NFL has no update on Andrew Luck rib investigation


The recent report and updated report regarding the true status of the rib injury suffered early in the season by Colts quarterback Andrew Luck served as a reminder regarding a key aspect of the story: What, if anything, the NFL will do about it.

Periodic requests for information from the league since the league first acknowledged that it would look into the situation have resulted in consistent response. That same response came in response to the latest request from PFT, made via email on Friday.

“No update,” the league said.

There’s either no update because the investigation is still proceeding two months later, or because the NFL has chosen not to make public the outcome of the investigation.

A decision to avoid transparency wouldn’t be a surprise, given the likely reaction from Patriots fans to the news that the team that launched #DeflateGate over concerns about the “overall integrity of the game” would avoid responsibility under a policy that “is of paramount importance in maintaining the integrity of the game.”

So instead of saying anything, the NFL possibly has opted to say nothing, in the hopes that no one will notice that nothing will be done.

58 responses to “NFL has no update on Andrew Luck rib investigation

  1. Without the spinmeisters at ESPN generating contrived outrage, there won’t be any change in this, either. And since ESPN dances to Goodell’s tune, being the spineless frauds they are, this whole issue will just disappear.

  2. Colts really do deserve the bad karma they’ve gotten this year. Unfortunately the NFL and Goodell can play whatever dirty games they want with no apparent consequence.

  3. “given the likely reaction from Patriots fans”–you mean Patriots fans like you, right?

  4. I do have to say I have lost interest in professional football this year. I still watch, support and cheer for my team, the Patriots, every week. But, I have not spent one cent on any NFL merchandise, I dropped Sunday Ticket, and I won’t attend any games. I watch my Pat’s on network TV or listen to the game on the radio. I hardly watch any of the games of other teams now.

    All this is directly because of the corruption and greediness of Goodell and the league. The obvious witch hunts, the fixing of the games by the officials, the “pick and choose” of who gets investigated and punished for infractions of rules, etc, etc, etc. I go days without even reading articles on this website.

    I really wish the federal government would open up an investigation of the NFL offices. Maybe then we could get the corruption cleaned up and true fans of the game could go back to enjoying football.

  5. Florio seems to be the only media member following up on this so I’d say the NFL’s strategy of sweeping it under the rug has been successful.

    They’ll wait on making an example of someone until it’s a less popular team like Atlanta (see: pumping in crowd noise) and then pat themselves on the back.

  6. Does anyone have confidence in the NFL executive office anymore?

    The top executive has been called a liar by two sitting Judges on two different cases. He sat as a self appointed arbiter on a case where he lied about testimony given under oath and used his lies as a basis for punishment.

    The top council ignored the welfare of a teenaged girl by refusing to correct lies floated by NFL executives.

    A vice president cried in front of congress, pledging to protect women and children, while he operated a business that did no background checks and harbored a rapist that assaulted his clients. He also lied about offering a settlement deal to a child abuser-a lie backed up by the lead council on TV-only to have a recording of the offer surface proving both were lying.

    Does anyone seriously think they will do the right thing on any case they are involved in?

  7. In response to “maintaining the integrity of the game” I’m just curious as to what advantage the Colts would gain by playing an injured Andrew Luck. Where as in “deflategate” a team gained a competitive advantage.

  8. Why would they? They have no interest in the integrity of the game and potential/obvious cheating transgressions if it doesn’t begin, middle and end with the prospect of besmirching of the New England Patriots.
    They need to feed the Nat’l. hater culture with their misinformation, propaganda and slander against NE.

    Brady and Co, have exposed Frodger as the fraud he is and he will do anything he can to attempt to save face.
    too Late, Frodger, you have been exposed.

    Indianapolis Colts: Your house is replete with cheating offenses. Clean it up so you too may have the potential of being a model franchise like the Pats

  9. Too busy finding a rock quarry where they can dump a season’s worth of psi test reports that totally exonerate the Patriots. Vince McMahon gets semi-arrested and yet actual criminal Goodell wanders around a free man, unbelievable.

  10. Keep hammering Mike. You were one of few who saw through the crap that was deflategate. Next time you ask don’t forget to inquire about how the PSI testing is going and the Manning/Packers HGH scandal investigation too. The NFL is so crooked it’s obvious. I repeat my call for a Congressional investigation of this dirty, corrupt organization.

  11. Classic. Integrity of the game is only a consideration in select situations, which the NFL may or may not decide to discuss to those purchasing their product. I wonder how the measuring of football pressures is going? What? no comment?

  12. Colts fans your starting QB that you shamelessly fixed games to lose just to draft him gets injured, your inept doofus Head coach that can’t even run the swinging gate ( QB is in shotgun not under center) is getting fired , your scumbag GM is getting rated on by his own staff for CHEATING and will also be fired,after getting Gore and Jonson a lot of people picked you to get to the Super Bowl now you can’t even win your pathetic division and won’t even make the playoffs. Add in your favorite son Manning getting exposed as a cheater for his HGH use and I’d say your having one hell of a year.

  13. What I don’t understand is where is Robert Kraft? Is being part of the club more important to him than fighting for the fans that support him?

    And why isn’t the NFLPA asking about the testing football pressure results?

  14. You want to find an unlevel playing field, look no further than the league offices.

  15. profootballsquawk says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:30 AM
    In response to “maintaining the integrity of the game” I’m just curious as to what advantage the Colts would gain by playing an injured Andrew Luck. Where as in “deflategate” a team gained a competitive advantage.

    You’d have to ask Roger, he’s the one that said that being honest with the injury report “is of paramount importance in maintaining the integrity of the game.”

    But as we all know he has no clue what integrity means

  16. The NFL did not release anything because they have not even begun investigating. They were too busy getting the right color cover on the appeal for Brady’s suspension. You know getting the right color for them was more important than integrity.

    Remember this is the NFL that caught the Broncos cheating the salary cap, with John Beake as the GM. He ‘left’ the Broncos in 98 after their 2nd Superbowl victory, also the same time at which they were caught. Then in 2002 the NFL hires the guy to be a vp of football operations and president ov NFL Europe.

    Kraft now should sue the NFL for the psi results, and when exonerated and receiving the draft picks back, demand Goodell be fired, without any proof of evidence, because that is how roger works.

  17. Goodell and the Owners are corrupt

    There is no integrity in this $40 Billion industry

    Congress should withdraw anti-trust exemptions until such time that the owners follow their own Article 8 and insist on a Commissioner with “unquestioned integrity”

  18. There is no justice in the NFL. It is similar to an old western movie plot.

    Inconsistent penalties metered out by a corrupt sheriff. He has staffed his office with individuals that have agendas. These individuals have previously worked for the true villains, certain land”owners” that end up controlling the entire department.

    Factor in how terrible officiating has been this year, and the lack of any real repercussions due to it, and the average bettor should beware, something really diabolical is going on…………..

  19. Roger Goodell refused to even look into the widespread allegation that the Colts were fixing NFL games to “Suck for Luck”

    No one should be surprised he won’t look into this

    History will show the Colts to be the cheaters they are and Goodell and certain owners to be corrupt

  20. Patriots fans aren’t seriously complaining about another team manipulating the injury report, are they?

  21. Yeah that’s the sound of brooms we hear in the distance.

    Goodell’s National Integrity League

    Goodell is vile

    Goodell must go

  22. No! We’re complaining about the incosistency of the reaction & punishment to it. Either hire Ted wells for every infraction& cause a media outrage to everybody, or no one

  23. Pats fans seem to be one of the few fan bases smart enough to see that the injury report’s “integrity” is only designed to funnel gambling profits to legal and illegal entities

    As Belichick himself has affirmed Goodell is putting player safety at risk

    But those are the rules and the Colts are cheating

    Worse yet, Goodell shows that he will turn a blind eye to the Colts protecting players (or fixing games to get them in the draft) but punish the Patriots for far less

    When a Commissioner of a professional sports league selectively applies the rules to help some teams and hurt other it’s time for everyone to demand he steps down

    Roger Goodell and these owners have turned the NFL into the WWE

    Sadly most fans are too stupid to realize this

  24. In a competitive league, to force the teams to disclose all injuries is insanity.

    In the NHL, it’s often out with a “lower-body” injury, etc.

    It absolutely shows how beholden the NFL is to gambling interests. We all know money trumps integrity (how else do you explain the continued employment of R. Goodell?) but this is ridiculous.

  25. profootballsquawk says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:30 AM

    In response to “maintaining the integrity of the game” I’m just curious as to what advantage the Colts would gain by playing an injured Andrew Luck. Where as in “deflategate” a team gained a competitive advantage.

    Defaltegate occurred because Kensil and Grigson were too dumb to know balls deflate in the cold. The corrupt Wells report has been debunked and even the NFL admitted in federal court that they had no evidence.

    On the other hand the failure to disclose Luck’s injury makes the other team prepare for him even though the Colts were already certain he would not play.

    But what else would you expect from a team known for pumping in crown noise, turning up thermostats in the visiting locker room for halftime and throwing an entire season to get a QB?

    Oh, yeah…and let’s not forget their biggest scumbag move leaving their fanbase in the cover of night to run to Indy from Baltimore..

  26. As usual admitted cheaters like the Patriots (in 8 years 2 hefty fines and loss of draft picks, 2 employees suspended (including the “Deflator”) reinstated at first opportunity, etc.) are trying to make this all about how other teams who have not admitted cheating are worse.

  27. Oh trust me, the NFL is definitely taking this seriously. They will finally get around to releasing their findings after they finish their investigation into who leaked Josh Freeman’s confidential medical records back in 2013.

  28. I have read the reports & at this stage, this looks like a lot of media propaganda. This injury was fully disclosed, Luck missed games…how can anyone claim it wasn’t disclosed? If they did bring him back too quickly, then I can count 31 other teams that all can be held accountable for similar travesties. Ultimately, isn’t it the doctor’s & player’s responsibility to determine a player’s health? Coaches & the teams shouldn’t be held responsible if a player, with a doctor’s permission slip, chooses to take the field.

  29. Colts should have to forfeit a third round draft pick over this. That’ll make other teams think twice about not being honest with the injury report.

  30. sansbushman says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:53 AM
    Goodell and Vincent discipline Grigson? Really?
    Exactly – but more explicitly, Grigson and Kensil broke league rules and procedures (Colts broke two rules by taking a needle on the sidelines & tampering with a Pats ball, Kensil never raised concerns with the Pats, then allowed the game to start despite thinking the Pats balls were underinflated, then allowed the 2nd half to start knowing at least some Colts balls were underinflated), all as part of their failed, incompetent sting of the Pats at the AFCCG. So even if they wanted to dump on Grigson they can’t because he’d squeal about it all and maybe even claim that Kensil told him to arrange a needling of a Pats ball if he could (remember, the league is still denying it was a sting). So they’ll drag their heels until people are busy with the SB, or later, and announce no worse than a slap on the wrist – or a reminder to all teams to report injuries properly.

  31. Received a mixed emotion Christmas present from my daughter. She got me a Patriots tee shirt and a Patriots hoody sweatshirt. On one hand I was pleased that it was Patriots stuff. But the fact that it came from the NFL store bothered me. Just the thought of them getting 5¢ on my behalf bothers me.
    Fire Goodell already.

  32. So tored of this clown car team that got fat on a garbage division. Luck was easy to figure out. I cant see this guy ever getting back to pro bowl form. If he cant throw deep to a wife open speedster hes bad

  33. No need to pile in Indy, They are dysfunctional and are their own worst enemies. I predict 2016, will be worse for them, because of Irsay and Grigson. They are truly repulsive.

  34. That’s not long at all by NFL standards! The Dolphins still have yet to complete their investigation and hand out punishments for the Richie Incognito/Johnathan Martin ordeal. Any day now…

  35. Ted Wells did the investigation but the Dolphins said they would do further investigation and determine what actions would be taken. We’re still waiting for that investigation to finish and for penalties to be handed out.

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