashville, if he wants it. And if the Titans want him.

With Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie doing on Tuesday night what many national media members had said Lurie wouldn’t do, Kelly is now a free agent, able to be pursued and hired by the Titans or any other team. And the Titans continue to make the most sense, especially since they don’t have to give up a thing to get him.

With the Titans, Kelly would be reunited with quarterback Marcus Mariota, whom Kelly recruited to Oregon. Last year at this time, Kelly was raving about Mariota, technically in violation of league rules because he hadn’t been certified to enter the draft with remaining eligibility. Kelly then tried to trade up to get Mariota, but the Titans wanted too much.

Now, the Titans can have the coach who runs the system for which Mariota is a perfect fit.

While this year’s struggles could make the Titans leery about Kelly, he gives them something they’ve lacked for years: Relevance. And he could help give them wins.

Consider this — Kelly was viable in Philly despite a revolving door of mediocre quarterbacks, from Mike Vick to Nick Foles to Mark Sanchez to Sam Bradford. Despite not having consistently strong play at the most important position on the field, the Eagles won 10 games in 2013 and 10 more in 2014. With Mariota as the centerpiece of the team, things could turn around quickly under Kelly in Tennessee.

Much will surely come out about why Lurie decided to move on. Maybe Kelly tried to make another power play. Maybe Lurie told Kelly that, if he’s not the G.M., Lurie will hire one. Or maybe Kelly simply wanted out and figured out how to do it without putting the Titans in position to have to compensate the Eagles.

Regardless, if Chuck Pagano is going to be a commodity in the coming coaching carousel, Chip Kelly will be, too.

87 responses to “Titans can now get Chip Kelly without compensation

  1. As an offensive coordinator? Hell yeah!

    As a head coach? Not too sure about that. He has to be better than our last two, but he doesn’t seem to connect well with players. Then again, that was a strength of Whiz, supposedly.

    Whatever it takes, I just want the Titans to be relevant again.

  2. The Eagles can only hope Kelly gets personnel control with an NFL job. Then they can restock their roster by trading Chip “his guys”.

  3. Mariota makes them relevant with or without Kelly. Too early to jump at a Kelly hire. Let the dust settle, take your time Titans, and get it right this time.

  4. I’m sorry Eagles fans, truly a disgrace.

    A team so strong, so much potential, just torn to the ground, and replaced with a straw hutt.

    As a strong franchise will do, they fired this clown and accepted there loss. You’ll be back, stronger than ever.

    -Pats Fan

  5. Why would they want him? He didn’t even last 3 years and he was horrendous as a GM. So what if hes available? Titans could clearly do better.

  6. Tennessee should get Chip and tell him to only coach football and hire a competent GM who will take care of scouting/player personal. Chip will turn the Tennessee very quickly to relevance.

  7. Titans are just stupid enough to do this. If I were a Titans fan, I’d be on the phone to team HQ right NOW demanding that they do NOT hire Kelly. His schtick didn’t fly in Philly, absolutely no reason to believe it would turn out any differently in Nashville, despite presence of Mariota.

  8. As quickly as NFL teams can right the ship, the Eagles may pay for his mistakes for some time. He essentially dismantled a 10 win team for one that looks more like a bottom-feeder. Philly seems further from a SB Title than ever.

  9. bgoochy says:
    Dec 29, 2015 7:37 PM
    The real question is – why would they want to?!

    The one word answer to that one has been speculated on for some time.

    The real question is why would he want to return to the NFL when with significantly less hassle he can have all the control he wants and write his own ticket in a plum college gig.

  10. If Kelly decides not to go back to college I would suggest the following to him: join Belichick’s staff as offensive coordinator once Josh McDaniel get’s a head coaching job.

  11. The Titans can have him. Mariota couldn’t stay healthy this year, wait till he’s running Chips system. He’ll be out of the NFL in 5 years.
    As an Eagles fan, I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!

  12. Ok. I will ask again. Maybe if I ask enough times, someone will answer me.

    Why on earth would anyone think that the Titans have the slightest interest in Chip Kelly? Other than “hypothetical” speculation from the media, is there one shred of an iota of proof that the Titans want him?

    And if there was, why wouldn’t the Eagles hang on to him for a month or so to try and get some compensation for him? Doesn’t the fact that the Eagles made a clean break from him before the season was even over prove that there was nothing in the air concerning any other team’s interest?

    Does common sense even matter anymore?

  13. Mariota is a good prospect, if you put Chip in there it’s a good possibility that Mariota will regress in terms of his ability to work a professional style and if Chip doesn’t pan out Mariota may be completely ruined.

  14. What happened to the ROONEY RULE? I haven’t read a single article in the last three months (about Kelly going to the Titans) that mentioned the Rooney rule.
    As to:
    “theuglitruth says:
    Dec 29, 2015 7:52 PM
    The Titans fans are dumb enough to want this to happen. Football IQ is low in Nashville.”

    I’m not a Nashville resident or a Titans fan but it seems like, using your criteria, IQ in general must be lower than a snake’s belly button wherever you’re from. Putting other people down to make yourself feel better is an unattractive quality. If you insist on saying something that ignorant, how about offering some proof to back up your accusations?

  15. Kelly doesn’t need to run his system. He’s a bright guy that needs to reel it in some and learn from a master.

    Belichick is great at morphing his team into whatever he needs to beat the strengths of the team he is playing on any given day. He also uses players in ways that maximizes their strengths and covers for their weaknesses. Kelly tried to force square pegs into round holes and did not get market value for the assets he have up.

    Not many guys that Bill can learn from but I suspect Kelly is one.

  16. superbowl48champs says:
    Dec 29, 2015 8:02 PM
    Kelly to Dallas along with Johnny Football working with Jerrah. Imagine the possibilities of that Circus!
    As entertaining as that possible dumpster fire would be, Cowboy’s stadium is not big enough for all those gigantic heads and egos

  17. The guy got rid of too many playmakers and foisted his theory of scheme over talent on anyone who would listen. And then he threw his right hand man under the bus.

    What makes you think any team wants a polarizing force like him to lead the program?

  18. When are these crap franchises gonna learn that the reasons why their teams continue to stink year after year after year is because the carousel of coaches allows for no organizational continuity. Tom Brady has played in the same offensive system his whole career, that matters. Its amazing that there were questions about whether Gus Bradley would be retained when any unbiased football fan can see that that is a team on the rise. But the GM was deciding on whether to bring him back or blow it up and make Bortles learn a new system. Thats the NFL today. Bill Obrien was gonna be fired until a few months and now hes headed for playoffs.

  19. Wait for it. Because of yet another new Head Coach, Eagle Nation will spend all off season spouting claims of dynasty. As usual, Eagles all mouth no fist.

  20. Titans fans be very afraid. Despite the lousy record this year Mariota has shown every indication of potentially being a very good traditional NFL QB. The last thing you want is Chip bringing in his God complex and weirdo training methods and gimmick offense that NFL DCs have already solved. Get a proven NFL coach in there but even before that get a legit personnel guy in there as GM.

  21. From a diehard Eagles fan to the Titans:
    Good luck & Good riddance. He destroyed our team. Screw Chip

  22. It takes more than a college coach and a QB to win in the NFL. I’vve always felt bad for Titans fans but certainly won’t any longer if they think Kelly is the answer for their team. Kelly is a gimmick college coach who cannot motivate or rally pro players…….another Saban or Petrino.

  23. superbowl48champs says:
    Dec 29, 2015 8:02 PM
    Kelly to Dallas along with Johnny Football working with Jerrah. Imagine the possibilities of that Circus!

    Football Gods, please make this happen. This would be the most entertaining slow-motion car crash of all time.

  24. I am now so stoked for your immediate future, Mr. Mariota. The best is yet to come. Once the TTs get rid of Sensabaugh (No.#24) and Wreh-Wilson (No.#25), winning games are going to be a lot easier. Now all the TTs need is a stout running back a la Kenjon Barner, LaMichael James, Jonathan “J-Stew” Stewart, Legarrette Blount (all Oregon alumni) and the TTs will be ready to rule the AFC South. YOO-hoo!

  25. People talking like Kelly traded away all the talent without pointing out that he traded away all the trouble makers.

    Reid’s last couple years there were out of his control with Vick’s old posse rolling any way THEY wanted to roll in the locker room.

    Kelly came in and was probably responding to ownership who was looking for a culture change in the locker room. (It was likely something that Reid lamented about on his way out of there.)

    Dirty work. Kelly was doing the dirty work. Just because some of these players are talented does NOT mean that they will contribute in a positive way.

  26. Kelly did not make the Eagles “viable”–that’s nonsense. He made them a bad team, and got fired for it. Also, the college game and the pro game are much different; just because Kelly and Mariota were successful in college doesn’t at all mean they’ll replicate that success in the NFL. Spurrier tried that with Danny Wuerffel when he was with the Redskins. Didn’t work.

  27. If the whole reason he was fired was because he wasn’t willing to give up control, then the Titans would be foolish to get him. Why would you want a guy who you just witnessed dismantle his entire team, illogically, with a horrible season being the result?

  28. So if he wants to be there, and they want him there, then that’s the “clear path”. You might as well have posted an article of “Tennessee, haaaaave you met Chip?”

  29. I think, if he stays in the NFL, one big problem he’ll have is signing free agents and getting people to play for his team. That may change over time, but I think it’s safe to say his GM moves were ‘unique’ and his use of talent unpredictable. His use of Murray, letting talented players leave and trading for rather questionable skill position players has probably left many with concerns. Of course, that changes if they start winning.

    I always remember how hard it was for the Packers to sign free agents, until Mr. White left the Eagles to play up north.

    I don’t know if any teams are willing to wait for that sea change event if Kelly is a marked man in the league right now.

  30. The ghost of Bud Adams has signed Chipper Kelly to a five year contract. No details will be released, nor what position Chipper will fill has been clarified.

  31. As a Titans fan, one cause for concern…

    Remember when all of those Arizona Cardinal fans were warning us about the Whiz? That he was a lousy coach unless his QB was Kurt Warner???

    Seems like the same thing again. I’m tempted but cautious.

  32. the Titans make the most sense to me and honestly, if the Titans hire any coach, he’s the most logical one. he would have “His” QB in place, he could try to trade for a backup (which is what i would do if i were him) QB and then he can find the right running back and then run “His” offense.

  33. Why would the Titans want him? Maybe the Browns they are totally screwed up as an organization but not the Titans. So what if he managed to coach a QB. I’d be very careful of this guy – he has totally decimated the base of what was a good team with a good drafting record.

  34. Mariotta was not utilized correctly this season to be honest. Regardless of the troll comments, the reality is that the combination of the coach who launched this kid and featured his talents collegiately will “Relaunch” him again by implementing his system with the Titans. Look at Manziel who was “also” a QB at University of Oregon. By transferring to Texas A&M the offense was designed to utilize his talents and he TOO won the Heisman. With his skill set Manziel is dying fast (like every other QB that’s been drafted by the Browns) because no coach is “skilled enough” or honest enough to utilize his skill set the correct way. With Chip possibly heading to the Titans they get the HC that designed the system that featured Mariotta. What better coach and system otherwise would fit perfectly for the Titans investment???? Really, WHO?? I mean, the investment was already made in the draft so they need to maximize it and get the most production out of their draft pick right??? OR, do they do what’s behind door # 2? The incompetence of the Cleveland Browns and drive their draft pick into the ground??!!!!!

  35. He got fired from two jobs, coach and gm. They needed to just fire Chip the GM and gave Coach Kelly another year, some one may pick him up as coach or assistant.

  36. Plenty of folks here asking why the Titans would want Kelly, yet that seems more plausible to me than the reverse, that Kelly would want to coach the Titans.

    Despite a losing record so far this season, Kelly has a winning record over the course of his three years in Philadelphia, including two 10-6 seasons to start. Certainly not without controversy, but if winning is truly the ultimate metric of success in the NFL, his stay has been more a success than many others who suffered the same fate.

    As for Kelly wanting to coach the Titans, I’m less convinced. Outside of Mariota, what is there in TN that is appealing? If having Mariota was the only important piece to make his system successful, Kelly could have sold the farm to get him for the Eagles. That he didn’t suggests Kelly favors the sum over any one individual part.

    If there were more talent on the Titans roster, I could see Mariota as the trump card giving TN the edge over other teams seeking Kelly’s service; in fact, it still may. That said, he’d have to be pretty low on options – something I don’t expect to happen – to make TN the best destination with or without Mariota.

  37. Chip was only releveant in Philly because the national media won’t shut up about Philly. Same with Dallas, the Jets, the Giants and the Redskins.

    How about some Arizona or Carolina stories for a change? Last I checked… they’re winning and fun to watch.

  38. His garbage works great in college when he has a bunch of fast, small, 4 and 5 star recruits going up against Oregon State or a slow Big 10 type team. The Titans are the equivalent of 2 and 3 star guys going up against USC every week. Chip is not your man.

  39. As a Titans fan, I’m very intrigued. I can’t decide on whether or not I’d like him to be the Titans coach. I think as long as they hire a good GM that can mesh well with Kelly, and the players aren’t causing problems, they could make it work. Certainly better than Whisenpunt.

    But at the same time, there are red flags, like players voicing their opinions against him, and him disagreeing with management… Then it’s all amplified by the Philly fanbase who is going to hate anyone that doesn’t win championships.

  40. I think Chip hated Philly and some of the players lost the Skins game on purpose to seal his fate. Chip is dumb like a fox. He’ll be reunited in Tennessee with Marcus in a few weeks.

  41. He took over a 4-12 team in Philly with cap issues, and went 10-6. Twice. He gets fired for going 6-9? That’s still better than the Titans record. And better than the Browns. Either team would be lucky to get him.

  42. My guess is that Kelly wanted out of the personnel business, but knew he was on thin ice. Lurie asked him to relinquish GM duties and Kelly saw this as his way of washing his hands of the situation.

    Mariota already has “Chip For Coach” shirts printed.

    If Kelly doesn’t win in Tennessee, his NFL career is over.

  43. As an OC I could see that. But every NFL team is going to have huge questions about him now as a head coach.

    Sure, NOW he is saying that he doesn’t want personnel control but he’d still be coaching the Eagles except he resisted giving up personnel control there. Easy to imagine friction at his next team as he claims his system just won’t work right without him being allowed to hand-pick players.

  44. Anything is possible but I think kelly has to run the whole show and most teams have a GM. I think Kelly is moving on from the pros and going college ball again, man in charge.

  45. A life long Oregon Ducks fan… Watched oregons chip Kelly era start to finish… While it was exciting because it took the university to places it hadn’t been before… I quickly realized that chips system failed against bigger,stronger teams that had more depth..( auburn,LSU,Ohio st in 09 rose bowl)
    Problem is that in the NFL every single player is more talented, faster and stronger than any mariota ever faced in college… If chip gets his hands on Marcus I’m afraid he’ll break him by having him run with the football… And I couldn’t stand to see that happen

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