Bills place Charles Clay, Ron Brooks on injured reserve

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The Bills will be trying to play spoiler against the Jets this weekend, but they won’t have the help of tight end Charles Clay or cornerback Ron Brooks in that effort.

Buffalo announced that both player have been placed on injured reserve, bringing their seasons to an end just before the lights go out on the rest of the roster as well. The team didn’t announce new additions to the roster, but they’ll likely come at some point on Wednesday.

Clay has missed the last two games with a back injury, so his first year with the Bills ends with 51 catches for 528 yards and three touchdowns. That might be seen as a bit of a disappointment given the $20 million in guaranteed money that the Bills gave Clay when they signed him away from the Dolphins, but it’s not the only one in Buffalo this year and he’ll have a chance to improve on those totals in 2016.

Brooks returned to the lineup last weekend after missing two games with a concussion and made five tackles in the victory over the Cowboys. He’s set to become a free agent this offseason.

7 responses to “Bills place Charles Clay, Ron Brooks on injured reserve

  1. Bills can’t catch a break this year. The team is barely even recognizable now when they take the field. They’re down like a dozen starters. Jets should have an easy win this weekend. If they lose to what basically amounts to Tyrod Taylor, Sammy Watkins, and the practice squad, they deserve to be watching the playoffs from the couch along with the rest of us.

    I know everyone wants to jump on Rex Ryan for the way this year has gone, and I agree that he has made plenty of mistakes, but I think the injuries were really what did us in. I know it’s disappointing and everyone wants to see someone get fired over it but regardless of coaching staff, it’s tough to win when all of your play makers are on the bench.

  2. As a Buffalo Bills fan of 40+ years who has seen the years of greatness and now the years of painful loses. I still hold out hope.

    But the definition of true fan is one willing to stay loyal and committed even in the darkest times. Hell anyone can proclaim their love of team during the winning seasons.

    I only hope that my son may experience the joy and excitement of a stretch of winning seasons because as the Patriots fans of today know it is a blast.

  3. The way the coaching staff refused to (inexplicably) utilize Clay makes it so that his absence wont be any change of pace. Those tagging him as “underperforming” – what more do you want out of someone who was option #5 in their passing game?

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