Rex Ryan admits regret for playoff guarantee


Few if any NFL coaches express regret for anything they do, no matter how obvious the basis for regret may be. To his credit, Bills coach Rex Ryan has expressed clear regret for his decision to guarantee a playoff appearance by the team during his first year on the job.

“[O]bviously I wish I wouldn’t say some stupid thing that I said,” Ryan told reporters on Wednesday, when asked what he has learned about himself as a coach this year. “But I get it. That’s just me, but sometimes I wish . . . you know, because I think you see the impact it has. My heart was in the right place, I thought I’m telling the truth. But at the same time, it’s like I never look at it as what if this doesn’t go exactly the way I expect it to go. Well, I’m seeing right now.

So what was the stupid thing said?

“[W]hen I’m like hey, ‘We’re gonna be in the playoffs,'” Ryan said. “I just honestly, 100-percent believed that. I absolutely did, without question. . . . I’m the guy that should be criticized, that’s fine. . . . They believe like I did and I love the fact they believed in me. There’s no question about that. I feel bad that I didn’t deliver, that’s how I look at it. There’s no question about it.”

We’ll see whether this causes Rex to change his approach. One of his strengths is authenticity, and when he tried to be something other than himself during two years of working with (for) G.M. John Idzik, it didn’t go well.

27 responses to “Rex Ryan admits regret for playoff guarantee

  1. I like Rex as a guy , but as a coach he needs to shut up . Fire up your team in the locker room. Don’t make promises you cant keep. That’s a start. One more year and your gone !!

  2. As a Jets fan I love Rex. He gave us everything he had. Wish we could have found the QB we needed when he was here. But this week you have to go down brother. J-E-T-S !!

  3. Rex is just like his Daddy and brother: all mouth. Remember what Buddy told the Cards when they hired him? Same old stuff…

  4. I kind of hope he gets fired after his team finishes collapsing on Sunday. He’ll do a hell of a job on Monday Night Football.

  5. …..if Rex could be disciplined enough to keep his mouth shut like he has about keeping his weight off he would be a HUGE success. And I’m not knocking him… I’m very impressed that he’s stayed in such good health.

  6. I liked Rex the first couple of years as the Jets HC, but his act grew old and stale. Buffalo you where better off with D Marrone, cause this moron of a coach is going to run your team down as what he did with the Jets.

  7. He can’t help himself, just like Jerry Jones. Gotta love Rex’s enthusiasm. However, Jones? I wish he would just shut up. He’s such an egomaniac and can’t see the forest through trees.

  8. margoadams says:
    Dec 30, 2015 2:16 PM
    Should’ve kept Marrone. Another NFL mess of a franchise
    First of all, Marrone walked away- they didnt fire him.

    Secondly, Marrone was also horrible. Their defense was good with Schwartz, sure, but their offense was 30th or 31st in the leauge with the leagues statistically worst line and worst rusing attack. And Marrone was supposedly “an offensive guy”.

    Marrone was horrible, Rex is horrible. Not sure why people have such hard time grasping that Marrone walking away isnt what hurt the Bills, it’s who they chose to replace him.

  9. Didnt we go down this road 2 days ago, too? No one cares what you regret Rex. We just care that you deliver, without speaking, for once And for the record, I have 0 faith you will deliver as HC, ever.

  10. Lets be honest Rex is NOT as good a coach as he thinks. He’s average at best. He took over the 9-7 Jets and had 2 good years and 4 NOT so good. Everybody was blamed but him. 3 OCs, 2 DCs, and 2 GMs. Then he takes over the 9-7 Bills and hopes to get to 8-8. Bills were the #4 defense in the league last year giving up 289 points. Rexie’s great D aleady gave up 342 with 1 more to go…
    How many coaches get to take over 9-7 teams and FAIL?

  11. Well good for the Bills… they just announced that HC Rex Ryan and GM Doug Whaley will return for 2016 to finish the dismantling… That means they are on a short leash for next season. Otherwise, no reason to make that announcement…
    Going into camp 2016 Rex will guarantee a playoff victory with his best defense ever talk…

  12. Well, WE all knew that was just another idiotic promise that Rex made – his players surely know about his past Super Bowl guarantees and the guarantee that Sanchez, who Rex said was an elite QB, would always be his starter.

    It’s likely he never had any credibility in the first place so no harm done with yet another failed guarantee

    He should guarantee he WON’T win the Super Bowl next year and then I might pay attention

  13. Rex is Wrecks, ain’t no two ways about it. First, the JETS wrecks and then the BILLS wrecks. That’s pretty wreckedness to me, wrecks. I wrecks my case.

  14. We’ve heard it all before. Big mouth Rex making promises he can’t (doesn’t) keep. Look at the differences with the Jets and the Bills since RR changed teams – both going in opposite directions. Last year the Jets were swimming in mud and going nowhere while the Bills showed promise. Along comes the big bullhorn and the Bills go backwards. Meanwhile the Jets are one win from an 11-5 season in a division that currently is tied with the NFC South for the most wins. What does that say?

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