Report: Browns will fire coach, GM


The Browns plan to move on from general manager Ray Farmer and head coach Mike Pettine after Sunday’s season finale, a report Saturday said.

The report by Mary Kay Cabot quoted sources as saying team owner Jimmy Haslam is inclined to “blow things up” and has already begun seeking out replacements. Though this is the first sourced report of such moves happening — Cabot wrote that interviews with potential replacements could begin as soon as Sunday night — neither move would be a surprise.

The Browns went 7-9 last year in Pettine’s first season but lost their final five games. They’re 3-12 headed into Sunday’s game vs. the Steelers and have won once since October.

Farmer was hired by the Browns in 2013 and promoted in Feb. 2014, a few weeks after Pettine was hired as head coach.

It was previously reported that Pettine met with Haslam and was told that a decision would be made either after the game or on Monday. Cabot previously wrote that assistant coaches walked out of a Friday meeting with Pettine feeling the staff would be fired.

Haslam took ownership of the Browns in Oct. 2012. He fired team president Mike Holmgren, general manager Tom Heckert and head coach Pat Shurmur at the conclusion of the 2012 season, fired head coach Rob Chudzinski at the end of 2013 and then fired team CEO Joe Banner and general manager Mike Lombardi in 2014 when Farmer was promoted.

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  1. LOL! Why? Seriously, why? How many coaches has this franchise had in the last thirty years? What a bummer they are. Good luck trying to build a winning franchise with a new HC every 1-2 years!

  2. Come on Browns, do the right thing and hire Greg Schiano and lets keep this thing rolling!

  3. Pro Football Talk should always have this headline and story written up every season just waiting to hit Publish.

    Because the Browns do this like every year or two.

  4. So after tomorrow, Jimmy will have fired 1 President, 1 CEO, 3 GMs, and 3 HCs, but he’s the constant. Maybe he should fire himself.

  5. They continue to hire the wrong people every time (much like Miami).

    Vicious catch-22. It makes no sense to have continuity with garbage…………..problem is, they keep replacing garbage with different garbage.

    Or something…..

  6. How about leaving a guy in place for more than 30 games and see if he can build something? The team has sucked for decades, what’s another couple of years?

  7. It’s time to hire Chip Kelly to replace both of them!

    Then they can get RG3 off of Washington for a second round draft pick!

    C’mon Browns! You know you can do it!

  8. I’m not sure what credible coach would even want this position at this point. If the owner is not gonna allow you to install some changes and create a winning culture that will take a few years, what is the point? Owner is delusional about where this organization is and what is best for it. I Feel bad for Browns fans. No fan base should have to endure this much failure just because their team happens to be owned by an idiot.

  9. Draft order, free agency, and a fairly consistent cap number are all instruments that encourage continuity at the management roles in the NFL. The sooner the Browns realize this the sooner they can get back to being competitive.

  10. And the long raging dumpster fire in Cleveland continues.

    You could argue that the Browns need some serious long term stability at HC and GM, but Pettine and Farmer were complete idiots. Pettine seemingly was able to alienize players and made some seriously confusing statements; Farmer has just been an awful GM, though to be fair Haslam has interfered badly too (i.e. choosing to draft Manziel over Carr).

    This is a complete mess. Only a complete clean house sweep can save Cleveland, since this is a top to bottom issue.

  11. How do you expect to win when you are bringing in a new vision every yr……this is madness, whoever they get to take the job should be given at least 3-4 yrs to get things going in the right direction….Only person that would take it that might be able to fix this mess is Mangini, everyone else would be wise to stay clear of this mess…..

  12. I think pettines calling is in college. He was actually coaching high school this time 15 years ago and his dad is a Pennsylvania legend. He can be very rigid and I think he felts well for college. Not to mention he was a db at Virginia

  13. Consistency is normally good in the NFL……..The constant turnover of the front office has been consistent with this owner and is not good……..Hope he reconsiders and looks to give them one more year to start making improvements……….


  15. is this the same owner that traded up to get Johnny coke-head? I feel bad for Cleveland’s football fans. They deserve better.

  16. Can you imagine Chip Kelly coaching Johnny Football?! I can…because it’s going to happen. I have a friend who knows Kelly quite well. You heard it here first….remember that.

  17. Firing Pettine is not the right move IMO. Firing Farmer is the right move. The Browns problem for years has been the front office. They make stupid personnel decisions and make horrible draft picks. That points to a GM problem, and his staff, not the coaching staff.

  18. All I can say is “WoW”! Do you really think you can keep a coach who’s speciality is defense, which is ranked 32, and keep the G..M. Who blows draft choices on a regular basis. He needs to blow it up, and finally get professional in here to run the team.

  19. Hopefully Rex gives him a call, and they bring him back as defensive coordinator. The Bills played well under him. Since Schwartz isn’t coming back, Pettine is a consolation prize.

  20. now the major question….will Chip go to Cleveland?? i could actually see that because 1) he did try to recruit Manziel and 2) i could also see him trading for RG3 or Kaepernick (i would trade for Griffin) and have them in a QB competition….now will it happen, my prediction is HAHAHA. my GUESS is Chip ends up in either Miami (with Tannehill battling Kaepernick for the QB job) or in Tennessee (Mariota the unquestioned starter with a mobile QB backing up).

    as for the Browns, after they fire their coach, my guess is that they hire a smaller type of splash name coach. Gase could be the one they hire, but Philly is my guess for him (now)…i could see them going after Schiano or Kirk Ferentz….then using the first round pick on Bosa and their second round pick on Cardale Jones, then letting McCown start until Jones is ready.

  21. everybody he fired deserved it

    hire somebody good for 5 year contract and be ready to pay them and put up with being lousy for at least 2 more years

  22. Can you blow up a rubble pile?At this point wouldn’t it be “hauling it to the landfill” or something along those lines. You know, instead of Mayflower trucks in the middle of the night to Baltimore, this time garbage trucks in the middle of the day to the dump.

  23. As a Jags fan I can honestly say…..
    I really feel bad for the Browns fans.The Jags are finally doing things right and it’s only a matter of time that our luck changes. But the Browns fans are stuck with this mess.
    Atleast the fans can always live thru the movie The Draft.

  24. It’s deserved in this case, unlike when he fired Chud after just one season. They actually showed progress at various points that season. Pettine is not a good coach. They’re 3-17 over the last 20 games with him as coach. That’ll get anyone fired. And as someone else pointed out, he’s supposed to be a defensive expert and yet the Browns defense is ranked last in the NFL.

  25. Rumor has it that the browns will hire Adam Gase as HC, and will bring Peyton Manning to Cleveland to play for one or two seasons, with the agreement that when he retires, he will assume the GM / Executive VP position similar to what Elway has in Denver, and Haslam will also offer part ownership in the franchise as extra incentive. This scenario, is very believable considering Haslam’s relationship with Peyton and the Manning family from their University of Tennessee ties. This move makes great sense, in that Haslam has the financial ability to make this happen, and the appeal to end his career playing for his former O.C. in Gase, (which basically means, Manning has free reign to run the offense himself). It would be a great ending to his career, if he could somehow lead the abysmal browns to the playoffs, then continue to keep them as perennial contenders post retirement as GM. These moves by Haslam would be about the only thing to bring legitimacy back to this circus of a franchise.

  26. I don’t know why the NFL allows Haslam to own a team. In addition to running a fraudulent company, he’s running the Browns into the ground with all this constant turnover. This carousel is setting back the franchise years with each bad decision after the next.

  27. jagsfanugh says:
    Jan 2, 2016 9:10 PM
    This is how a team wins championships. Firing everyone every year. What a hot mess this organization is.


    The coach before Pete Carroll in Seattle? Jim Mora. Coached 1 year. Pete Carroll only went to Seattle because he was being sanctioned by the NCAA.

    The coach before Belichek in New England? Pete Carroll who only coached there 3 years before being hired.

    Some of the teams we see as perennial contenders today have had the quick hook in the past.

    That said, I agree with the majority of the posters. Hire a GM, let him hire a coach. Let the coach and GM determine if they want to keep Manziel and stay out of it no matter what the decision.

  28. Pettine will never, ever (head)-coach again in the NFL (i.e., Pettine has been far worse than Eric Mangini ever was).

  29. The owner should take the time to learn a little bit about football, and sports in general. Go out and hire a good guy, and give them 4-5 years to get the job done. Many times, a really bad franchise (like the Raiders were) is deep in a hole. It’ll take a couple years just to get to zero, then build from there. If the new GM thinks he only has two years to get to the super bowl, he’ll sell the future down the road.

  30. Can we do it right once, for cripes sake? Hire a winning overseer consultant (Bill Polian, Ernie Accosi et al…, no, not Dwight Clark) to put the winning infrastructure in place. The NFL would benefit from the Browns being relevant once again. Roger?…

  31. I seem to recall Pettine talking trash about Tom Brady and deflategate. If you’re a head coach in the NFL and talk trash about Tom Brady you are in the wrong profession. Maybe he can hire on as the third guy on one of NYC’s many sports talk shows. Talking trash about the Patriots is a requirement of those positions.

  32. the only thing the Browns head coaching job has going for it is its one of only 32…take that out of the equation and its nothing more than a dead end job…albeit a well paying one compared to most other dead end jobs…good luck Brownies!

  33. Chipper Kelly and Johnny Football could be very interesting as Sgt Schultz used to say and hey chip take Billy Davis with you too.

  34. So… the next HC goes in knowing he has two years to win big, and he’s stuck with Manziel

  35. Always amazed that folks who manage to accrue billions of dollars can still be complete buffoons.

  36. Pettine undermined them by publicly going after Manziel.
    It lessens what they can get by trading him away.

    Since they owe Pettine his contract money, they should keep him for another year, under the pretense of “stability”.
    In reality, by firing him, they make it harder to get a new good HC, because its an unstable position.

  37. I can still remember the Browns playing the Cowboys in maybe the last NFL 3rd place game. The Browns were on their way down, the Cowboys up. That was the mid-60’s. Now, both teams stink again, but the poor Browns have never recovered. This owner just might be up for moving this team down south somewhere. He sure seems to be running the team as if he doesn’t give a rip.

  38. Hire that Air Force guy…Mckimmie – he makes a good pitch and at least shows that he has the leadership knowledge to bring this team back to legitimacy.

  39. There is no question that they will hire another coach who will be happy to take the job. Don’t blame Haslam, he wants to win and he was snowed by the wanabes that pawn themselves off as coaches and don’t have the ability to supervise and maintain the behavior of the players. Sometimes you have to sweep a house many times before all the dirt is gone.

  40. The Browns are what the Pirates used to be. Just another team not really contending for anything. Every now and then, they win a game. Only difference other than the two teams representing 2 different sports is the vast amount of games played in a season.

  41. When he bought the team, he should have left Holmgren and Heckert in charge for at least another year and let them see their program through. He could have sat and observed and learned about the NFL while they had a chance to complete their vision. They had improved the roster a lot and the trajectory was pointing up.

    While I disagreed with getting rid of Holmgren’s organization, he should have then retained Chud and Banner and let that regime see its vision through (and I know Banner had a role in firing Chud).

    In theory, I agree firing people constantly is bad. But, I do think Farmer is a horrible GM with no vision for how to put together a strong team and I think Pettine is not a championship level coach. The staff he put together is the worst in football. So Haslam screwed it up twice before, but firing these people is the right move.

  42. I mean is Jimmy Haslam just perfect for Cleveland or what?
    Sure seems like a match made in heaven. This guy owned part of the Steelers,saw how they did things and won regularly then buys a team and does the exact opposite.Based on his history by now he would have had b Chuck Noll, Tom Landry fired.pete carroll had 2 losing seasons in a row at Seattle, lets fire him too.
    These arent truck stop managers and oil procurement specialists pal.
    I think ole Truck Stop has gotten in over his head.
    He had a trust/cred issue with the legal problems now he fires everyone before their feet are even secure onthe ground.
    get back to truck stops and squeezing another 3 cents a gallon out of the general public

  43. Atten Readers: Ignore the 96% arm chair experts here giving their 2cents as it’s merely Pettine hate.

    Big mistake, you cannot go through 3 coaches since 2012, no wonder why the Browns never gain any ground because it’s totally uplifted after 1 or 2 years every time. These things need to get a steady foundation and that requires 3 years, at least. Pettine is a very good coach, he just was not given the players and coaching staff that would of propelled his coaching talents to a Browns Dynasty.

    Yep i said it, Browns Dynasty!

  44. They need Hizlan to articulate a clear and achievable PLAN for the NEXT 4 YEARS starting with a NEW Front Office and Head Coach, who will be given 4 years-period!

    Hizlan needs to specify what must be achieved

    – Select the Right Head Coach
    – Select the Right People to Develop the Talent
    – Hit on 50% of 1st round draft picks (Good Starters)
    – Hit on 33% of 2nd round draft picks (Decent Starters)
    – Hit on 25% of 3rd round daft picks (Starters/Role Players)
    – Hit on at least 1 more per year (Make an impact on Team)
    – Make 2-3 good signings annually from 4-5.

    – Use the Personnel You have in the Optimal Way instead of forcing them into a static system where they get incorrectly or under-utilized (see Houston Texans)

    FANS & OWNERS: Don’t Worry about finding the next John Elway, just take care of things as described above and there will be lots of opportunities to have an eventual Super Bowl Team, that can be consistently competitive.

  45. Meanwhile Teddy Bridgewater, who your newly fired GM wanted is headed to the playoffs. I suppose the text Jimmy Haslam read from Johnny Manziel on Draft Day about “wrecking this league” actually, it looks like he wanted to wreck the Browns. But why blame Ray for Johnny… you picked him.

  46. This news is beside the point when Cleveland’s only recognizable asset is its ownership of an NFL franchise. That’s why Haslam is selling out to a San Antonio ownership group next week and it is their hiring of new management and coaching staff that matters.

  47. I said it early in the season. This guy was just in way over his head. They need someone with plenty of experience to get the most out of what they have now while they rebuild and add more talent along the way. That will be hard to do. Coughlin could be the guy if the is let go, but one that I think would energize them immediately would be Hue Jackson. He’s been around, but he is inventive in his offense and I think he is the perfect fit for a young QB/offense and he could turn Gordon into the best thing since sliced bread, that is if Gordon can stay on the field. Along with a GM that can find some talent in the later rounds and they can be very competitive in the AFC North.

  48. He needs to fire Manziel while he is at it. The Browns are a train wreck dunpster fire and Manziel is a lot more of a problem that he is a solution in the factory of sadness.

  49. I understand the sentiment of everyone ripping the Browns for blowing everything up again.

    But what’s the alternative? Does anyone actually believe this team is going anywhere with these two? Pettine is 3-17 over his last twenty games over two seasons, and there have been ZERO positive signs of improvement. The Browns, as a team, are betting at nothing than they were before he got there.

    As for Farmer, he had two 1st round draft picks last year and came away with ZERO impact players. The talent base of this team is no better than when he took over.

    This is a results based industry, folks. No one is asking you to win a Super Bowl in two years, but you’ve got to be able to prove you are actually moving in the right direction.

  50. jasjbb says:
    Jan 2, 2016 9:35 PM
    Can you imagine Chip Kelly coaching Johnny Football?! I can…because it’s going to happen. I have a friend who knows Kelly quite well. You heard it here first….remember that.

    Nobody believes you or would be impressed even if they did.

  51. It appears that Jimmy Haslam went out of his way to hire a man of color as GM without considering Ray Farmer’s qualifications for the job; Ray Farmer was completely lost in his role as General Manager.
    Perhaps, this time around, Haslam will put a “football guy” in place 1st and let him hire the new coach.
    As to Garrett’s job security in Dallas; as long as Garrett continues to be Jerry Jones’s patsy and does exactly what JJ wants, he’ll continue as the Dallas coach in perpetuity.

  52. Can the owner fire himself? The rot starts at the head, as the saying goes.

    Farmer hasn’t done a great job but Pettine – who knows what kind of job he could do with a competent front office? I think the jury’s still out on him. Firing him does no good for the Browns. If I’m one of the teams looking for a head coach, I put Pettine on my list to interview. He may not be a top candidate but there’s frankly not much out there. What might he do with a team like the Dolphins or Saints?

  53. As others have said, Farmer and the personnel people should be blown to smithereens.

    Hire a GM and an experienced consultant and have Petinne coach another year. After that, determine if a new coach is needed.

    Looking for a GM and a coach is pointless at this stage of the game for Cleveland.

    The only person who would coach or GM at this point is the homeless guy.

  54. A year too late!! Farmer turned this team into the 5th oldest team in the NFL with zero playmakers! He passed on stud playmakers to draft Gilbert, Manziel, Shelton, and Erving 3 busts and a QB that can’t stay out of trouble! Farmer set this team back 5 years by not resigning their best FAs and signing old veterans just looking for paychecks and again ZERO playmakers! This team is the joke of the NFL!!!! Farmers philosophy that WRs and play-makers are not important is a complete joke! How the hell did this guy get a GM job????? Stability is important, but only if the right guys are in place! Clearly both Farmer and Pettine are in over their heads!!!! This truly is the factory of sadness and the fans deserve so much better!! It is going to be very ugly today when our stadium has more Sqeeler Fans than Browns fans!!!! Very ugly!!!! 3-13 season……

  55. Dear Joe Thomas,

    Sorry this team has wasted your career. Congratulations on another probowl.

    Browns Fans everywhere.

  56. Who would want to coach the Browns at this point?

    I recall that in the weeks before Pettine was hired that a lot of the candidates the Browns contacted declined to even interview for the position. I can’t see any decent coach willing to put himself in a similar situation this time around either.

  57. Word is that it was the owner who pushed to draft Johnny Goofup.
    Now he’s firing everybody around him to try to cover for his own disastrous mistake.

  58. With ownership like this, you wonder why the NFL worked so hard to put the Browns back in Cleveland after Modell moved.

  59. Congrats Johnny Football. You’re getting a GM, a HC and presumably all the coaches under him fired. Go out and have a couple Jag bombs to celebrate and be sure to document on social media because we all really dig that stuff.

  60. Why would anyone want to go there, knowing they will be a fired in a year or two? It takes time to turn around a train wreck, Haslam.

  61. If I knew I was fired. I would go into this game not play ANY of my starters, let us get blown out by 60+ points. Now THAT would be the way to leave !! I feel bad for pettine, he was dealt the injury bug half the time he was here. We were 7 and 4 when Gipson went down last year… then lost 5 straight. This year we didn’t have ANY chance because for some odd reason they though shelton was some freak of nature that would stop the run almost completely.. yea WE ALL seen how that turned out. You let buster skin go in FA.. he was a dynamic player. So you hire a guy that was once an all star in gb. Tram on Williams does not deserve to even be here next year… he single handedly gave us I know of 2 losses. I am just sick of the browns not draft g correctly not getting the right people in FA.. I mean PRIME example. Dwayne Bowe……… yea that about sums it all up. The browns are a joke and forever will be a joke because they have zero stability. Each time a coach comes here he’s already looking for his next job in 1 to 2 years.. Mike pettine can only play the cards he was delt guys. Remember that. One thing next year the next coach will have a little better of a hand because we get gordon back and that is a HUGE help. But I feel bad for pettine. They can let farmer go. He can’t draft so save his life… those are just my thoughts.

  62. @hickman actually he should try to win and hope the Titans lose cause then he’s at least not leaving the Browns w the #1 pick. Thats the more effective payback than another loss at this point.

  63. This team has been a big ball of dysfunction since they were reformed in 1999.
    Just peruse their draft picks over that time, with Johnny Football being just the latest personification of this.

    1999 – 1st overall – QB Tim Couch – University of Kentucky
    The Browns released Couch after the 2003 season and he made brief appearances in camps for Green Bay and Jacksonville – but he never played another down in the NFL again.

    2000 – 1st overall – DE Courtney Brown – Penn State
    Overall, Brown played in 47 games for Cleveland before being released in 2004. He signed with Denver, played one year and was placed on injured reserve before 2006. He never took another snap in the NFL.

    2001 – 3rd overall – DT Gerard Warren – University of Florida
    After a lackluster 2003 in which he missed three games, Warren was traded to the Denver Broncos for a fourth-round pick.

    2002 – 16th overall – RB William Green – Boston College
    A top-rated running back out of college, Green slipped in the draft due to two college suspensions for marijuana use….which did not deter the Brownies.
    In the middle of the 2003 season, Green was arrested for DWI wearing only one shoe and sock. His fiancée (now wife) then stabbed him in the left shoulder blade during a domestic dispute in November 2003. Green took his last snap with the Browns in 2005 and was released at the end of the 2006 training camp.

    2007 – 22nd overall – QB Brady Quinn – Norte Dame
    No comment required

    2012 – 3rd overall – RB Trent Richardson – University of Alabama
    Seen as a “can’t-miss” prospect, the Browns moved up in the draft with Minnesota to take this stud running back from Alabama.

    2014 – 22nd overall – QB Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M
    TBD, not going to end well..

    Rinse and repeat…

  64. Both deserve to be fired. They were more interested in finding excuses to keep Johnny Manziel on the bench than winning football games. Manziel has 2 of the 3 wins the team has as starter, and yet they want to bench him because he was partying. What does partying has to do with winning football games. If you don’t like your quarterback to party then you should hire the Pope to play quarterback.

  65. You have the highest paid defense in the league, yet they are pathetic at stopping the run AND the pass. You had another year of 2 first round picks. Once again those picks were wasted on a fat slob nose tackle who gets pushed around like a schoolgirl, and an offensive lineman who will go down as THE worst lineman in the history of professional football. Pettine loves the Def. Co-ordinator so let them both go, so they can continue their sordid love affair, and jet that moron Farmer out of town, for his own protection. What few Browns fans are left will tar and feather that idiot if he is seen on any street in Cuyahoga Country.

  66. LOL! CB front office – put down the crack pipe or just re-light it and pass it along to “the next coach” as you try stupidly and repeatedly to build a solid foundation on a base of quicksand.

  67. I could see getting rid of Farmer, but Pettine? No, not at all. He’s a good coach who seemed to have the respect of his players. Pettine was far, far, far from the top of the list as far as main problems with the team are concerned.

    But even in Farmer’s defense, if an owner is going to give these positions to first timers, GIVE THEM A CHANCE. Everyone seems to think becoming a GM or HC is such an easy thing. How about letting these guys learn and grow to be better at their jobs, just like you’d give a rookie high round draft pick a chance.

    The first thing the Browns need is stability. Haslam is a fool playing with an expensive toy. He has no idea what he’s doing, and fans will continue to suffer.

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