Judge rules in favor of NFL in soccer field fight, for now

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A judge has ruled for big mean football at the expense of kids playing soccer.

OK, actually, a Santa Clara Superior Court judge ruled in favor of a Super Bowl over a rec soccer league, but it sounded more sinister the first way.

According to Kimberly Veklerov of the San Francisco Chronicle, the judge denied the request to stop the city from handing over three soccer fields to Levi’s Stadium, which will become a parking lot and media complex for the game. There will be a preliminary injunction hearing Wednesday, keeping the fight alive for the 1,500 kids who play in the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League.

The NFL has offered an alternative which the soccer group doesn’t find suitable or available on weekends, and has doubts about the NFL’s promise to return the fields to their original condition after turning them into a parking lot. The scheduled date to have the fields back in their hands in March 2, but the group says that could displace as many as 250 games.

Those fields have been a contentious issue for some time, as the 49ers tried to buy them for their own parking lot near Levi’s Stadium.

13 responses to “Judge rules in favor of NFL in soccer field fight, for now

  1. The most boring TEAM sport known to man…how you can play…and play and play…and the game ends 0-0 or 1-0…freaking snooooooze fest..

  2. Soccer the perfect game for communists as it requires an inordinate amount of work for little or no reward.

  3. I have always despised the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Kelo v. City of New London, which allowed the government to take land owned by one private entity and give it to another private entity.

    What a crime…both the ruling, and this case.

  4. That is as many as 250 chances for parents to realize/correct their mistake of signing their kids up for soccer in the first place.

    250 chances for kids to do something they actually enjoy on their weekends.

  5. Good for the judge in making this ruling. There are plenty of other sites the soccer games can be played. Get real soccer moms, nobody cares about your soccer, the super bowl doesn’t come every day, month or year. Take your soccer games to Santa Clara U or San Jose State. Quit with your frivolous suits.

  6. Those greedy entitled SOB soccer parents are off the rails and have no comprehension of the positive impact the Super Bowl will have on their local economy.

  7. Come on kids, stay home, watch the game and play again the following week. But goes to show you that the Yorks can even screw up a Super Bowl

  8. If the city owns the fields then it is hard to think that the parents have any legal ground. With that being said, why would the NFL pave over perfectly good grass fields? There is no way the fields will be the same afterward.

  9. Just because it is a sport you don’t like doesn’t mean it isn’t fair. The 49ers have tried to take these fields from these kids permanently several times. They are understandably worried they won’t get them back after the Super Bowl is over. This wouldn’t even be an issue if the York family hadn’t moved the team from San Fran where they belong! And rebuilding over Candelstick was on the table! They were just too greedy!

    P.S. Long time 49er fan here.

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