Brandon Marshall still angry about what went down in Chicago

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Brandon Marshall landed on his feet after the Bears traded him to the Jets last offseason: He was just voted the MVP on a team that’s a win away from the playoffs.

But while Marshall is happy about how things turned out, he’s not happy about the circumstances that led to his departure from the Bears.

“I can care less about stats and the awards,” Marshall said. “I wanted my character to be rebuilt [in Chicago], and I did that. Then it was ripped away from me. So I’m still a little angry about that, but I’m just going to use that for motivation to keep going.”

Marshall had a reputation as a malcontent in Denver and Miami, his first two stops in the NFL. But for most of his tenure in Chicago, he was regarded as a veteran leader. It was only in his last year with the Bears, in 2014, that reports began to surface that he wasn’t seeing eye to eye with teammates and coaches.

Whatever went wrong in Chicago, with the Jets Marshall seems universally respected. He’s having a good season, and he’s a respected presence in the locker room as well.

68 responses to “Brandon Marshall still angry about what went down in Chicago

  1. 1st year is always the honeymoon year with him. Usually takes about 3 years before problems arise. Production never an issue. There’s a reason he’s been traded 3 times.

  2. And now – with all the games that Chicago lost just barely, which they probably would have won if Marshall was on the team, Pace looks like the biggest moron in the Midwest. Big huge mistake Pace-

  3. Well, Brandon, I’m sure all those women you beat are also still “angry about what went down” as you were hitting them…

  4. I hope that I am wrong, but I bet White will not live up to Marshall’s production. Marshall was best WR that Bears ever had- why give him away for NOTHING

  5. Pace has egg on his face for that trade. Marshall has been great for NYJ and putting up top 5 WR numbers. Ironically, by trading Marshall, Pace is going to have to invest in Alshon and his soft tissue problems to avoid losing 2 marquee WRs and as many offseasons. Not the best start imo

  6. After he got some injury’s last year, the Bears were not happy that he was still flying to New York every Tuesday to do a TV show, rather than being in the team training room. He’s lucky he got traded to a N.Y. team.

  7. Marshall was diagnosed with a mental illness his last yr in Miami, he has learned to live with it and that is the reason his behavior has been much better, don’t blame him for being upset about what happened in Chicago he has worked hard to over come the stigma a the disease and people in Chicago trying to save their own butts try to use him as the scapegoat…go take care of business tomorrow and everything will take care of itself….to many thinks in his favor, nice season, breaking records, possible playoffs for the first time, lucrative TV job waiting for him when he retires…..move on son

  8. With the end of the season at hand hoping not to get traded again..I think he has only one option at the time..don’t get in over his head..and except pointers

  9. The Bears figured Kevin White would give them Brandons production but without the drama. Obviously so far anyway that hasn’t worked out. It may all be different next season but watching Marshall have an All Pro season while we are starting practice squad caliber guys has been hard to accept.

  10. There’s a reason that kind of $50M talent hasn’t been able to stick anywhere, maybe it has something to do with the 50¢ head that’s attached to it. Look around Brandon. Your life is good, let it go and worry about the now.

  11. As a lifelong Bears fan, I felt some sympathy for Marshall last year. An overwhelming amount of the things he said were with the intent of being a team player, an organization guy, someone who wanted to be better on the field as well as off it. He gets a lot of grief for “splintering the locker room” but if you go back and read those quotes from last year, I’ll think you’ll find a lot of what he said were the same things the fans were saying about a severely disappointing season. Happy to see him with a shot at the playoffs.

  12. mattcro0172 says: Jan 2, 2016 1:09 PM

    Mr. drama king


    Dude, he’s bi-polar. He’s not a malcontent. That Brandon has gone as far as he has in life despite
    being diagnosed bi-polar, is a testament to his character as a human being.

    I’ll be pulling for you, Brandon.

  13. Brandon Marshall was a classic case of addition by subtraction with the Bears. It was never a question of his productivity. He’s a first class idiot. Bears wouldn’t have won anything with him this year but they’re a lot closer to being a good team now than they were with him in chicago. And the player they drafted with the pick we got is a solid safety Adrian Amos. Marshall tried to use some fictional mental illness diagnosis as an excuse for being a jerk. He’s all about himself. Glad he’s gone. Hope the jets lose tomorrow. Would definitely make my Sunday

  14. There’s no question that BM is a big talent, but what is it with some of these WRs and their excessive narcissism? I know we get this kind of “look at me” stuff from guys in all positions in football, but the WRs seem to be worst (followed by the guys in the secondary) in this regard.

  15. It’s pretty ironic for people to say he’s all about himself but refuse to acknowledge that he’s Bi-polar. I have lived with people with Bi-polar before, they are self absorbed, Thats part of the mental illness. Not saying it’s easy to be around but it is what it is.

  16. Furthermore, there are different levels of Bi-polar just like there are different strengths of fireworks. The worse it is the more self absorbed they are.

  17. The Bears were a dysfunctional group his last season there. Trestman turned that team into something it wasn’t, and Marshall was one of the few that spoke up. If they actually kept him for this season, the Bears would have been in a much better position, (they wouldn’t be championship bound, but they would have been alot better).

  18. Chicago does not miss him. Glad he found a good spot for himself. Fine. But he’s the most narcissistic player and a true distraction in the Bears locker room. The Bears have moved on. So should he!

  19. His lack of self awareness is obvious…it’s not about being Bi-polar, it’s the ‘Press conferences called by yourself’ to speak of the legal issues from accusations that you were beating up woman–the Bears said NO, you didn’t care. Your rants in the Clubhouse were only supported so you didn’t go NUCLEAR!!!

    I hope you do well, but the Bears were and will be much better without your ‘drama and hijinx’ than if you were still here flying to NY weekly.

  20. Coming from a Chicago Bears fan, Brandon Marshall is truly missed. I’m still wandering WTH management was thinking letting him go…. For years we begged for a dynamic duo at receiver. We had that with Marshall and Jeffery. Now we have Jeffrey and Royal who both combined missed like 16 games,the equivalent to a whole season…. With Gase as O.C, Marshall would have way bigger numbers than he has with the Jets right now!

  21. For someone whose actions contributed to the death of Broncos’ teammate Darrent Williams on January 1, 2007, BMarsh should focus more on his own failures than on the failures of others.

  22. Is it possible to just also be a jerk? Even if he is bi polar? I’m sorry I don’t buy the bipolar crap in his case. He just uses it as an excuse to explain what an ass he’s always been.

  23. He’s not, to my knowledge, bi-polar. He was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which is far more difficult to manage as it requires extensive DBT (therapy) and can’t be managed with medications alone. in fact, most mental health workers would agree it is the most difficult mental illness to manage. The fact he went through that, in the spotlight he did, is still successful, and is an advocate for the underfunded area that is mental health, shows just how far he has come and the hard work this guy put in. Please get your facts straight guys otherwise you’re just contributing to the stigma

  24. A whole lot of time this guy has spent in the media when there’s a lot more productive football players week in and week out, and year in and year out, that are actually doing positive for the team, not a distraction…oh, and making the playoffs regularly as well.

  25. nels1959 says:
    Jan 2, 2016 2:26 PM
    Is it possible to just also be a jerk? Even if he is bi polar? I’m sorry I don’t buy the bipolar crap in his case. He just uses it as an excuse to explain what an ass he’s always been.


    One of the more ignorant comments I’ve read today. Mental illnesses aren’t “excuses” or “crutches”. They are very serious diseases that when left untreated pose major threats to the well-being of the person affected and those around them. Best part is you don’t even know his diagnosis or how BPAD (bi-polar) or BPD (borderline) can affect the entire makeup of a person, to the point that yes they sometimes are “jerks” (you would be too if you hadn’t slept in 3 days). Most manic people, when their mood is regulated, are the nicest folks in the world and are only “jerks” when they are sick. Go read a book or volunteer at a mental health clinic then see if you feel like spouting off that nonsense

  26. Personally, I’m a big fan of Brandon Marshall as a player. I think he has a lot of growing up to do as a man, though.
    I’m a Bears fan, and I’m assuming he called out his QB in front of his teammates last year. Hence the train ride out of town.
    I’d take him on my team, no doubt, but I’d also be willing to punch him in the mouth in the heat of the moment. From what I have seen, he’d be ok with that. One of my reasons for liking him.
    Jeffery is the exact opposite, IMHO. Is his broken hymen permanent?
    Granted, I’ve never met either, so it’s all speculation.

  27. Of course he’s happy (for now) in NY. Now, if his stats aren’t up to par next year, watch out! It’ll be the coach’s and quarterback’s fault. That’s just the way he rolls.

  28. Everything started to fall apart for Brandon in Chicago when the Dolphins came to town last season and trounced the Bears on their home field. Marshall couldn’t handle it, and ripped his teammates in the locker room afterwards. He forgot to close the door, however, and his post game tirade greased the skids for his departure.

  29. First off Marshall was never fully dedicated to the Bears, Pace did him a favor and traded him to the Jets so he can have his stupid tv show which was filmed in New York. So why is he still bitter? Pace asked him where he wanted to go and obliged to his request. Marshall was a contributor but more of a locker cancer hence his history of being traded by 4 teams already.

  30. Facing your demons publicly, and truthfully requires a great deal of courage. Marshall is a great player but maybe even a better man. I was sorry to see him leave Chicago (where might the Bears be if they’d had even half of Marshall’s 13 TDs this year?) but I’m still rooting for him.

  31. I’m a big bears fan.
    Brandon Marshall was the best WR the bears ever had.
    He left and the bears got alot worse in the red zone.
    Truth is, he made Alshon a better player. Same with Marques Wilson.
    I don’t know what went on in that lockeroom, but he looked like a team player on the field.

  32. I cant completely fault Marshall for calling out players on the Bears last year. There was a whole lot of selfishness and quit on that team last year and at times it seemed like Marshall and Martellus Bennett and Kyle Long were the only guys on the whole roster who gave a damn. That being said, his challenges would have been much better received if he had walked the talk himself I.e. given up his show in NY as soon as it became clear it was causing problems. Leadership is often about talk but sometimes actions are more effective.

  33. Last year when things were really bad BM was one of the few players I saw on the field fighting for yards and giving his all. Nice to see so many people commenting on here were in the locker room to see first hand how he single-handedly turned the Bears into a laughing stock on defense. Reality is Fox and his coaching staff could have done something with him but instead let Pace give him away for NOTHING. Pace was an idiot to let BM go. Bears needed help badly on defense and could have used the first draft choice on any number of players to help where it was needed. Instead they got White who hasn’t been seen on the field this year. I hope White is as good as everyone says he will be. But pieces could have been put in place already to help this team further along. Still hoping I’m wrong about Fox and Pace but haven’t liked what I’ve seen this year. More of the same goofy game day mistakes from Fox that he made with the Broncos and some questionable personnel moves from Pace. I do give Pace kudos for shopping the bargain basement players this year. He did some good things there, but in the end, we’re not much farther along than we were last year.

  34. I think fox will come around and help his team..I just think he is over reading the play..It took God 7 days to create the earth..he is also a quick study

  35. It seems like he’s one of those guys that just has to have some drama in his life. He’s in a great situation with the Jets at the moment,so why revisit what happened in Chicago??? Come on,man. I know you have BPD, but Let.It.Go.

  36. There is a reason the Bears couldn’t get much in return for Marshall, the league was watching his poor teammate act and most were afraid to bring him in their lockeroom and he knows it. He has had a good year but now he wants to pretend last year didn’t happen, but it did. He is his own worst enemy.

  37. Marshall should be proud of the year he had but his good intentions didn’t erase his history. There’s a reason why Chicago traded him and 30 teams passed despite the low compensation. Marshall owns that perceived value, not the Bears. That is not always he case with players but Marshall was given numerous opportunities, and privileges like working on “Inside the NFL”. Do you think Belichick would have agreed to one of his key players fly 1500 miles each way to develop a second career?

  38. I recall that not too many fans, players or writers et al protested too much when he was traded to the Jets. Over the course of the 2014 season he went from, perception wise, great all-Pro level leader to bum and diva selfish no-good SOB. The Bears ran him off, I think the new GM’s first move, as quick as the Hindenburg exploded and forgot about him. Yet, no on seems to know why now. And, of course, no one will admit in public that they were demanding his release back in January. Marshall always played hard and gave 100%. He helped mentor Jeffery and others on the tea, as well. When the team started to falter early in the season his emotions got the better of him, and he started acting up some. You got the idea he wasn’t happy with the coaches and even more so with Chicago’s Teflon QB Jay Cutler. Cutler, who besides setting the all time mark for average, has a great knack for convincing the bus full of coaches he’s ended up getting canned that he is great, went behind the scenes to complain about Marshall. That got back to him and he was pissed. The main reason a top player like Marshall was traded was due to his poor relationship with Cutler. Cutler preferred Jeffery. Cutler won out, not only was Marshall traded but the coaches fired as well. A new crew came in and instantly crowned him ‘their guy’ (Bears fans have seen this at least 3 times already), Pace backed him against Marshall and traded him. So, the Bears lost a great receiver which ended up hurting the team. Jeffery spent most of the year on the bench injured and has proven to be made of glass. Without Marshall to protect him he now gets beat up on all the time. And, the Bears are still stuck with Cutler. who now is sounding more and more like a permanent fixture ‘of’ the team not an average QB who has to earn his job. Cutler had higher QB numbers in 2015, but he also did the usual dumb things that often lead to Bears losses. And Marshall could be in the playoffs. Just goes to show how poorly run the Bears are, especially getting jobbed by the Jets.

  39. Whatever went wrong in Chicago, with the Jets Marshall seems universally respected.

    “Seems” is the key word.

    Anyone care to comment how he and Adam Schein have turned “Inside The NFL” into a weird version of “The View”?

    Did anyone seen the train wreck of an episode that ended up being some type of media intervention? Involving Marshall’s wife? I about cancelled my cable subscription over it.

    Brandon has.. and always will… make it about him. He will throw his best friend.. oh wait, “brother”, under the bus just to make him “feel” right.

    He’s the consummate “stab you in the back” type of guy. Chicago was his home until they no longer welcomed him back. Now he’s not feeling the love in NY as he did in Chicago. Rightfully so. NY folks know twisted people. Midwest folks put up with ’em…

    … NY’ers call them what they are.

  40. This guy is and always has been, and, always will be your A-typical blow hole, under educated, crap talking NFL receiver.

    Never about “team”, always about Marshall. The Bears got better by subtraction.

    Go Packers

  41. The fact is that the Bears told Brandon Marshall that he would not be able to fly to New York every tuesday to do his tv show, and Brandon told them that he was not going to give up his tv show. Period. The Bears did exactly what they should have done and exactly what I would have done, and they traded him. End of story. He is a great talent but the team has to come first with every player in order to be successful, and it did not come first with Brandon. I believe that when the Jets team falters, Brandons true nature will come out once again

  42. BMarsh can now focus on why his new team didn’t make playoffs. Needs to move on Chicago issues. Meltdown coming….good
    luck jets. Only a matter of time.

  43. deacon38 says:
    “The fact is that the Bears told Brandon Marshall that he would not be able to fly to New York every tuesday to do his tv show, and Brandon told them that he was not going to give up his tv show. Period. The Bears did exactly what they should have done and exactly what I would have done, and they traded him. ”

    Pace should have done what was best for the team, held onto BM another year and drafted some help earlier for the defense. Would have put them a step closer, a year sooner, than where they are now. Just wasn’t a smart football move the way it went down.

  44. Couple things:

    -BM cannot be blamed for being angry about the Bears last year. EVERY player should have been upset as they were a total dumpster fire!!

    -BM is bi-polar and that is a VERY difficult disease to live with. (I have a close friend who is bi-polar) It is not fake, and the meds can literally drive you crazy. BM is to be congratulated for living with it so well.

    -Even though BM was one of the best Bear receivers in history, letting him go in light of the needed re-build was a good decision. REAL Bear fans wish BM nothing but the best!!!

    BM haters should get educated before spouting off!!!

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