49ers make it official, fire coach Jim Tomsula


The 49ers made the expected news official Sunday night, firing coach Jim Tomsula after one season.

Jimmy has been a valuable member of the 49ers organization for the last nine years,” owner Jed York said in a statement released by the team. “We all know he is a man of high character, and his contributions on the field and in our community have always been greatly appreciated. This entire organization is proud and grateful to have worked so closely alongside Jimmy. We all wish him and his family great success in the future.”

They just wish it for him someplace else.

As noted here earlier today, that means General Manager Trent Baalke is still in place, and will be able to take another shot at finding a coach to rebuild there, after a collapse that transcended losses on the field.

After all the offseason retirements and defections and the midseason benching of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers looked lost as an organization.

107 responses to “49ers make it official, fire coach Jim Tomsula

  1. Always felt sorry for the guy. Good company man who knew he destined to take a fall for his owner’s shortcomings. Wish only the best for him.

  2. The writing for this was on the wall before the season even started. 49ers deserve everything that happened to them this year with how they handled the Harbaugh situation. Now they have to find a Head Coach AND a QB.

  3. With the second pick in the Fire The Head Coach draft, the Indianapolis Colts trade their pick to the SFSC 49ers in return for their spot.

    Tomsula is fired.

    The Indianapolis Colts are on the clock (Unless the SD Chargers elect to make a move).

    Announcer: The NFL Fire the Head Coach draft…brought to you by…Draft Kings…)

  4. Hire an offensive minded coach to improve/and or groom a QB. Our defense would be middle of the pack had we been able to score. Last in the league in offense? Really? Let’s get Kelly or Payton in here. Rather Kelly with Kaepernick and Gabbert on the roster. No compensation required for Kelly too.

  5. Yeah Jimmy serves 9 years as a loyal dog gets head coach job for a year under duress and he gets kicked to the curb

  6. Ding, ding, ding!
    Browns, heres your guy who will assure continued productivity from the factory of sadness for the next 2 years. Get…whoever is still working there… on this guy ASAP.

  7. Hard to believe this is the same franchise that made three straight NFC title games a few years back. Firing Harbaugh has to go down as one the worst, unwarranted firings of all time in all sports.

  8. Trent should just keep it classy and hire himself to coach the team…he seems to have it all figured out…

  9. As it turns out, firing a brilliant head coach who resurrected the franchise after a decade of losing and replacing him with the company “yes man” isn’t a good idea. York and Baalke will now be in search of their next “yes man” and I’m sure it’ll go just as well as the Tomsula era.

  10. I feel bad for him. He was put in a no win situation. It sucks being a niners fan right now because our owner is young. So that means it will be decades before the niners are good again.

  11. The problem with a lot of these rich owners is they have such huge egos that they think they can somehow reinvent the wheel and find some magical way to win that no one else has tried. The successful owners know that the best way to succeed is to model after the success of others and just fine tune it to fit your team. This is why we have some horribly run franchises out there. The 49ers used to have a great owner and well now they have Jed York.

  12. It’s not Tomsula’s fault that the 49ers franchise is a big joke. It’s a dead end job with no enticing perks that come with it. Just a brand new stadium that’s all. No talent on the field, no franchise quarterback in place. Bottom line! No future in the Santa Clara 49ers!! A franchise living off memories from 30-40 years ago when they actually had decent ownership and a coaching staff. They had some good things going with Jim Harbaugh. The front office was just too stupid to realize it!

  13. He was in over his head, that was obvious. I still feel a bit bad for him though as he was not qualified yet they felt he should be put in there. Come on. As a coordinator he may have been suitable, we don’t even know that yet. Now where is he going to go to?

  14. Browns of the west coast.

    It’s like there has to be a dysfunctional team in the Bay Area, and since the Raiders have climbed out of dysfunction, the 49ers decided to dive into it. Bad news if the Raiders leave the area…

  15. Is it really surprising the two casualties today just happen to work for two of the worst owners?

  16. Should have never been a candidate for the job in the 1st place. He wouldn’t have been hired as a head coach by any other NFL team when they hired him. Guy was not qualified for the job (in spite of what the Bay Area media was saying at the time) but no one wanted the job and going to be hard to find a legitimate HC to work for that circus.

  17. Baalke and York are still helming the ship. Sorry Niners fans, but short of Eddie D being given the team to run again, your SS Minnow is out on its three hour tour.

  18. My only comment is if he is such a great person like they say why did they fire him? According to their release he was the best choice as their coach. What gives?

  19. Feel bad for the guy know he’s not the best coach but going 5-11 when you have Blaine Gabbert at qb is really not all that horrible. Although I will give Gabbert credit he actually played solid this year.

    I mean it’s not relly his fault he was put in a lame duck situation with a depleted roster thanks to his owner and gm. They wouldn’t have done much better they should fire themselves instead of letting him take the fall.

    I guess he can move back in with his brother Luigi though.

    Had to lol. Feel bad for the guy though he never had a fair shot.

  20. So long as the Yorks and Baalke remain it doesn’t make one bit of difference. For whatever reason, they (the Yorks) have hitched their wagon to Trent Baalke, despite the fact that his record as GM is abysmal.

    Either A) They retain him because he’s a sycophant and works on the cheap or B) they’re too dumb to realize what a horrible job he’s doing.

    Either way they deserve none of the loyalty the Faithful bestowed upon them during the Erickson/Nolan/Singletary years. This is a franchise that is willingly sabotaging the 49ers legacy.

    Screw ’em …. BOYCOTT!!!!!

  21. Don’t feel sorry for him in the slightest. He was a locker room snitch and stabbed Harbaugh in the back…..

    And I’d make a joke about him laughing, but truth is he’s probably too busy celebrating a postseason win…..

  22. Chip Kelly’s line1 please $7million a year full control Trent will take a backseat and he can be a savior if Kapernick can have good year!!

  23. Ill give them credit for admitting the mistake and moving on. Harbaugh ain’t coming back, and frankly..when you don’t get along with your bosses your gone. Deal with it fans. Now make the right hire (not convinced based on this disaster they can) but better than year 2 when you know the coach isn’t up to it

  24. Shaw will not be going to the Santa Clara dumpster fire. Harbaugh gave him all the information he needs to know.

    Bottom line: Stay away. The job is a career killer.

  25. Jed, fire Baalke and give the team back to your more deserving and competent uncle, Eddie DeBartolo. You’re a disgrace to the rich history of the Niners. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and had EVERYTHING handed to you.

  26. man should have kept his old job as defensive line coach…….now he has to move furniture and find kids a new school….

  27. Can’t help feeling bad for the 49ers because things looked so promising when Harbaugh first came to town. Loved his game plan. Who knew he was crackers? As a Steelers fan, I have a lot of issues with John, but he’s stable enough to run a successful (most years) football program there in Baltimore. Jim must have taken too many hits back in the day. He seemed so likable when he started his playing career. Well … good luck with the next man up.

  28. So much hate for Trent and Jed. They didn’t cause all the retirees to get old. Hate them for free agency? No thanks. They fired a guy who is a phenomenal coach, but is by his own admission very difficult to get along with. Trent has shown himself to be very draft savvy and with the right coaching hire ( think Gase not Holmgren) this team could be competitive in 2 more years. Sorry Browns fans… We’re not you.. That’s the Cardinals… Never won anything… Never gonna win anything. Maybe I’m an optimist… But never gonna be a bandwagon guy. They made a mistake… The bigger one would’ve been to pride up and keep Tomsula.

  29. NEVER should have had the job in the first place.
    york is an idiot, who knows nothing about football.

  30. O.K., this isn’t funny anymore. Blaine Gabbert will have his seventh different head coach after five seasons in the league. NO ONE has had to deal with that sort of chaos in the history of the league.

  31. 49ers owe him the remaining $10.5 Million dollars on his 4 year contract. That dope is sitting pretty, no need to feel sorry for him. His agent will have a ton of calls tomorrow am with new clients. Way to go Santa Clara 49er front office!

  32. He got a salary bump and title for his ratting out of Harbaugh.

    Now all the Harbaugh players have left or have gone downhill far and fast enough so that York csn use the rebuild excuse.

    Tomsula geuinely looked overwhelmed each and every time he spoke or we saw him on the sidelines.

  33. Dont want to knock someone who is down. The job was just too much for him. Maybe with a few years he could have learned enough but more than likely he is not head coach material and thats not being offensive, just doesn’t have what it takes for that

  34. Though we don’t even realize it now, “Fartgate” (and yes, he did crack one at that press conference) will go down as an epic, hilarious gem in league with the butt fumble and such. It’s staying power will be legend.

    Best of luck to Tomsula, meanwhile. Seems like a nice guy who stepped into a real sh@pile, pushing the broom behind Harbaugh.

    I think Cap is resurrectable. He just needs a quarterback coach. Kelly, Payton, Holmgren fit.

  35. No quarterback, a GM/front office you can’t trust, a depleted roster – hey, what’s not to like about the 49er job?

    There are some decent coaches out there, but even the ones without a current gig have to wonder what they would be getting themselves into with this gig. Coaches who have or have had head jobs before can recognize a swamp when they see it. My guess would be a current or soon to be former coordinator who might be on their way out anyway. Or a position coach realizing he won’t be get a coordinator job anytime soon.
    Coaches and assistants who have been successful on teams and know what a successful and functioning organization looks like know the 49ers ain’t it.

  36. Let’s take a step back for a moment: Did anyone – including Tomsula and his agent – really think the 49ers had made a long term commitment to Tomsula? He was the 4th lowest paid head coach with no NFL experience as a coordinator. The 49ers are still not far removed from firing another coach with a similar resume and are clearly in clearing house mode. This job was always going to be temporary – and it wouldn’t be surprising if the 49ers made that explicit to Tomsula, with the incentive that he could prove himself. At this point in his career, it’s an easy decision for Tomsula to take a temp gig and either prove he’s ready to HC, or just gain invaluable experience at one of the 32 most coveted jobs in sports. With a 4 year contract, he’d likely get a decent severance on his way to join staff on another team. Despite the outcome, I think this job was a win for Jim. And sad as it is for fans, it’s a win for the 49ers front office, who may have been looking for an excuse to move on from Colin Kaepernick and jump up the 2016 draft.

  37. They don’t have to pay Tomsula for doing nothing. They can reassign him to marketing. Now that the 49ers are a doormat of the NFL, Jim Tomsula could put his experience as a doormat salesman to use.

    Lesson to be learned..for every Jesus there’s a Judas. Where the Judas gets the initial reward for betrayal he always suffers the worse fate. So do not be deceived…You reap what you sow.

  38. So they thought so highly of their players and fans that they let this guy pretend he was a football coach for a little while, right in time to announce Sean Payton right before the Super Bowl?

    Seems legit.

  39. I said it before. Tomsula is a line coach. Or position coach. At best his ceiling is head coach for a mid-major like Ball St. or San Diego U. Seems like a nice guy. Now the clock starts on Sean Payton and Chip Kelly watch. I think the fact that either are interested in SF means they think Kaepernick has something left in the tank. Especially, Chip Kelly. I would rather have someone that is familiar with how Carolina has got the most out of Cam Newton. Kap needs to know he may have to run for 3 yards to get a first down. And for the love of Christmas learn how to throw a soft pass to a running back. Which would be a must if Sean Payton comes there.

  40. Maybe its time for Little Jed to spend more time with Uncle Eddie and less time with his Daddy. This team more closely resembles the Cleveland Browns than the 49er’s of the Eddie Debartolo era.

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