Dolphins, Dennis Hickey “part ways”


‘Tis the season for mutual partings.

The trend launched last year by the 49ers and coach Jim Harbaugh continues into 2016, with the Dolphins announcing that the team and G.M. Dennis Hickey have “parted ways.” Even if there really wasn’t anything mutual about it.

“I want to thank Dennis for his work over the last two years. We talked about a number of different possibilities, but at the end we reached this agreement,” executive V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum said in a release. “I have a great deal of respect for what he accomplished here and wish Dennis and his family well.”

“I have been blessed to be the General Manager of the Miami Dolphins for the last two seasons and I want to thank Stephen Ross for giving me this opportunity,” Hickey said in the same release. “During my time here with the Dolphins, I approached each day with passion, drive and integrity in trying to bring a championship to this proud franchise. Over the past week, I have had a number of conversations with the Dolphins organization about my role in the team. Ultimately the Dolphins and I agreed that it would be best if we parted ways. I will always be proud of our accomplishments in Miami including many key additions to the team through the draft and free agency. I am also thankful for all the relationships that were built here with scouting department, the staff, coaches, fans, alumni, and South Florida community.  My family and I will always appreciate all of the support we have received over the past two seasons. We wish everyone the best going forward.”

The move originally was expected to happen Monday. As word got out, the timetable apparently accelerated.

Moving forward, continue to keep an eye on director of college scouting Chris Grier as a potential replacement. The replacement definitely won’t be Tannenbaum, who won’t be enhancing the executive V.P. of football operations title with the label of General Manager.

35 responses to “Dolphins, Dennis Hickey “part ways”

  1. This is the same Tannedbum who let it be known they swept the Pats stadium for bugs earlier this season (and found nothing), the same Tannedbum who was with the Jets when they broke the same new rules the Pats supposedly did when they videoed the Pats? Presumably Hickey had some basic standards. But don’t worry Tannybum, your Jets mini-me model will yield as much success as the original…

  2. dolphins4 says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:42 PM
    Tannenbaum can ruin this team faster without good GM’s around.

    I think your comment would have made sense if Hickey was a good GM.

  3. This doesn’t make sense….Tannenbaum had final say. It was Tannenbaum who used his connections bto land Suh. It was Tannenbaum who made the call to resign Tannehill a year early. Yet Tannenbaum not only has a job but he is the one leading the rebuild process. Ross us great as an owner when it comes to willingness to open his checkbook but I am so sick of his horrendous hiring decisions.

  4. I tweeted the moment I heard about the contract they gave Suh that the Dolphins will NEVER win while paying him that much money. That big of a cap hit might be justifiable to an elite QB, or a RB or WR that stays healthy and consistently puts up big numbers, but not to ANY defensive lineman not named Watt. It was one of the stupidest decisions made by any GM in recent memory. We Lions fans knew that Suh, while an oustanding player, was only dominant because he had three other good players along side him on that line. Hickey made a big splash to excite his fans, but what he really did was mortgage the team’s future until they’re out from under that massive contract. If I was the owner, that would be grounds alone for dismissal.

  5. Bring in Mike Shula.

    Not because he’s the best coaching candidate, simply to break the curse of the Pork-Faced Satan.

  6. streetyson says:

    This is the same Tannedbum who let it be known they swept the Pats stadium for bugs earlier this season

    Well that’s actually smart. Most teams the Pats play probably have to do that.

  7. canetic says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:35 PM

    This team is swirling the drain. What a travesty.

    This team went into the sewer when they hired a former Jets employee. Nothing good will ever come from that.

  8. I’ve been a loyal fan of this team since the glory years of the 1970s. This season I quit listening to Dolphin games. As long as Stephen Ross continues to own the team, nothing will change.

  9. This team went into the sewer when they hired a former Jets employee. Nothing good will ever come from that.


    Well that’s funny… there’s some coach of another AFCE team that might disagree with that. Not Rex Ryan either

  10. This is just a bad, predictable tv show. It should have been cancelled a long time ago……..

  11. Miami is Cleveland south. Sheesh.

  12. Hickey’s role? Suckup to Tannenbaum so he decided to just get out. Good for him.

    Ross will stick with Tannenbaum for 3 more seasons, Miami won’t make the playoffs, then it will be time to start over.

  13. Thought they might keep him until the draft. So Tannenbaum can override him in the draft again. With so many holes to fill the plan is probably to trade early picks for more picks later. Better chance for Tannenbaum to hit on a few picks.

  14. dolphins4 says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:42 PM
    Tannenbaum can ruin this team faster without good GM’s around.

    I think your comment would have made sense if Hickey was a good GM.


    The sad part is that they never even gave him a chance. Ross hired him then hired his replacement less than a year later. The Dolphins are a mess. I’ve been a fan since the early 70’s and this is the most dysfunction I have seen since that time. Ross has NO clue how to run a franchise.

  15. Tannenbaum put the Jets in 2 AFC Championship games and Basically drafted the Jets Team that is playing now for a do not understand all the hate. Hickey was a bottom of the basement GM when he was hired by Miami also Tampa was ready to fire him

  16. Feel bad for the guy he paid for a pro bowl player who took the money and played like a chump. I find it hard to blame him for expecting a player to play to his level he’s done every year…and not become a total waste.

  17. “T” is just gettin’ started. Look for Mike to bring in Terry Bradway to pinpoint BPA talent for him during the many upcoming three-pick drafts (“Vernon Gholston, Stephen Hill come on down!”) because “Trader Mike” effortlessly shed all other picks to sign long term, team-building, scheme-fitting talent like Tim Tebow. ‘Text’ Farve (“Jenn’s attorney on line one, Mike.”) and Lito Shepard, while the “Cap Guru” maintains cap discipline by ruthlessly cutting washed-up dead wood (“See ya Jericho, Chad & Leon!”), amidst tough negotiations (“Sanchez re-signed for HOW MUCH!!??!!”), proven “Marketing Genius” (“Jenn’s publicist on line two, Mike.”) and family man. (“Honey, Brett called today. He Wants to send some pictures.”)

  18. No one who answers to Mike Tannenbaum will ever be successful, so Hickey finally swam away from the burning shipwreck.

    I’m really starting to believe that Ross is destroying this team on purpose.

  19. Mind you they are firing the only guy who basically would take the gig. LOL. OMG. What an embarrassment. Lake Dawson turned them down. Farmer turned them down. The list can go on and on. That is why they will promote a college scout from within.
    Being a fan of the Dolphins is a joke. Good thing I don’t wear their gear and all that other crap they sell to make teams and the NFL more profitable.

  20. Isn’t Tannebaum the guy who signed butt-fumble Sanchez to like $15 mill a year??? The Dolphins and Cleveland are just big factories of sadness. 2 absent owners who think they know football. Ohhhhhhh to be a billionaire…………

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