Luck not medically cleared for Sunday


Colts Coach Chuck Pagano told reporters Wednesday that quarterback Andrew Luck has not been medically cleared and won’t play in Sunday’s regular season finale vs. the Titans.

That’s not a surprise; Luck has been out since suffering a lacerated kidney and abdominal injuries Nov. 8. The Colts had held out hope he’d be able to return for the final two games of the season.

The Colts are mathematically alive for a playoff spot, but would need a win Sunday and a miracle in terms of help from other teams.

Matt Hasselbeck had been starting in Luck’s place but has been placed on injured reserve. So has Charlie Whitehurst, who replaced Hasselbeck when he left four games due to injury.

The Colts signed Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley earlier this week and Stephen Morris off the Eagles’ practice squad last week.

The Colts were 2-5 in games Luck started this season.

12 responses to “Luck not medically cleared for Sunday

  1. Remember when they said the timeframe for his recovery was between 2-6 weeks?

    Mind you, I remember when he had another undisclosed injury, so who can believe anything that the Colts say about it?

  2. I guess Andrew’s dad sold him on the idea that, playing hurt is not a measurement of manhood. It’s actually rather stupid.

    Put a hold on that HOF bust, smart kid, I’m sure he’s in sync with his mortality. Life after football is way more important than football. Having your health trumps a few more first downs.

    He’ll be back (unless he decides to quit), then the media campaign can resume. Until then, you’re stuck with Manziel.

  3. Lindley jumped Logan Thomas on the depth chart in AZ. He seems to be able to learn a playbook quickly, so I assume the depth chart is Lindley, Morris, Freeman with all 3 active.

  4. Freeman will lead them to a miraculous come from behind victory. all 9 pieces will fall into place, they will run the table and win the Super Bowl. Will Smith will play Freeman in the movie. Book it.

  5. Luck has Clearly been passed by Wilson. Outside of just last season when Wilson took his team to the superbowl for the second straight year Wilson’s stats efficiency and tds are better than luck basically every season including their rookie seasons. Luck is undoubtedly a beast just don’t like this sit out crap. Players Play they don’t sit on the bench for over half a season for lingering not serious injuries. Collecting a free check isn’t in my nature.

    Don’t get me wrong Luck is the future of the NFL but his career thus far has been him getting the Lions share of the credit for wins and very little mention of his failures. This year that finally changed when the coach called him out for how poor he is with turnovers and wouldn’t you know it he doesn’t show up the rest of the season.

    His offensive weapons are better than Wilson’s outside of beast mode. I absolutely love Luck and have since his stanford days just never understood the incredible amount of hype he got for doing the same or less than Wilson did when Wilson threw about half as many times. The Colts will be just fine but they’ve drafted pretty well they shouldn’t be losing like this with the amount of talent on that team now. This isn’t the Colts of 2012..

  6. Dec 30, 2015 2:47 PM – colt13 says: Lindley jumped Logan Thomas on the depth chart in AZ. He seems to be able to learn a playbook quickly, so I assume the depth chart is Lindley, Morris, Freeman with all 3 active.

    I assume you have the depth chart backwards. Freeman had one good year, Morris has never played, and every performance by Lindley has been an unmitigated disaster, including the game he “won” 38-10, with 104 yards passing and a passer rating of 58.

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