All Dolphins G.M. candidates are expected to be internal


The early name to watch in the looming Dolphins G.M. search is director of college scouting Chris Grier. In fact, all names to watch are currently employed by the team.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, all candidates for the job currently are expected to be currently employed by the team. The formal process is expected to start on Monday.

As another source tells PFT, the elevation of Grier is “pretty much done.” The only thing that would derail a promotion of Grier would be a complete change of heart from executive V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum.

Other internal candidates who could be considered for the job (but, to be clear, PFT isn’t privy to the interview list) include executive V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte, assistant G.M. Eric Stokes, director of player personnel Joe Schoen, and director of pro personnel Anthony Hunt.

Aponte, whose expertise largely falls within Tannenbaum’s skills set (primarily, contract negotiation and cap management) likely wouldn’t be the right complement to Tannenbaum. The overlap already has sparked speculation that her time with the Dolphins could be coming to an end.

16 responses to “All Dolphins G.M. candidates are expected to be internal

  1. The Dolphins will never compete for a title as long as Ross is the owner. He should sell the team and just focus on real estate.

    The guy is absolutely clueless as to how to own a pro sports franchise.

    But fear not, those gullible, simpleton Fin fans will predictably proclaim each preseason that “This year is the year!”,,,,,,,,before once again being humiliated

  2. That’s too bad. The best thing in situations like the Fins is to burn it to the ground and start fresh from the top on down. Promoting from within in an organization with as many systemic problems as they have virtually guarantees similar results going forward.

  3. GREAT!!!! Because we’ve been hitting home runs with all our draft picks!!!! SMH…

  4. If they’re keeping Tannenbaum it doesn’t matter who the titular GM or coach are. Tannenbaum is an incompetent and will continue leading the team to loser seasons.

  5. Tannenbaum’s expertise is in salary cap negotiations? Miami had more talent and cap flexibility prior to his arri al. I always assumed his talent was blackmailing billionaires with secret photos.

  6. Regardless of title, Tannenbaum will continue to have final say on personnel so who even cares who the ‘GM’ is. Fins fans will have to suffer through a few years of Tannenbaum’s reign before he gets fired and maybe Ross will get it right next time……

  7. As a Jets fan, I’m LOVING this!

    Almost as much as the Bills hiring Rex Ryan.

    Now if only Belichick and Brady would retire …

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