New Dolphins coach will have flexibility on Tannehill


The Miami front office reportedly is sold on quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Which, on the surface, suggests that the new coach of the Dolphins will be required to feel the same way.

Ultimately, that’s not necessarily the case.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Dolphins won’t insist that the next coach commit to Tannehill, if the next coach determines that Tannehill isn’t the answer. Tannehill’s contract provides considerable flexibility beyond 2016, making it easier to move on if that’s what the next coach believes should happen.

That said, the Dolphins remain confident in Tannehill — and they’re confident the next coach will feel the same way. If the next coach doesn’t, the organization will be prepared to react accordingly.

Still, before dumping Tannehill, the next coach of the Dolphins would be wise to have a viable alternative in place. If the coach doesn’t want Tannehill and gets his way, the coach will be even more accountable if his preferred option fails.

39 responses to “New Dolphins coach will have flexibility on Tannehill

  1. It would actually be wise to build a competent, functional and durable offensive line with some, depth first.

    You can plug in whomever you like behind the current line, and the results will be basically the same.

    Miami has numerous problems further up the priority list than Tannehill

  2. I am very fustated with Miami and every other team in the nfl..I feel like I am getting let down on every play. I feel like some teams don’t even have good enough communication. The wrong plays get called often and no accountability is taken place. The head coach should definitely work on this

  3. It’s clear Tannehill isn’t the answer. That being said, Tannehill isn’t the only one to blame for the teams’ woes. The blame starts at the top – owner Stephen Ross.

  4. Here’s how this is going to go. The coaching prospect who says he loves Tannehill (whether he likes him or not), will get the job. It’s the trick Rex Ryan always uses. No owner wants to get into a re-building situation, so they always hire the guy that says that the team has the talent to win right now. Rex didn’t invent this. It’s the oldest trick in the book, and it always works.

  5. I guess the fat lady started singing sooner then expected, the party is over for some, and starting soon for others. Bill

  6. Dolphins fans need to accept resigning Ryan Tannehill was horrible. Tannehill cannot throw the deep ball which causes defenses to play close to the line. He also doesn’t care much about football, so I don’t see this ever improving.

  7. I’m not a big Tannehill fan, but objectively, it would be to judge the kid after he played one full season behind an NFL-caliber offensive line.

    He’s lucky to be alive…

  8. Matt Moore was better than Tannehill all a long.. You don’t even have to ask Miko Grimes to know this.

  9. Yeah… it’s all Ryan Tannehill’s fault.

    Miami’s offensive line is ranked 30th in the league.

    In 2013… Miami’s o-line gave up the most sacks in the NFL.
    In 2014… Miami’s o-line was ranked 32nd in the NFL.

    Now… the receiving corps.

    Sure… there’s hope with Devonte Parker (if he stays healthy) and Jarvis Landry… but… after them… it’s a sad situation.

    7th round Rishard Matthews
    5th round Kenny Stills
    TE Jordan Cameron hasn’t been healthy and appears done.

    What a f-ing nightmare!!!

    … it’s ALLLLLL Ryan Tannehill’s fault.

  10. Tannehill has the skills but he needs a coach who doesn’t try to force him to carry the team or to play outside of his comfort zone in some system he’s not accustomed to. See what he’s good at and let him excel at that. See what he’s bad at and don’t ask him to do that. It’s not rocket science – it’s strengths-focused coaching.

  11. Give the next coach whatever flexibility he needs to make this team better. He needs competition next year. Not Matt Moore, best backup in the NFL competition, but someone who can vie for the starting gig and if RT can’t beat him out, sit and watch.

  12. Every preseason all the so-called “experts” gush that “this is the year that Ryan Tannehill will finally turn the corner and become an elite QB in this league.” And then I sit back and laugh as he farts away another season for the dullphins and their mess of a franchise.

  13. Tannehill is a good quarterback, but not a magical one such as Marino, Elway, Brady etc. He will not have many fourth quarter comebacks so for him to win any championships, it will have to depend on having quality players around him. I say, keep him around, but always be on the lookout for that special upgrade.

  14. I see the Tannehill fan boys are out. Is it getting old having to carry that dudes water? Always a excuse for Tannehill, never accountable. But hey, as long as Tannenbaum and Ross are in Miami, I expect the same results from them and the QB.

  15. Tannehill is NOT the guy… Matt Moore was better that rookie year and they went with Tanny which was dumbfounding… Moore was playing great the previous season and they went with a guy who got asked on Hard Knocks what teams were in the AFC East and he had no idea…. huh?

    and to all the apologists for Tannehill… he had a Jake Long anchored O line the first year, and no matter what the state of the team around him, he has never been able to read defenses or get a ball consistently on target past about 10 yards, he overthrows all the time, and he’s never finished ranked above 16th on anyones list…. and he’s 5-11 so far this year

    and now, to make matters worse… he’s got a huge head ever since he got this big contract

    he should have never started for the Dolphins and all the koolaid drinkers need to seriously come back to reality

  16. Unfortunately for Dolphins fans, the Dolphins organization doesn’t have anything worth mentioning as far as an NFL caliber “front office” is concerned. That’s why this team is the disgrace it is.

  17. LOL! Just what is it that Dalton did this year that’s so great?? Dalton didn’t do anything he hasn’t done before. He’s a vanilla at best QB that won’t be a factor in them going anywhere they haven’t gone before. The Bengals will go as far as their defense takes them.

  18. People hating on Tannehill are idiots.

    In this league, any QB that throws over 4,000 yards a year is a good QB.

    Add to that no Line, and he is the most sacked QB in the League.

    Get a clue. Did you see the game VS the patriots?

    NO long ball? Pretty good to beat the Pansies.

  19. Since Brady has been the starter Miami has never won a playoff game and has had 8 losing seasons.

    The blame of Miami’s failure lies in New England

    The blame of New England’s failure this Post Season lies in Miami!

  20. rogerbueno11 says:

    NO long ball? Pretty good to beat the Pansies.


    Tanny only went 2 of 15 longer than 12 yards

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