Pro Bowl rosters underscore the crap shoot that is free agency


By the end of the weekend, 20 NFL teams are going to be able to shift their complete focus to the future.

And as always happens, several of those teams will try to fix things through free agency, though it’s not the most sustainable way to build a winner.

As noted by Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the latest sign of the hit-and-miss reality of free agency can be seen on the Pro Bowl rosters.

Of the 86 players chosen for the Pro Bowl, only four of them changed teams last offseason. And two of those guys (Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall and Bills running back LeSean McCoy) were acquired by trade.

That leaves just two who changed teams via unrestricted free agency last offseason — Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and Cardinals guard Mike Iupati.

Of course, there are other notable players who have changed addresses in previous offseasons that way, but the sheer numbers underscore the reality that it’s better to build teams via the draft, and the ones who are available in free agency are seldom the kind of impact players teams tend to overspend for.

15 responses to “Pro Bowl rosters underscore the crap shoot that is free agency

  1. Lets see,…Suh, Haynesworth, Mario, Mike Wallace are just some of the “splash” signings to fire up a losing fan base and help sell tickets but in the end are always a waste of money.

  2. You people killed the Patriots for letting Revis and Browner walk and look where they are. Revis’s contract of 70 plus million was a reach at best. Hes good but that money ( 40 million up front) is 8-10 contracts in New Efgland affecting depth all over the roster, Furthermore Browner leading the NFL in penalties again this year…last year he did too and he was suspended the first four games……..

  3. eagles fans are shocked…shocked I tell you.. that prized FA CB by rone maxwell isn’t a pro bowler

    I mean that dude was like Velcro…well maybe 30 year od Velcro that doesn’t stick anymore.

    and his tackling skills are asante Samuel – esque

    put another way…HE SUCKS

  4. Mike Pouncey has been horrible the last two seasons and he has made both pro bowls? It’s a joke. Some players that are far better then some on this roster did not make the ” popularity” bowl.

  5. yes it’s true that few free agents are worth their price.

    but it is also true that those non free agents who make the pro bowl are busting their bottoms to get to that big free agency payday.

    can’t have one without the other. Like the dark and light sides of the Force….

  6. Mario Williams was awesome the last 2 years… Not this year as Rex had him dropping back in coverage and not rushing the passer. It was expensive but Buffalo usually needs to pay more for talent to come there. That being said, he’ll probably be cut (agree based on money and his role in current defense) and be a pro bowler for someone else next year.. Hopefully not in the AFC East.

  7. Yes, it should be renamed the “popularity bowl”. There are at least 3 guys on defense for the Vikings that should have made the roster, but didn’t. I voted my *** off! But knowing Minnesota is not a “large market”, I know why they didn’t get in. It’s just not right! There are guys on that roster that do not deserve to be there THIS year! Anyway, this is the NFL and that’s how they roll……

  8. The reason these guys go to other teams is pure and simple GREED! The thing that shows the most is these players only think of themselves, NOT the team
    or fan base. This is why most of these guys become a huge disappointment to their new team.
    Many times the reason that these guys are so good is the play of their other teammates, that don’t get the spotlight.
    Guys that get Drafted by their first team usually are more faithful. Agents also are parasites that push these guys.

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