Mike Gillislee putting up ridiculous stats in Buffalo

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Two months ago, Mike Gillislee was cut from the Cardinals’ practice squad, and that easily could have been the end of his NFL career. A 2013 fifth-round pick of the Dolphins, he had been cut by Miami in September and then cut by Arizona in October. When you’re cut twice in two months, sometimes that’s the end.

But in November, when the Bills had a rash of running back injuries, they gave Gillislee a call. And all he’s done since then is put together one of the most spectacular performances of any player in the entire league over the last three weeks.

In Week 14 against the Eagles, Gillislee had three carries, and one of them was a 19-yard touchdown. In Week 15 against Washington, Gillislee had four carries, and one of them was a 60-yard touchdown. In Week 16 against the Cowboys, Gillislee had nine carries, and one of them was a 50-yard touchdown. Gillislee has 23 carries for 239 yards this season, an average of 10.4 yards a carry. If he keeps this up on Sunday against the Jets, he’ll be the first player in NFL history to finish a season with more than 20 carries and an average of more than 10 yards a carry.

Gillislee said he was never down on himself, even when he was cut and out of work, and he figured he’d play well if ever given the chance.

I’ve always had this confidence, it was the matter of opportunity and the Bills gave me a hell of an opportunity,” Gillislee said. “I’m taking advantage of it.”

With both Gillislee and rookie Karlos Williams playing very well behind LeSean McCoy on the depth chart, the Bills now have an embarrassment of riches at running back. The Bills’ defense has been a huge disappointment in Rex Ryan’s first season in Buffalo, but there are reasons to be optimistic about the future of the Bills’ offense.

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  1. It’s still hard to believe that this is a 7-8 win team with the best rushing attack in the league and above average qb play. I think almost anyone would’ve picked them to make the playoffs at the beginning of season if they knew that would be the case. Here’s to hoping Rex will do his job in 2016.

  2. The Jets and Bills records are bloated by beating my hapless Dolphins twice each. Don’t get ahead of yourselves. The Strength of Schedule has more to do with that record than the talent. I say this sadly because no way should the Dolphins even have the 5 wins they have. You know I’m right.

  3. he’s been very good these last three weeks, but that is an extremely small sample size. not sure i’d call it spectacular or any kind of historic achievement – the running back position is all about maintaining productivity over a much larger number of carries than 23.

  4. mackcarrington says:
    Dec 30, 2015 2:53 PM
    Doug Whaley found this guy. I don’t know why some media and fans want to run him out of town.
    Because people are idiots.

    Rex and his staff are plainly 95% of the problem, so long as you know anything aboout football. Problem is, most fans know nothing.

  5. As crazy as it sounds, trade McCoy. They dont need him. Williams and Gillislee’s emergence shows how well you can plug ppl in today’s NFL. Trade Shady, cut Mario, fill many many needs with the $25 million in cap space that will free.

    Oh yeah, fire the entire staff, too.

  6. Now get rid of Felton and Dixon. These 2 are wasting roster spots. Then Gay and Carpenter and get one kicker that can do both jobs.
    We need a true Mike LB and need to part ways with Mario Williams and Leodis McKelvin. All have overstayed their lifespan.
    Then, once Pettine gets fired in Cleveland, go get him to be DC again. He and Rex work well together.

  7. Small sample size. Too early to tell what you have in this guy.

    Also, running backs don’t change the way you win and lose in today’s NFL. It’s a passing league. You need very good/great QB play and a just a somewhat serviceable running game unless you have a fantastic defense. This isn’t the John Riggins NFL of yesteryear.

  8. laxcoach37 here’s what I “know”, the Jets just beat NE in NY, and almost beat them in Boston the first time they played. The Bills lost to at least 3 teams that are every bit as bad as your Dolphins, so by your reasoning their record should be 10-5. You are right about one thing…your Dolphins are hapless.

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