Report: Haslam wouldn’t answer when Pettine asked if he’s safe

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Publicly, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has said nothing about whether coach Mike Pettine will return for the 2016 season. And Haslam isn’t answering that question privately either.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that Pettine asked Haslam to tell him whether he’d be back beyond Sunday’s season finale or not, and Haslam refused to answer.

“Pettine actually asked him, ‘Have you made a decision about my future?’ And Haslam would not answer, and that essentially ended that meeting,” Rapoport said on NFL Network.

Haslam’s refusal to answer strongly suggests that he’s not going to bring Pettine back: If Haslam believes Pettine is the right man for the job going forward, presumably he’d tell Pettine that.

So the Browns, who in the last eight seasons have gone from Romeo Crennel to Eric Mangini to Pat Shurmur to Rob Chudzinski to Mike Pettine, appear poised to make yet another coaching change. And hope that the next coach can win a playoff game, something none of the Browns’ coaches since their 1999 return has been able to do.

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  1. They are really going to have a hard time filling that job with anyone decent if they fire another coach after one year. It’s not like the team is built to win right now and the only thing holding them back is the coach.

  2. All this guy needs to do is look at the Redskins last 20 years. Snyder made all these same mistakes. Haslam can save himself and his fans a lot (more) grief by learning from others mistakes instead of blindly repeating them thinking the results will be different (ego).

  3. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Doesn’t even apply to this team anymore. Most dysfunctional team in all of pro sports. Not even an argument.

  4. Teams need consistency in order to be successful. If you change coaching staffs every year you will never find that consistency.

  5. As a business owner, if my GM and chief operating officer were doing lousy jobs I wouldn’t hesitate firing them. Continuity only has value when improvement is evident; continuity on a downward slant is preposterous.

    Changes for the purpose of changing the direction/market value of the company is necessary for the health of the business. The NFL is, basically, set up as a no-fail conglomerate. But individual owners can destroy themselves – just ask formers owners of the Eagles, Browns, Patriots, etc.

  6. Pettine has made errors but has been a good football coach. He has improved over last season in game management and despite the record the players overall play hard for him. Blowing this turd pile up AGAIN won’t accomplish anything beyond setting everything back two/three more seasons.
    If he feels the need to fire everyone again, Haslam needs to sell the team and go back to screwing truck drivers.

  7. Let’s see, two men in a meeting. One is alleged to have not responded to an alleged question. Here, the alleged reporter does not quote one of the two men, just reports his knowledge of what was said. How does that sound to you? Me, I doubt the conversation happened.

  8. kneedragr says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:48 AM
    They are really going to have a hard time filling that job with anyone decent if they fire another coach after one year. It’s not like the team is built to win right now and the only thing holding them back is the coach.
    Yes, they need to give Pettine time to put in his own program with his own players. He hasn’t even been able to install his own quarterback yet.

  9. Another year, another coach, another QB, another 1st rounder used on a QB. It’s the same old story in Cleveland.

  10. The good news is that the next head coach of the browns will be the highest paid coach of all time. That’s the only way they will replace Pettine.

  11. In 2012 Haslam went on and on about how he valued character, intelligence and continuity most of all – hire the right people and let them do their job, he said. And this year, at the beginning of the season, he said he wouldn’t blow things up no matter the results on the field because he felt they had the right people in place.

  12. Look around at the “good” teams in the league and you see that they all have one thing in common: Stability. New coaches, GMs, coordinators every year or so; all of whom knowing that they won’t be there long without immediate success. In Cleveland they should call it the Carousel of Sadness.

    Haslam should hire Ozzie Newsome for whatever sum it requires to get him for 4 years and then give him the keys and walk away.

  13. Pettine may or may not have the makings of a good game day coach. Between injury and the bag of manure Farmer/Haslam gave him to work with it’s impossible to know. But he is just to open and honest to be a good HC off the field. That’s not to say he needs to lie or be a Sphinx but more often than not when it comes to dealing with the press less is more. Stories like this or the endless Manziel stuff are every bit as likely to come up in the exit interview as game performance. By comparison Farmer has kept his head relatively low and Haslam isn’t about to fire himself.

    Browns fans deserve better than the Factory of Sadness

  14. Dear Browns fans,

    You deserve better than this crooked, shady liar owner.
    Haslam will end up in prison before he will be able to produce a Super Bowl caliber team.

    Chiefs Nation has a class act owner, front office, head coach and best fans in the league.
    You are welcome to dump that pathetic Browns organization and join Chiefs Nation before the playoff train takes off and steamrolls its way to Levi Stadium for super Bowl 50

  15. They are really going to have a hard time filling that job with anyone decent if they fire another coach after one year. It’s not like the team is built to win right now and the only thing holding them back is the coach.

    First of all this is Pettine’s 2nd year as Browns coach so he’s not a one-and-done. And no, the Browns won’t have a hard time at all finding a good coach. There are only 32 of these jobs so it’s always a sellers market for the team. And money talks. Every coach has something called an ego. They think they can be the ones to turn it around.

  16. At this point Haslam won’t be able to convince the homeless guy that told him to draft Manzel to coach the team. Hire Polian or Wolfe as a consultant and have them build a plan. If they believe in the plan they can help you recruit a decent coach and GM. Do this BEFORE you fire anyone. Last time we pulled the trigger on Chudzinski, Banner and Lombardi then went looking. That’s how we got Farmer and Pettine. I don’t care how many billions of dollars Haslam has he can’t buy credibility in knowing what he’s doing. Give Polian or Wolfe millions to help you gain some credibility.

  17. You outsiders have to realize that Jimmy Haslam is not a meddler. He lets his coach run the team on field, and he lets his GM handle all personnel decisions. The last two years has proven that neither coach or GM can do their jobs. Rather than continued improvement there has been regression. Would you let your business fail just to have continuity? Or, let your employees run your business into the ground? $12 million for Dwayne Bowe– give me a break.

  18. Of course he’s 100% safe. After yet another terrific season for Cleveland narrowly missing the playoffs, Jimmy Haslam has become the role model that all other owners aspire to be. Jimmy’s great judgement and vast football knowledge allows him to text and select the right Draft pick to become the franchise QB. He’s all about building continuity and stability right through the entire Browns organization with only 5 different coaches in 8 years. Yes, that sort of stability also includes Jimmy’s uncanny ability to find the right GM, Ray Farmer you’re also 100% safe after another great Draft.


  19. Pettine sure has some big stones asking if he is safe?The only other guy who leads a charmed life is Ginger Garrett in Dallas…

  20. How could he possibly be safe?

    Endless possibilities if you have an open mind that doesn’t support cheaters. Owners can work in mysterious ways… Look at Kraft he admitted to cheating that neve happened … Right?

  21. Yah kinda feel bad for Pettine. He was given the opportunity to fulfill his coaching dream and like most circumstances it turns into a nightmare. What a terrible organization. Only an idiot would take this job going fwd

  22. This is Pettine’s fault. To even consider a job offer from someone like Haslam is a fool’s move. What qualified coach or exec would be foolish enough to work for this clown? Pettine’s has dug his own grave. Tim to lay in it!

  23. Throughout the history of sports, there have been a lot of players that were successful, even though they probably drank more than they should have. I am not justifying their drinking. What I am saying, is that Johnny isn’t some special snowflake that has gone where no other athlete has gone before.

    Johnny’s problem is that he is playing in the era where the vast majority of people have turned into a bunch of self-absorbed Gladys Kravitzs. IMO, a bunch of busybodies with nothing better to do with there pathetic lives than try and catch professional athletes in less than ideal situations.

    Johnny will have no choice, but to clean up his act if he intends on playing professional football. No team is going to want to deal with questions constantly being asked about what Johnny is up to.

  24. I’m not saying they are the ONLY answer, but unless you have Gruden or Manning waiting in the wings, please do not fire Pettine. He’s not the greatest coach, but most players seem to want him back. Farmer is worthless, dump him Sunday right after the clock expires in the 4th quarter. DC and OL coaches should be on a separate plane home with farmer. Please don’t do an entire reboot Jimmy, give Pet one more year.

  25. that would be the best news for Johnny football and the browns franchise could hear! the important thing they need to do when interviewing the next coach is to find out if they want manziel on the team and are willing to work with him and give him a fair shot, if not then cut ties with him now so he does have a chance to catch on with another team that will give him the chance. he needs the chance to prove he can do the job before you worry about his so called off the field issues.

  26. Jimmy, please make Wrecks an offer. Hes a great coach and defensive guru. Signed…a Bills fan….

  27. Winning a playoff game? How about just winning some games and not filling the roster with players with known substance abuse problems like Gordon, Manziel, etc. you don’t earn respect if you don’t respect yourself. Browns fans are unbelievably loyal. We deserve at least an attempt to move forward with some level of integrity.

  28. It’s got to be the curse of Lake Erie. Both the Bills and Browns have seen only hard ache year after year. The excitement they see in January is that first mock draft and dreams of next year.

  29. kneedragr says:
    Jan 2, 2016 8:48 AM
    They are really going to have a hard time filling that job with anyone decent if they fire another coach after one year. It’s not like the team is built to win right now and the only thing holding them back is the coach.


    It’s been 2 years and the defensive head coach has turned a top 10 defense into the 26 rated defense. Usually you would still like to give a coach more time but he has been very toxic and very ineffective. There is no evidence of turning things around with this team.

    Hell he already threw every other coach on the team under the bus saying he would have no problem firing every one of them as long as he kept his job before the season is even over.

    Keeping in mind that Pettine wasn’t anyone’s first choice, second choice, or third choice.

    If not for the Browns he may never have gotten a head coach job. I’m not sure if some people actually think Pettine is a good coach or just dislike Manziel that much that they support Pettine by default.

  30. Royals = Multiple World Series titles
    Chiefs = Super Bowl championship

    Indians ===== ZERO


    sorry georgyZERO


  31. It’s ALLLLLL Tim Couch/Derek Anderson/Brandon Weeden/Brian Hoyer’s fault.

    Akili Quinn is a BUST.

  32. Why not answer the question? Is Haslam afraid of Pettine or something? Seems kind of juvenile to just not answer.

  33. He has to be the worst HC in the NFL. The Browns often give up on coaches too quickly, in this was it was not quick enough.

  34. Why is it so hard for some owners to get that the best way to grow a good football team is to hire a coach and general manager and then just go home and wait? Go ahead change systems every three years. That’s never worked before but hey maybe you’ll luck out and hire that elusive (bizarrely unemployed) head coach that wins the Super Bowl every year regardless of the talent he has to work with. And then maybe the two of you can go round up some unicorns to ride as while you herd your sasquatch.

  35. Just idiotic…….this is NOT that hard to do……invest in a quality scouting department, hire a solid GM (who comes from a strong organization within the NFL with a history of player development success)….could be a up and comer looking for his first GM role, draft the best player on the board, dont reach for players, if the top two players you have on your board are OL then draft OL (its what Seattle did when Carroll first got there).

    Stop firing your Coach every year Cleveland…..graveyard of Coaches…….horrible ownership.

  36. Consistency is important.

    But having the wrong coach over the long term isn’t going to help either.

    There is NOTHING in Pettine’s or Farmers body of work that would lead ANYONE to believe they are going to take the Browns to the playoffs – much less the SB.

    The owner may be a stooge but he’s not on the sidelines interferring like Jerruh.

    Pettine has been a failure at handling this team – the defense has gone in the toilet.

  37. Oh yea, BTW Farmer…..with the #2 pick in the 2016 draft if Bosa or Turnstill are there you pick either one versus reaching for your QB……both are future Pro Bowlers and upgrade you immediately……don’t trade down, improve your talent while risk mitigating.

    Your welcome for the advice.

  38. nflrule says:
    Jan 2, 2016 9:32 AM
    Pettine sure has some big stones asking if he is safe?The only other guy who leads a charmed life is Ginger Garrett in Dallas…

    How about that complete failure coaching the Rams? He hasn’t had a winning season in years and his teams always seem to fail to meet expectations.

  39. Please, forget firing. Think hiring. The Browns have never hired right. Find the right guy then fire the existing staff. If you cannot find an experienced coach then keep him. Actually, it is the horrible sub-coaches that are hurting the team.

  40. So, who’s leaking the details of this ‘conversation’?
    Team Pettine, always happy to throw everyone under the bus at every opportunity?
    Or Team Haslam, always looking like there is no functioning leadership?
    Either way, the whole situation is a hot mess.
    Browns fans need a ‘manual rebate’…

  41. All starts with the owner & GM. Haslam needs to change his approach with his thought process & choices and bring someone in who will make an immediate impact. What I can’t get over is the poor choices over and over again within the organization and especially the poor top draft choices made in the last decade….exception Joe Thomas.

    Hoping the Browns can turn it around & it really makes an interesting offseason story to follow

  42. The problem with the Browns starts with Haslam, not with Pettine.

    What cowardly way for an owner to conduct himself.

    Hopefully others will understand what a circus Browns football has become, under Haslam.

    I never thought anyone could be worse than Randy Lerner…boy was I wrong.

  43. As a Browns’ fan, I imagine Haslam is scouring the landscape to determine who may be available as a potential coach. I doubt if Haslam is satisfied with Pettine but is cautious to fire him unless he has some confidence that someone “better” is willing to take the job. I feel Farmer has been a disaster and I am unhappy with Pettine’s game decisions which show me he hasn’t learned (consistently) from prior mistakes. They must have several very successful drafts to be truly competitive in that division. I remain hopeful….

  44. That’s what you get when you sell your franchise to a minority owner of the pittsburgh steelers.

  45. You bring in Johnny M. and what do you expect.. the guy is a cancer and turns the place into a unstable banana republic. Need to gut some of these bad personalities and get stable. Build some defense and wait for the right QB to come along.

  46. vincespowersweep says:
    Jan 2, 2016 9:42 AM

    Browns fans deserve better

    They should suffer like the fans in all the other cities outside of Foxboro, Ma

  47. Haslam’s infatuation with Manziel pretty much sums up what he knows about football!!! Worst owner in history of NFL!!!!

  48. This is just my opinion but I think Ray Farmer and those in the scouting department that report to him are the weakest link in this organization. Need to get some guys in there that can properly identify and evaluate college/pro player talent. With the abundance of high picks they seem to get every year, they really can’t afford to keep drafting as poorly as they do. And decisions like that Dwayne Bowe contract definitely can’t keep happening either.

  49. As a lifelong die hard Browns fan since 67 please turn this thing around .

    Farmer whom I was excited to see get the job screwed up 4 first round draft picks in two years on the job . not to mention signing Bowe to 9 mill and the guy is washed up and has barely seen the field .

    Pet farm who’s specialty is supposed to be defense has ranked last or next to last the last two years and is also the highest paid unit in the league .

    Bangs head against wall ..if I keep this up I will have a Peyton Manning forehead .I don’t want a Manning forehead .

    Turn this thing around . we aren’t getting any younger here and are close to being apathetic .

    Upset the Steelers this Sunday would sure take some the sting out of another nightmare season .

  50. “we want to make sure that all of our players are in good shape as people first, players second” – this is how you build champions. It’s called holding people accountable.
    If Jimmy Haslam fires this man it will only prove he is a complete idiot and not fit to own an NFL franchise. HE (Jimmy Haslam) needs to change the culture. Just because you own the team, doesn’t mean you can lead. He needs to keep Mike Pettine, and fire Ray Farmer (because he is in WAY over his head).
    Mike Pettine can and will win in the NFL.
    Cleveland broke off Bill Bellicheck and now he is chasing Super Bowl titles every year and his teams are the envy of the league.
    What has Cleveland done?
    This town is littered with Browns fans who call in and cry and make sports talk radio unlistenable and talk about “when is it our turn” – like we’re playing spin the bottle or something.
    The NFL doesn’t take prisoners.
    Mike Pettine is a man worth keeping.
    If Jimmy Haslam fires him… I will lose ALL faith.
    This organization has been blown up so many times that being man enough to stay the coarse is really about being a real man.
    We’ll find out what Jimmy Haslam is made of real fast.
    You can’t “WILL” your way to championship without sacrifice.
    Look at Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati. Fans were screaming for his head and now they have a team they can be proud of, but it took consistency, time, and pain to get there.
    Getting rid of Mike Pettine will be a huge step backwards.
    In Mike I Trust.
    In Jimmy?
    Time for someone to man up.

  51. As a Browns fan since the mid 60’s, I would rather have draft position over a meaningless win on Sunday!!

  52. Seems clear Johnny Manziel is NOT the problem. Players clearly want to play for and with him on the field.

    Stability is one facet of the game. Some good players on that team, with a young stud of a qb who is only going to get better. Question is whether he wants to do that in Cleveland, or Dallas, or anyone of about a dozen teams needing premier qb material.

    Be a shame to re-start the make over once again. Manziel has shown he can play, and with the right players, can win. Why throw that away?

  53. Hard to imagine Manziel as the face of the team. Farmer, apparently on the insistence of Haslam, drafted Johnny despite the red flags flapping in the wind.
    As to whether he’s a legitimate NFL quarterback, I’m not close to being convinced.

  54. Haslam, Pettine, and Manziel is like having Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Tim McVeigh all in a room and seeing who the first to go needs to be. They are ALL bad, but some are worse than others.

  55. Pettine has made some bonehead mistakes with player depth chart, clock management, etc.,but I think he can be the guy to turn it around. His no nonsense, blunt approach is what’s needed. Unfortunately, his loyalty to his tagalong buddy Jim O’neil has hurt him, by trusting him to run the “D” which has taken steps backwards. They try to make excuses with injuries to Haden, etc. , but Oneil is the problem. I have a feeling Jimmy is giving Farmer his walking papers Monday, and will tell Pettine, he can stay on ,but he will have to fire O”neil, and revamp the entire defense in order for Pettine to keep his job. Defilipo is safe if Pettine is kept, so what it boils down to is if Pettine is willing to let his buddy Oneil, fall on the sword, or tells Haslam that he wont stay unless Oneil can stay with him. Should be interesting to see how it all unfolds. Hopefully, the days of the Draft being the browns superbowl ends soon!

  56. I’m just pulling for Haslem to hire a coach who thinks he can build an offense around Manziel.

    Just please, God, don’t let Jerry get his hands on him. Watching ESPN during the Tebow era was nauseating – JFF goes to Dallas as Romo’s heir apparent? I’d rather chew on glass.

  57. The players want him there. They’ve seen enough coaching changes. He’s a brand new coach with his only head coaching experience on the high school level. He’s learning on the job. Only get rid of him if you have someone else better already lined up. If not you better keep him to show that you have some patience.

  58. Everyone who is saying the Browns will have no trouble hiring a new coach obviously doesn’t remember how the last coaching search went…
    Pettine was pretty much the ONLY guy willing to accept the job. Remember how many people refused to even interview with the Browns?
    Do you really think giving Pettine a whole 2 years this time is going to make that job more appealing?

    If they fire Pettine, they absolutely HAVE TO get the next hire right and give the guy 4-5 years no matter what otherwise thing will never change. Giving players time in the same system is how teams get better and compete for the playoffs.
    As a Buffalo fan I know all too well what lots and lots of coaching change does to a franchise.

    Honestly though, I kind of selfishly hope that the Browns fire Pettine, so maybe Rex can bring him back as his DC.
    Come back to Buffalo Mike and finish what you started with this defense!

  59. I think Johnny Maziel is a good role model for our children and the guy the Browns need as the face of the franchise. He has come from a rich upbringing and just doesn’t know how the other parts of the population live. If people weren’t so quick to be critical of rich people, Johnny would be fine. This isn’t fair.

  60. Am I wrong? Were the Brown’s not the outfit that fired Belicek? Guy was a bum. Lol.

    Petine is no Belicek. My point is, this outfit is failing at levels beyond who the coach is. They are like my beloved Leafs, rotten to the core.

    Haslam wasn’t there then, but, Chud, Petine, Manzel ….



  62. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Jan 2, 2016 9:32 AM

    How could he possibly be safe?

    Endless possibilities if you have an open mind that doesn’t support cheaters. Owners can work in mysterious ways… Look at Kraft he admitted to cheating that neve happened … Right?


    Like you even had to ask.

  63. raiderinva says:
    Jan 2, 2016 9:10 AM

    So when do we get to call Johnny Manziel the coach killer?

    You actually think Manziel was the problem? Lawl.

  64. george1859 says:
    Jan 2, 2016 9:52 AM

    Chiefs Nation..

    The only city and team more pathetic than Cleveland.

    Detroit is the only city and team more pathetic than Cleveland, and they are getting better.

  65. When I was 12 I dreamed of the day when the Browns would hoist the Lombardi in triumph. That was nearly 50 years ago! It did not happen in my fathers lifetime. It has not happened in mine. If I were one who liked to bet, I’d confidently stake what is left of my life and all that’s left of my grandchildren’s, that they are not likely to witness a SB Browns team in their lifetime. There comes a time when you just have to admit that some things are truly not meant to be, ever.

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