Bears place Alshon Jeffery on injured reserve

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Injuries have been a problem for Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery all season and now they have brought his year to an early end.

The Bears announced Wednesday that they have placed Jeffery on injured reserve. Jeffery missed last week’s game with a hamstring injury and the move to IR means he’ll wind up with seven missed games for the year. Jeffery was bothered by a hamstring injury earlier in the season as well and also popped up on injury reports with calf, groin and shoulder problems.

It all adds up to a disappointing year for the wideout and the disappointment is likely enhanced by the fact that he’s heading into free agency. He was on path for a big contract after big and healthy years in 2013 and 2014, but that number figures to be a bit lower after his problems staying on the field this time around.

The Bears also placed rookie defensive lineman Eddie Goldman on injured reserve due to a Week 16 ankle injury. Reports this week have indicated he doesn’t need to have surgery, so he should be ready for offseason workouts. Goldman had 22 tackles and 4.5 sacks while playing every game and making 12 starts up front.

Chicago signed defensive linemen Greg Scruggs and Terry Williams to move the roster back to 53 players.

13 responses to “Bears place Alshon Jeffery on injured reserve

  1. The Bears are known for their “injury” tactics, and look where it has gotten them. What a bunch of bull****! Alshon, go to a team that might appreciate your talents, an actual , good team! Hope you are up and around soon!

  2. As if putting a WR that has been injured all season on the IR for the last meaningless game of the season is a “tactical advantage.”

    These Viking fans are going to be crying in the playoffs! I can’t wait to watch them get humiliated and stomped on!

  3. @ejmat3 at least they made it. (Not a viking fan)

    I hope Jeffery recovers. It will be interesting to see what his value proposition is. If his injuries are minor (i.e. will fully heal in the offseason) then high end teams are likely to pass, but if there is some question, a “prove it” contract will be an option. If I were in the players shoes I’d take that one year prove it contract to take a shot at a ring and to play with an elite QB.

  4. We I guess you can rack up a 6-10 season. Eddie Goldman went to IR too.

    All in all, decent performance this year with the,new system/staff, lack of talent and all the injuries. Jay threw 1 or less INT’s this season, which is a huge improvement for him.

    Looking forward to see what Pace does after Sunday and hopefully they keep this coaching staff together.

    Go Bears!

  5. Textbook case of why you have the tag. The Bears injury issues this year are more than bad luck. Either the strength and conditioning staff are quacks, or the players aren’t holding up their end. Maybe both. But it needs to be looked at very closely thus offseason.

  6. First full year he’s been number 1 so he’s been doubled team and banged up. Eddie Royal and Antrell Rolle was a waste of money. Hopefully Jeffery re-signs and Kevin White will produce.

  7. Signing Cutler left them with no other option but to trade away Marshall who went on to have a monster season in NY. While the Bears top 3 WR’s spent the season mostly injured.

  8. Would look good in the green and yellow. Not their style but if he can e had at a reasonable price that is. Who knows how Jordy will recover from his injury and as we have seen through out the year the Packers need a wr that can be a deep threat. Sure this is all just wishful thinking btw.

  9. Signing Cutler left them with no other option but to trade away Marshall who went on to have a monster season in NY. While the Bears top 3 WR’s spent the season mostly injured.

    The Bears had plenty of cap space without trading Marshall. He was traded for being a locker room cancer. Cutler’s deal is hardly astronomical. You can argue whether or not he was worth it, but you can’t argue that his contract ate up all the cap space and prevented the team from being a winner.

    Besides, even if Marshall were on the team and had a monster year, do you really think it would have mattered? Unless he could magically swap bodies with the other Brandon Marshall and play defense, the Bears weren’t going anywhere, anyway.

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