All signs point to Dennis Hickey being out in Miami

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Like Black Friday, Black Monday is starting to leak into some earlier days.

Even before Dolphins owner Stephen Ross sent a letter to season-ticket holders that failed to mention the name of G.M. Dennis Hickey in connection with the coming coaching search, it seemed likely that the Dolphins would be parting ways with Hickey after the season ends. One source with knowledge of the situation told PFT on Friday that the Dolphins intend to fire G.M. Dennis Hickey on Monday.

Another source said that nothing has been finalized, and that discussions will continue over the next few days.

Still, it won’t be a surprise when Hickey is released from his job. Hickey became largely irrelevant last year, when Ross hired former Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum to serve as executive V.P. of football operations.

Hickey, who replaced Jeff Ireland, arrived after a lengthy search process that involved multiple candidates declining to interview for the job. As the Dolphins embark on hiring a new G.M. and a new head coach, one of the primary goals should be to ensure that whoever is offered either position accepts it on the spot.

As to the G.M. job, here’s a key name to watch: Dolphins director of college scouting Chris Grier. And here’s another important point to remember: Tannenbaum, per a source with knowledge of the situation, will not name himself the G.M. of the team.

57 responses to “All signs point to Dennis Hickey being out in Miami

  1. It figures the guy that made smart, rational moves and draft picks in 2014 would get the boot for the guy that signed Suh, gave Tannehill an extension, and threw away a 3rd round pick on Kenny Stills.

  2. This franchise is finished. All they needed was a personnel man with common sense, Hickey was pretty much that guy. He wasn’t great, but he wasn’t awful either.

    Instead, you replace him with none other than Mike Tannenbum, the AFC’s version of Joe Banner. We all know how that turned out.

  3. “Tannenbaum, per a source with knowledge of the situation, will not name himself the G.M. of the team.”

    Miami, you’re lucky! Tannenbaum was a terrible G.M.

  4. Yea like Hickey had a say in what is now a mess….see this is why no one wanted the job to begin with, Hickey was the only one who was dumb enough to accept it… he’s the first one in the FO out the door…..Tannenbaum will not name himself GM because he needs a scapegoat

  5. dolphins…the factory of shame south

    don shula must be so pissed. and marino would be too if he wasn’t so dumb.

    Miami and buff will continue to fight for afc east cellar.

  6. Hickey actually made good moves last off-season. He gets 2 years and essentially 1 when you consider the Tannenbaum hurricane coming to town. But Jeff Ireland gets years to ruin the Dolphins with bad pick after bad pick. So you Dolphin fans who believe feel optimistic for what reason?

  7. The Dolphins are a dumpster fire. I’m convinced these people including Ross mean to drown the Dolphins, on purpose. Put a fork in it Miami, the Dolphins are done.

  8. Hickey had some solid draft moves, but the guy had terrible luck with his picks and FA’s staying healthy. Almost every single player who was injury-prone, got injured in a major way or was out most of the year.
    Parker and Ajayi look like future studs, but they could barely see the field this year until the later half of the season.

  9. The man who drove the Jets bus into the ditch is likely to do the same in Miami.

    With Rex ready to squander the talent up in Buffalo, and Tanny doomed to do the same, all the Pats will have to contend with in the AFCE for the next few years are the Jets, who seem to be well run this year.

  10. Of course Tannebaum won’t name himself GM. The new way is to be president and have a fall guy GM to blame for sucking. That will ensure you have a job thru atleast one bad GM.

  11. Ross is one of the worst owners in NFL history…… certainly over the past 30 to 40 years.

    He couldn’t make the right hire to save his life.

    If you don’t believe me, just ask Todd Bowles…..

    This organization is absolute garbage from top to bottom.

  12. “Tannenbaum, per a source with knowledge of the situation, will not name himself the G.M. of the team.”

    He’s just going to hire the next G.M and hold the position that employee will report to? what is the difference? oh, more power. Why even waste the money, just cut the middle man out, we all know it’s just putting a different face on Tannenbaum’s decisions.

  13. I thought Dennis Hickey did a good job in both his Drafts – (a significant improvement on Ireland). His skill is as a player evaluator. He doesn’t deserve to be chopped based on what he has done. Only way that this makes sense is if they have lined up a hot coach who insists on bringing his man as GM.

  14. Seriously.. why is franchise so sad nowadays. The guy had a solid draft his first year then you bring a guy who F the jets up and he makes all the decisions. Why even hire a GM if the VP is overulling him on draft day.

  15. Unbelievable… Actually no, extremely believable. As long as Ross is in charge the Dolphins will continue to be a circus of a franchise. Hickey is no Ozzie Newsome but to entrust tannenbaum to lead this franchise is a complete joke. We have holes all over the roster and he cripples our salary cap with the contracts he gives to tannehill and suh and yet he is not under the microscope? Just put a few elephants and a clown car on the field and complete the process Ross. Just make sure tannenbaum is the first one out when it’s parked.

  16. Lolz Tannenbaum wrecked the Jets roster and left them in salary cap hell.

    Now he’s doing / done the same to Miami.

    What are the odds the Bills are his next stop so he can ruin the entire AFCE except the Pats ?

  17. Could be worse , look at Cleveland’s mess. Farmer picking up Bowe, terrible draft picks, letting quality players leave.

  18. Why the Dolphins hired Tannenbaum is is beyond me. He was not good with the Jets.

    The once proud Dolphins have sunk into the abyss with the likes of the Browns and Lions and with guys like Tannenbaum running the show, they will stay there.

    It amazes me how pro teams continue to recycle guys who are failures.

  19. Really, you’re turning the keys over to Tannenbaum? What has he ever done to show that he knows what he’s doing? Does anyone have a spare billion to buy this team back from this pathetic owner?

  20. “Hickey became largely irrelevant last year when Ross hired former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum to serve as VP of Football Operations.”

    So if the GM position is irrelevant in Miami because of Tannenbaum’s presence, why are they even searching for a new GM at all? If they feel like they do need a GM, then why are they even getting rid of Hickey in the first place?

  21. “after a lengthy search process that involved multiple candidates declining to interview for the job”. All you need to know about that organization. Cant fire the ownership

  22. sgm2016,

    Spot on. Just remember Dolphin fans, Ross offered Jim Harbaugh $8 mil a year, and he went to Jedd York and the 49er toxic work environment instead. That speaks volumes. Ross lives in NY and treats this team like a 4th priority. How he was approved as an owner for one of what should be a flagship franchise for the league with its history is a mystery. You just have to hope he sells soon because Mike Tannenbaum and Karl Peterson are fully entrenched as his top advisers.

  23. Ross,Tannenbaum ,Aponte,Grier and coach X ? Super Bowl

    Vegas is already taking bets, seriously , on how many coaches and GMs turn down interviews for the Dolphins this year. What a dumpster fire

    But hey they were undefeated 4 and a half decades ago

  24. .
    People often berate the Patriots for playing in the chaos which is the AFC East. However, New England can’t control the dysfunctional Miami front office, or the Rex Ryan circus act in Buffalo. They do, however, benefit from these scenarios.

  25. If Hickey gets canned by black Monday. It might be a sign that Tannenbaum had more of a hand on the draft that was let on/leaked out.

    There is a report that Hickey wanted Ameer Abdullah in round two. But Tannenbaum over ruled for Jordan Phillips.

    If they want to keep the many hats scenario than Hickey would be the draft czar and give personnel input.

    If they want to scale down and cost save (which is needed) than Tannenbaum would wear many hats and titles and be GM.

  26. But what does Miko think?

    cyclotrongary says:
    Jan 1, 2016 4:02 PM
    This guy is such a foolish idiot. He has no clue

    Let it go, better to let trolls wither and die. Besides she normally uses a different id for Dolphins posts.

  27. Hickey never had a chance here. He did OK in his first draft, but then Tannenbaum comes in and he probably did not have much say after that. Tannenbaum is the one who should go first. The Suh deal was his doing and he already killed the Dolphins cap next year giving Suh 23M for 2016 and he also extended Tannehill when there was no reason to do so. There are no other teams that would pay Tannehill big money and he has not proven himself to be beyond an average NFL starter. Tannehill has not even been close to getting the Dolphins to the playoffs in 4 years now. Ross has to stop listening to Parcells who was great as a coach but terrible as a personal guy in hiring the right people and picking the right players. Coaches need to coach and GM’s need to do the personal decision. No one should be given both because it does not work and it is too much for one to handle correctly.

  28. As a dolphin fan since the first day of the franchises beginning, I am sick of seeing the Patriots dominant in the AFC east. But it appears that will never change!!! However, with Ross as the worst owner in the league, and the worst person ever who ruined the Jets in charge, we will get worse not better. The fact that so many people declined to interview for the GM position shows just how bad things are. My ability to be optimistic is out the door! What’s next? Chip Kelly as coach? With this leadership team that’s likely to happen!

  29. I just don’t understand how all of these former Jets organization employees are so ingrained within the NFL.

    It’s no wonder that the league office and most of the teams are complete clusterfudges.

  30. Nobody cares. The only time the Dolphins get mentioned in my newspaper is the occasional article on the 72 team. Sorry, but thems the facts.

  31. Who would have guessed that the sale of the team to Ross was going to be the continuation of an out of control dumpster fire.

    The death knell of this team is set to continue. Hiring Tannenbaum reflects the owner’s ignorance about the business of football and consequently it will take years before the team heals from this sickness. Don’t expect anything until the owner sells or dies.

  32. Maybe Ross will sell the team… just kidding, Miami is going to suck on the regular.

  33. I feel sure that a lot of the Miami fans are veterans and love the team…just think how you would feel if Mr. Ross was you leader while you were in a combat mission… now think how the Miami fans feel about our football leader…screw from day one. time to hibernate because it going to take a long time before we can be proud of this management team. Bill….P.S. don’t blame the players, they didn’t pick themselves.

  34. I was a huge Dolphins fan growing up. Even after Marino retired, I was a fan, but since Ross got involved, I’ve given up all hope of them turning it around.

  35. real estate is cheap in the basement of the afc east; even tannenbaum can still afford to live there.

  36. Am I the only dolphins fan glad that Hickey’s going? Out of his 15 draft picks we got one starting offensive tackle and one starting wide receiver (Juwuan James and Landry).

    We also got Parker and Ajayi who are definitely unproven still. And then Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings, and Jordan Cameron, all of whom wasted enough money we could’ve actually used to pick up protection for Tannehill in free agency. And still we’d have no linebackers.

    I’m grateful for Landry and James but 2 solid picks isn’t enough for job security. Buh bye

  37. Miami, do you still want Ray Farmer? Browns are in much worse shape. Be happy you’re not in Cleveland’s shoes.

  38. I thought Hickey did well to sign Landry in the 1 year he had control, because Landry is the best player on team right now.

    You have to remember this was 100 percent Joe Philbin’s team, and whether Ireland or Hickey was here…they were both forced to draft according to Philbin’s priorities and scheme.

    Philbin seemed to want to keep Tannehill, so Hickey bypassed Teddy Bridgewater. He looked for finesse offensive linemen could also protect Tannehill standing there like a statue. Run blocking was not a priority. So that lead to the Billy Turner pick, even though Turner can’t run block.

    If Philbin wasn’t here in 2014 then Hickey’s draft would look a lot different. Maybe we would have a mauling guard on the roster. Maybe we would have Carlos Hyde carrying the rock. Maybe we would have Teddy throwing to Landry. THAT is why we keep losing, because if your plan isn’t working and you keep drafting for that plan, you’re sunk.

  39. If you live in South Florida and see Stephen Ross walking down the street or sidewalk, please hit him with car. Then backup and make sure you got him.

  40. Tannenbaum won’t name himself GM but will have final say on personnel. Just a friendly reminder that he’s the guy that traded FOR Tim Tebow.

    And Ross was the one who cooked up “Gator’s Day” at Sun Life to honor him.

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