49ers go out a winner in overtime

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If Sunday was the last game of the Jim Tomsula era, at least the 49ers sent him out a winner after giving him some extra time on the sideline.

One of the few Week 17 games without any bearing on the postseason turned out to be the longest of the day when the 49ers and Rams went to overtime in Santa Clara. It looked like the 49ers would go down to their 12th loss of the season when they punted and Greg Zuerlein took the field to try a 48-yard field goal, but Dontae Johnson blocked the kick and the 49ers were able to drive for a 19-16 win on a Phil Dawson field goal.

The big plays were a roughing the passer penalty on William Hayes, a 15-yard completion to Torrey Smith and a short Blaine Gabbert pass that Quinton Patton turned into a 33-yard gain. Gabbert finished the day 28-of-44 for 354 yards and brought the 49ers back from a 16-10 halftime deficit with a pair of field goal drives in the second half of the game.

It’s a nice end to a nice run for Gabbert after he took over from the deposed Colin Kaepernick for the final eight games of the season. There wasn’t a lot of winning, but Gabbert ends the year having gone 178-of-282 for 2,021 yards, 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions. That could put him in the mix for a starting job with the 49ers or elsewhere and should ensure he’s nothing less than a clear-cut No. 2 come 2016.

Those decisions will have to wait until the 49ers announce their plans for Tomsula, who is expected to be fired after one year on the job. The same talk hasn’t accompanied Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who now has four losing seasons in four tries for a franchise that appears to be more interested in where they’ll be playing next year than how they played this year.

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  1. Fisher proclaimed the Rams were closing the gap in the division a few days ago. He said virtually the same thing two years earlier. Beating Seattle in Seattle doesn’t mean anything if you can’t follow that up by beating a four win team the week after.

    Too bad Ram management and ownership doesn’t understand that.

  2. What? Coach of the millennium Jeff Fisher didn’t get to one of his glorious 8-8 campaigns, has to settle for 7-9?

    Niners can hold their heads up, kinda, for showing up. But to drop 2 spots in the draft is NOT a good thing when you’re in need of a full-on rebuild. Oh well, Baalke is apparently still gonna be around, he’ll draft some broken down running back or noodle-armed QB with their first pick anyways.

  3. The Niners can’t win when they need to and can’t lose when they need to. They go from a top 5 pick to potentially outside a top 10 pick. Why? Why the hell do you win this game?

  4. Irrelevant teams/game. Gabbert beats Rams. Enjoyable division ll game. Did anyone notice the empty seats? Maybe 49ers should move to LA (snark).

  5. .
    Jeff Fisher’s Coaching Record (since 2009)

    2009 – 8-8
    2010- 6-10
    2011- Out of Coaching
    2012- 7-8-1
    2013- 7-9
    2014- 6-10
    2015- 7-9

  6. 49ers get the 5th pick in the draft. Titans, Chargers and Cowboys don’t need a QB with their first round pick. That leaves Browns and 49ers for Goff and Lynch.

    However, I’d rather draft the best available player. Either OL or D. Then possibly some early 2-3 round playmakers at WR (check all the recent WRs on three rounds the last 3-5 years).

    Hire Chip Kelly and see whose better at QB and trade the later, Kaepernick or Gabbert. Depending who runs his system better.

  7. IMHO , this game was about two teams with equal talent, battling for “respect”. The difference is: it took Fisher four years to get his team up to average. It only took one year for the 49ers to move down.
    Is the Ram franchise what the NFL owners want to represent the league in LA? I guess if Jones can make the terrible ‘boys a financial success, Stan can do it with the Lambs.

  8. Tomsula choosing to punt on 4th and 4 from the Rams 37 yard line with a minute thirty left to go in a tied game should be a firing offense all by itself.

  9. Whup the Seahawks and then turn around and lose to the Niners. Those wacky Rams
    Whup? So any win is a whupping? Rams got lucky as crap on 2 fumble decisions. They had 200 yards and allowed almost 400.

  10. what’s the big fascination with Fisher’s record? WTF do you care?
    If they have even mediocre QB play they would have been 10-6 and in the playoffs.

  11. Ok Rams fans you need to re-title the Rg3 trade and just call it the 7-9 trade of 2012.. How are those draft picks working out for ya?

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