Cardale Jones confirms he’ll enter 2016 NFL Draft


Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones told reporters Wednesday he is not transferring and will enter the 2016 NFL Draft.

Jones is a 23-year old junior. After helping the Buckeyes win the national championship last season, he consulted the NFL’s underclass advisory committee and eventually held a press conference to announce he would return to school.

He began this season as the starter but was benched in October. He’ll make a unique evaluation for NFL talent evaluators; he’s a backup quarterback who’s at least 6’5 and has never lost a college start but didn’t play well enough this season to keep his starting job.

Jones has thrown for 1,460 yards, eight touchdowns and five interceptions while completing 62.5 percent of his passes in 2015. The Buckeyes close their season Friday in the Fiesta Bowl vs. Notre Dame.

Ohio State starting quarterback J.T. Barrett is a redshirt sophomore.

Jones won his first three Ohio State starts in last year’s Big Ten Championship Game, Sugar Bowl and National Championship Game. When Jones made his decision to return to Ohio State last January, his high school coach and mentor, Ted Ginn Sr., said he would enter the 2016 draft but Jones never directly addressed it until Wednesday.

Neither Cal’s Jared Goff nor Paxton Lynch of Memphis, generally considered the top underclass quarterback prospects, have announced an NFL decision.

52 responses to “Cardale Jones confirms he’ll enter 2016 NFL Draft

  1. Thank you Cardale for what you brought back to the great state of Ohio and THE Ohio State University. You will do well in the pros, Urban’s Offense was not Cardale’s type of offense to run.

  2. He’s getting bad advice. He’s a 4th rounder at best. And from the looks of that pic he may be better off declaring as a TE.

  3. Should have never listened to that snake Urban Meyer. He cost this kid a FORTUNE by convincing him to return.

    Urban cares much more about himself than his players.

  4. Good for Cardale. I hope he works out in the NFL. I am grateful for what he did for the Buckeyes last year, but not sure if that will translate to success as a pro. Too bad because he has the size to compete in the AFCN which my Browns need desperately. Unfortunately, it would be too great of a risk to pick him up any earlier than the 3rd round. Plus, CLE can’t groom a QB for crap so no sense in killing his chances from the start.

  5. he’ll be a late round project for some team. I don’t think you can be a bust as a 5th or 6th round pick.

    Probably cost him some money to not come out last year and get paid to sit the bench and learn… which is essentially what he did this year.

  6. I can’t imagine he will even be drafted. If you can’t keep your starting job on a college team, how much better could you do when the competition is way better?

  7. If he had came out in mid season, a lot of NFL teams would have jumped on him. Look how few QBs there are left after injuries. The only question they would have worried about was “Do you recognize this?” while holding up a football.

  8. Cost himself millions by listening to terrible advice. Now somebody will get him cheap, when he could have been a top 5 pick, with little film to pick apart.

    Horrible business decision, after being relegated to a back up role. Why someone would advise a kid to continue enriching a school, at the risk of losing market value for themselves is beyond me.

    One day the athletes will learn that the schools, nor the NFL love them. It’s about Return on Investment. Once you can’t make them coin, you’re out the door.

  9. He is awful. The chatter last year is he should leave, and be taken in the early rounds. No way a team was taking him early. He is about as accurate with his passes as Chip Kelly is at picking talent.

  10. There is no way he will translate to the next level. This is jubustus russell 2.0 and he will not go before the 5th round at best. Accuracy is a huge question mark which is why Urban sat him. He is not very bright either which is why his decision making came in to question too. Good luck dude, but whoever that committee was that gave you that advice was laughing their heads off when you left the room.

  11. He is a project has all the physical tools to succeed I think someone will at least give him a chance and draft him. Needs to find the right coach to do it though.

  12. nels1959 says:
    Dec 30, 2015 1:31 PM

    His best case scenario is to be Javaris Russell.


    Since no one has ever heard of Javaris Russell, you don’t think Cardale will ever play in the NFL???

  13. He is a hard QB to evaluate. He is a pro style guy in a college spread offense so it was not a system that played to his abilities. He has the arm and the build to play QB but he is really going to need the perfect situation to land in to be good.

    My prediction is he lands as a backup for a few years with a team like Dallas and floats around the NFL for a few years before being out of football.

  14. A year too late, but he can be a Tight End with “trick play” potential. Some teams have the patience for that kind of thing. Just trying to be a utility player that can do many things for one roster spot, but if he has no Special Teams talent, no way he gets drafted.

  15. This guy has a lot on inside. First rounder for sure becuase of his size and ability to run. I think he has the smarts too so someone could get a very fine developmental guy.

  16. While he won’t project early, I would be surprised if some team doesn’t take a flyer on him by the 3rd or 4th. He will get coached up in the offseason and make a good showing at the combine. If he makes a good offseason showing, his potential will be too high for some team to let him drop.

    This isn’t to say whether or not he will succeed in the NFL. But, I think some team will take a chance on him. Top QBs are incredibly hard to find, and while his odds may be long, his potential is that he could be one of those.

  17. There are 4 guys (Lynch, Goff, Cook and Wentz) clearly better than him, assuming Lynch and Goff declare for the draft. He is then in a group that consists of Hogan, Brissett and Hackenberg. I would definitely take Jones before Hackenberg, simply because I think Hackenberg’s release and ability to decipher defenses is too slow for a starting NFL QB. Hogan may be a little further along than Jones, but Jones definitely has more of an upside. I really like Brissett, so I would probably rank him as the 6th best QB coming out this year and I would expect to see him taken in the 4th or 5th round.

  18. I like Jones as a backup. He reminds me of Jeff Blake, a guy who throws a good deep ball.

    Agree with the rest that coming back to school cost him money, but he should have a longer career without being a first rounder.

  19. With the only “substantive” games being versus ‘Bama and Oregon in 2014 where Jones went 1 TD/1 INT in each contest, the latter being the National Championship, and finishing the 2015 season with a total of 8 TD/5 INT, yet not even appearing in the two games that truly mattered: versus Michigan State and Michigan — I mean, honestly, the stats are just not there to evaluate Jones and project him to a pro level. Developmental QB | Late 4th/Early 5th Round Pick.

  20. Should have transferred and got some consistent playing time. He got bad advice from Urban who could give two craps about his players future compared to his own success.

  21. Yall are all lames. Cardale is the ONLY undefeated, National Championship winning QB in this draft. He did it against the HIGHEST level competition. He’s coming HOME and knows understands “the land”, and has more potential then any QB in the last 5 years since Cam Newton(closest comparable). He should be and will be a 1st round pick, and HOPEFULLY to my Browns and we get rid of that fraud of a QB manzy we have now.

  22. remember when all of the idiot draft “experts” and uneducated fans were saying he was the best QB and high 1st round draft pick last January lol

    This guy is a headcase and is an overrated QB.

  23. There’s just no point for a 23 year old who’s been in school over 4 years to come back and be a backup to a younger guy for another season.

    I’m not saying he’s a high round pick or that he will be successful in the NFL, but he’s majoring in football and there’s no point putting off his career another year.

  24. Saying that Urban Meyer was wrong to talk him out of leaving last year last year is abosolutly wrong, he saved him from being embarrassed because this kid is too immature to be an NFL even now. He will have to sit behind a great quarterback and even greater coach if he wants to make it on the next level

  25. You guys have all these bad things to say about Cardale Jones but the fact remains he is undefeated in all of his starts as QB.

    Jones filled in for JT Barrett, leading the Buckeyes to wins in the Big Ten championship game, Sugar Bowl and College Football Playoff championship game last year. He was 7-0 this year when he was replaced by JT. Then won another game when JT was suspended for DUI. That’s 8-0 this year and 3-0 last year.

    I suggest you boys give Cardale a break. You don’t really seem to know what you are talking about.

  26. Because all you couch potatoes are so good at evaluating talent, he should shelve his aspirations and listen to your advice!

    This is America where dreams are available to all who dare

  27. It is not realistic to believe Jones can be a starter in the NFL when he can’t start on a college team.

    Someone got lucky that Jones didn’t come out for the draft last year. A lot of people were talking about him going number one overall after a few starts in college. A lot of hype over him, that is for certain.

    Maybe he makes a roster, maybe he doesn’t. Teams don’t draft development players very high in the draft. Jones needs a lot of work to get to the pro level. Even with a lot of work by a coach, he still may not be able to adapt. Lets revisit this guys potential in a year. My money is on him wishing he had gotten a degree in something he could make a living doing because he won’t be in football.

  28. What position is he going to play? Certainly not QB. To all those who claim he cost himself millions by staying in school, what team would draft a guy with a HIGH DRAFT PICK at QB who only had a handful of games?

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