Luck-related leak the latest sign of Indy dysfunction

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As the Colts close in on the likely ejection of the coaching staff and the potential implosion of the front office, the organization has more leaks than the Orca.

Most of them are aimed at either making the front office look bad of the coaching staff look good. And all that that implies.

In addition to Thursday’s trashing of G.M. Ryan Grigson, another item has emerged that demonstrates just how impaired starting quarterback Andrew Luck was before a lacerated kidney against the Broncos shelved him for the rest of the regular season.

As Gantt noted earlier today, Luck’s rib injury was worse that reported. And the following sliver of the story from Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star catches the eye: “The injury likely affected Luck’s performance after he returned from a two-game absence that the Colts attributed to a shoulder injury,” Holder writes. “Luck, according to the source, needed pain-killing injections to play and was quite limited by the injury, which impacted his throwing motion and likely his accuracy.”

At one level, this underscores and expands the built-in excuse for the failure of the coaching staff to get the most out of the team in 2015. At another level, the news demonstrates that the injury should have been disclosed — which makes Grigson’s strong denial of any injury-report chicanery look like a bald-faced lie.

So it seems as if someone on the coaching staff has decided that, if we’re going down, Grigson is coming with us. Which could give anyone who considers hiring one or more members of the staff something to chew on.

40 responses to “Luck-related leak the latest sign of Indy dysfunction

  1. Waiting patiently for the Pats fans to show up to demand an investigation, draft picks, fines, etc.

  2. They’ll get a strongly worded letter or a slap on the wrist. The Colts don’t get punished hard by the league like some other teams do. When Irsay gets over his new year’s hangover on Monday or Tuesday, the first thing he ought to do is fire Grigson.

  3. The difference between the Colts and every other team in the league is that they got caught.

  4. “Waiting patiently for the Pats fans to show up to demand an investigation, draft picks, fines, etc.”

    Are you saying that the NFL’s “integrity” is not affected by the Colts violating rules in order to get a competitive advantage?

    Just curious – how, exactly, are we to distinguish between “cheating” with is vile, odious and requiring of significant sanctions, and that which is really not important?

  5. I can tell you as a fan, setting aside all this talk and going off facts…. Pagano went 11-5 two consecutive seasons (not counting the cancer season) and is still a playoff contender in the final week after using what will be 4 different quarterbacks.

    Grigson drafted TY Hilton…. and …. and…. well….

  6. If the NFL truly cared about player safety, then lying about a player on the injury report multiple times should result in a suspension or fine for GM Ryan Grigson. If not worse. But…this is the NFL so any concern about Player Safety is just PR.

    But seriously, not only is Grigson bad, but he actively interfered with the team to try to make himself look better-NOT win games. Play the bust RB Trent Richardson who sucks so the trade doesn’t make ME the GM look as bad.

    Only Irsay would be out of it enough to keep him.

  7. “As the Colts close in on the likely ejection of the coaching staff and the potential implosion of the front office, the organization has more leaks than the Orca.”

    For those who don’t know (or recall), “the Orca” was Quint’s ramshackle fishing boat used in the movie Jaws (1975) – and it got torn up to the point it sank by the story’s antagonist. It’s a solid reference here – just not sure all of our readers were hip.

  8. @willycents NO NEED to wait any longer. There SHOULD be an investigation, fines and draft picks taken away. It’s all about the integrity of the game is it not?
    This organization has changed the way football is played. Polian and Dungy are the reasons why Pass Interference is called the way it is and defenses can’t play defense any longer. It was the ONLY way they could get Manning into the Super Bowl (and possibly HGH)

  9. >>Waiting patiently for the Pats fans to show up to demand an investigation, draft picks, fines, etc.

    There SHOULD be an investigation. And I’m not a Patriots fan.

  10. He hasn’t signed a new deal yet has he? Man it would be so awesome to see him not sign and screw the Colts over. Man I would love to see it with all this disfunction going on.

  11. When you have a superstar QB and he goes down, ANY win is remarkable. Grigson destroyed this team; whereas, the coaching staff tried to save it. A competent owner would recognize that.

  12. Its funny in the rule book it says the injury report directly affects the integrity of the game. Where is the outrage? The double standard is what truly affects the integrity of the game, not ball inflation levels or falsified injury reports. That should make all fans wary.

  13. As a Pats fan, you won’t hear me calling for an investigation and demanding a witch-hunt. I’ve seen too much of that from Goodell, and I know we won’t get a satisfactory explanation or anything approaching justice from such an investigation that framed the Patriots for cheating while being as guilty of it as any other team in the league. But for those of you expecting us all to demand an investigation, you will be disappointed. We all know that the league’s overzealous investigation of a non-event that proved to everyone that the Patriots were cheating without any evidence or scientific basis was motivated by a small group of owners jealous of the Patriot’s success. Do you really think that group of owners will support a protracted investigation of one of their own that will lead to legitimate claims of cheating AND disinterest in player health?! No, this just is the way it is in this league. That just makes it that much more impressive that Brady, Belichick and the Patriots continue to win.

  14. I have to be on that side that says fire grigson. As bad as chucks cliches are, I think he is a good coach and hasn’t had a chance to do what he wants because the ego of grigson is so bad it has sunk this team. I also think Chuck would not have played Andrew hurt if he wasn’t being forced to by a terrible GM

  15. Should come as no surprise. That organization is dysfunctional. Not for Luck the colts, would probably have ended up in the same place they landed yr Peyton was out, with the first pick of the draft which is how they landed Luck

  16. As a Pat’s fan, I am not reveling in the problems of the Colts. I just hate that Luck has been treated so poorly. That is the only issue of importance here.

  17. My goodness people, what’s the fuss? Putting a seriously damaged player out on the field on a false report is much less serious than an unsubstantiated equipment violation that, even if were true, affects nothing and nobody. After all, the NFL’s biggest “integrity” problem is football psi, not player safety.

  18. willycents says:
    Jan 1, 2016 1:10 PM
    Waiting patiently for the Pats fans to show up to demand an investigation, draft picks, fines, etc.

    I guess I can’t talk for all Patriots fans, but when I demand fines and investigations for stuff like this, IT’S A JOKE in order to show how idiotic it was that the Colts instigated an investigation that the other inept owners supported for the incompetent commissioner to follow through on.

    All because the Patriots are so much better at running a football team than the rest of the league.

  19. Football is a violent, physical game…every player and every coach knows this – and the potential health risks involved in playing. That said, if GM Grigson forced Pagano to play Luck despite the injuries (which were not disclosed, only rumored), then Grigson should face far more than termination…he expressly, purposely and willfully placed Luck in harm’s way by forcing him to play, which now could prove to be extremely detrimental to his career and market value…the potential lost earnings that Luck could experience should fall on Grigson.

    Grigson should be fired…

    …Pagano should leave for another team (HC or Coordinator)

    …Luck should leave the Colts for a more deserving team….

  20. Waiting patiently for the Pats fans to show up to demand an investigation, draft picks, fines, etc.

    I think Andrew needs to find a way to get the hell out of there.

    He seems like a great guy and a great player and I think he should get to a team that will take care of him.

    Those are my thoughts as a Pats fan.

  21. Side-splitting – literally.
    And a dumpster about be lit up by the firings of another failed year.

  22. I don’t know how long his contract is for but I hope he would go to another team at the end of his contract stay away from the Cowboys and the Jets they will ruin him SF would be a good spot for him

  23. “Waiting patiently for the Pats fans to show up to demand an investigation, draft picks, fines, etc.”

    Have Irsay retain Grigson and thats all the punishment the Colts organization will need.

    Have him ignore the o-line and keep draftin them WRs so that Andrew Luck keeps getting injured

  24. LOL- Manning didn’t use HGH. Some low-level dope lied about that… and Grigson hasn’t done anything to “taint” anything.

  25. Integrity of the game, protecting the shield, keeping the players safe, when injured. Dock them a First and second round pick, Roger….Even if Irsay would never know the difference !!

  26. Pardon me but didn’t Luck have a say in how he was being medically treated? The team cannot compel him to play if he’s injured and they certainly didn’t hold him down to give him those pain-killer injections. While the Colts are certainly culpable for not reporting the full extent of the shoulder injury, Luck himself has to take some responsibility too. These players are grown men, not kids. Romo knew he came back too early and still took the risk of re-breaking his clavicle. Rogers stayed out and let his broken clavicle heal. Just when do we start making some of these players responsible for their own health?

  27. Oooooops…both Pagano and Grigson are staying for three more years. Now what, Mr. Florio?

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