Stephen Jones on Jason Garrett’s future: “He’s safe”

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The Cowboys have 24 million reasons to not fire Jason Garrett, but with recent pointed comments about coaching being at least part of the team’s failures this year, it was worth wondering how safe he was.

Consider it settled.

“He’s safe,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told Albert Breer of NFL Media. “Change isn’t always the right answer. We’re not big believers in it. Jason, a year ago, everyone thought he hung the moon. That’s the terrible thing about this business: You take one year, and change everything. This doesn’t faze us, it won’t faze us.

“We’re totally in with Jason. We’re totally in with our staff.”

While some degree of change is always possible — Stephen’s dad’s name is Jerry — any team that loses a good starting quarterback for the majority of the season is going to struggle. And the Cowboys looked promising enough last year that blowing it up would seem to be a mistake.

But there will be changes, beginning with the much-discussed backup quarterback position. After Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore flopped, Weeden went on to win a game that put the Texans on the doorstep of the playoffs. That creates doubt about a system that only works for one guy, who happens to be 35 and gets hurt a lot.

“Why does Brandon go down to Houston and do fine?” Jones asked. “Ours is a system that’s ‘Romo-friendly,’ but is it not ‘other-quarterback-friendly’?”

That’s something coaches will have do address in addition to the personnel department. And with what could be a top-five pick in their pocket, they’ll have a chance to address it, which they haven’t done with a significant pick in decades.

15 responses to “Stephen Jones on Jason Garrett’s future: “He’s safe”

  1. Well, for one thing he played the Titans, probably the worst team in the NFL (and a team also playing without their starting QB). He was playing in Dallas without their best WR as well.

    Let’s not put the guy in the HOF, he wasn’t all that good.

  2. You could also ask, how does Sean Payton get away and be hired by one of the worst teams in the league (at the time) turn that team around to the point of hoisting the trophy? I think Garrett is more of a ‘yes’ man to Jerry, and I put Gary Kubiak in that category too.

  3. “Jason, a year ago, everyone thought he hung the moon.”

    By “everyone”, we assume he means Jerry Jones, who pronounced Weeden threw the prettiest pass you’ve ever seen, as long as he isn’t throwing them for the Cowboys’ offense, which apparently only works for one designated user, Tony Romo.

    Gotta love the clown college in Dallas–the gift that just keeps on giving.

  4. screamingsheep69 says:
    Jan 1, 2016 6:59 AM

    I hope Jerry liver forever!

    Does he get onions with that? LOL.

  5. If a system that leaves the man’s back and shoulder in worse shape than spending a life rowing a viking ship across the seas is called “Romo-friendly” then I would really hate to see him in a system that isn’t friendly to him.

    It’s about as friendly as Biff Tannen making George McFly do his homework for him.

  6. I cannot think of one time when Garret made any kind of coaching decision that I thought was a good one. I can think of dozens that I thought any high school coach would do better.

  7. Why os that SOB job safe he sucks! I hate jason garrett! He’s the Worst coach in football right now! The Jones are more insane than I thought.

  8. “Change isn’t always the right answer. We’re not big believers in it”

    Yep, that’s the Cowboys problem in a nutshell!!!

    “we don’t like change so lets keep putting out
    the SAME mediocre football we have been for the last 2o plus years, because why change now,?”

    what a dufas!!!

  9. “any team that loses a good starting quarterback for the majority of the season is going to struggle..”


    Why is the same courtesy not extended to Chuck Pagano? He’s done more with less, yet he’s spent the entire season being slow-roasteed on PFT’s hot seat?

    Garrett is safe because he fits the overall laid-back mediocrity of the Dallas franchise.

  10. Stephen Jones told Albert Breer of NFL Media. “Change isn’t always the right answer.
    It is if your talking about Dallas Cowboy GM or Owner…

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