Browns fire Mike Pettine

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After the Browns lost to the Steelers, Mike Pettine said he was still gathering information on a report that quarterback Johnny Manziel was in Las Vegas Saturday despite being in the concussion protocol after reporting concussion symptoms during the week.

Pettine can put a pin in his fact-finding mission because Manziel and the rest of the Browns aren’t his problem anymore. The team announced that Pettine, who had a 10-22 record in two years in Cleveland, has been fired on Sunday evening.

The announcement also featured confirmation that General Manager Ray Farmer has been relieved of his duties as well.

“We greatly appreciate Ray and Mike’s dedication and hard work while with the Cleveland Browns,” Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said in a statement. “We’ve made this decision because we don’t believe our football team is positioned well for the future. We are all disappointed with where we are and I take full responsibility. We will approach the search for our next football coach and executives to lead our football operations with a clear vision regarding what we need to do to build a successful organization. We will be methodical in looking for strong, smart leaders with high character who are relentlessly driven to improve our football team, willing to look at every resource possible to improve, and who embrace collaboration to ultimately make the best decisions for the Cleveland Browns. We are fully committed to bringing our fans the winning organization they so clearly deserve.”

Whoever replaces Pettine will be the team’s 10th head coach since they rejoined the league in 1999. Farmer’s replacement will be the eighth man to hold the General Manager title for a franchise that finds itself making these kinds of moves far too often.

95 responses to “Browns fire Mike Pettine

  1. Not surprising in the least bit. They need consistency but these guys weren’t getting the job done. Farmer had a HORRIBLE draft record and Pettine could handle situations (even Johnny stuff aside). The messed up part is, I’m actually excited for the coaching search in the hope that they get it right. I have no idea why the Browns have this trance over me.
    Serious question, my wife is due with our first child in April. Is it considered child a use to raise him a Browns fan?

  2. Two good moves. They can get a perfect score if they announce that Haslam has sold the team . . .

  3. Im actually happy for him, and I don’t even follow the Browns that closely. Just knowing that Johnny Football can go completely off the rails now and its not his problem should make this a happy new year for him.

  4. Not a Browns fan at all, but their fans deserve better for sticking behind such a bad team for so long. They need to hire and stick with a GM and coach that can develop the current talent and have the chance to bring in new talent via the draft and free agency.

    You can’t make changes every other season and expect it to work. Here’s a crazy idea — bring in someone to specifically lead the hiring based on their background.

  5. Anyone who uses the phrase, “Factory of sadness” in the comments below is foolishly unfunny and unoriginal. Scroll down to see the names of these idiots…

  6. Such a clueless franchise with a dim-witted fanbase clamoring for this. It’s impossible to wish them well at this point. Unlike in San Francisco, I think Cleveland fans get what they deserve.

  7. You know what’s not produced at the factory of sadness? Consistency.

  8. Best news for the Browns all year! These two couldn’t coach/manage their way out of a wet paper bag!

  9. Mike got the shaft. Sure, he wasnt the greatest coach, but look what he was given to work with. Haslam is a dirtbag!

  10. Pettine was Clevelands what, like fifth choice last time around? Would be a mighty brave coach to step into that mess with all the Manziel drama.

    I feel very sorry for Browns fans, they deserve better.

  11. Pettine is the 5th Browns coach to be fired after losing to the Steelers. Thats out of 6 coaches in 11 years. When will teams learn longevity? I feel terrible for Browns fans. They’re great fans who show up and support their team every week. You deserve better.

    Steelers Fan

  12. For not playing Johnny Football from day one he deserved to be fired.

    Yeah, cuz Johnny Suckball has been terrific. LOL at little fanboys like you.

  13. At least Pettine got two seasons to prove he was a terrible coach. They didn’t even give Chud that.

  14. But, but, he was still gathering information on Johnny Manziel in Vegas! Now we’ll NEVER know!

  15. Atten readers, do not listen to all these arm chair experts.

    I was the one that called it first! Pettine fired! Told ya so!

  16. Not happy about this but, Jimmy, since you’ve decided to reboot the whole organization again, PLEASE do it the right way this time. Hire the GM first — a solid football guy. Then let him hire the coach.

    Not Sashi Brown. Please. Get somebody with real NFL credentials. The Cleveland Browns are supposed to be an NFL team. Run them like one.

  17. Manziel to GM and bring back golden arm Weeden with that pretty long ball!

    For real, so sorry Cleveland the circus is no longer fun to watch.

  18. Hey folks, if you don’t feel like you’re ready to be an nfl gm or head coach next year, feel free to get a head-start and just submit an expected resume for the opening two years from now.

  19. Honestly, he’d probably still have a job if he wasn’t so caught up in trying to discipline Manziel and just played him. Is Manziel breaking any laws by doing what he’s doing? No

  20. No competent coach who has even just one more offer will take this job. There is no commitment from the owner to invest the time needed to turn the culture around and bring in the right kind of players. Instead you will get a coach who will abide to the owners wish of playing Johnny and the “rebuild” will start all over again next season.

  21. Hee! Apparently, Manziel wants out of Cleveland, perhaps this will insure that he’s stuck there another year for another coach to see if he can work. That would make me giggle!

  22. Memo to all the Mike Pettine haters:

    Just who is Jimmy Rebate going to get to coach this team? Jimmy is an absentee owner that is a complete hot head. All he has done in four years is fire two team presidents three general managers and three head coaches. What real coach or gm would want to work for him? Plus his team president for business operations is trying to take control of the football side?

    Well he has sold the stadium naming rights, replaced the uniforms, raised ticket prices and added new scoreboards to sell more ads. Oh and he had dog races during time outs.
    So he has lined his pockets with new cash streams, that he hasn’t spend on players.

    Never thought I would want Randy Lerner back!

  23. Pettine joins a long line of coaches who were set up to fail. No talent. No commitment from ownership. No support from player personnel. Fifty-three years of dysfunction.

  24. I don’t know how the fans of the Browns out up with this charade of a football franchise. Before I go on, I fully disclose I’m a Ravens fan and I want to write first of all that I’m not here to troll on the Browns fans who root for their team and write on this web site. I say this in total admiration for their loyalty and persistence in the face of unending football ineptitude. Given that ineptitude you are the most loyal and persistent fan base I’ve ever known.

    I do not know how you continue to root for this team.

    The fact that you’ve had 8 (eight) head coaches – including the interim Terry Robiskie – in the 17 years since the Browns returned to the league says it all. The ownership has been as incompetent as the front office and coaching staff and, until that changes, I see no hope of your team climbing out of the cellar.

    Until then, there is a semi-pro football team that plays down the road in Columbus that has a proven track record of performance and titles and doesn’t play in a Factory of Sadness.

  25. Y’all crack me up… not “given the chance to change the culture”? Farmer had the most picks in the draft the last 2 years as well as top five salary cap space in the NFL.. he was given a pretty solid opportunity to make moves.
    Pettine was on a stupid witch hunt to prove Manziel’s character shouldn’t allow him to play as opposed to just let his playing show it.. also, any move Farmer did make, see Bowe, wasn’t very solid but better than anything not named Travis Benjamin.. however, Pettine refused to play him.
    These two morons weren’t trying to change the culture, they were trying to have a pissing match to see who had more power. They need guys that can work… wait for it….. yeah, TOGETHER..

  26. The Cleveland Browns fan base doesn’t even remember Shanahan Jr running screaming from their organization. I can’t wait until people start turning down employment offers in Cleveland again. Last time it was sad. This time it will be hilarious.

  27. Great news. Pettine sealed his fate when he refused to hold his (loser) D coordinator accountable in like week 3. Bye Pettine. You suck and I hate you. You too Farmer.

  28. Haslam doesn’t have a clue what he is doing. He is such a micro manager that he hires an inexperienced staff, and tries to pencil whip them with his brilliant ideas. Notice the time before this he hired experienced NFL people, but couldn’t work with them. He thinks he has all the answers. Until he goes, expect more of the same.

    This guy can’t change. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has been used to getting his own way his whole life.

  29. Should have kept the coach. Now you’re doomed for another 2 years at least.

    This is the team that thought Belichick couldn’t get it done. Guys need more than 2 or 3 years.

  30. Asking a coach to turn around Cleveland in two years is like asking me to keep watching this trainwreck derail year after year

  31. You Cleveland fans are crazy. You have a coach who wants discipline in his players and the owner want screw up.

    What coach would want to coach in that pile of crap? You just lost a guy who was fixing the revolving door of chaos.

    Hope next in the 2017 year that you’ll be happier with a number 1 vs the 2016 number 2

  32. Well Browns fans. You weren’t careful and got what you wished for. Farmer and Pettine fired while your messiah the drunk Johnny Football stays. Now there will be no more accountability for Mr. Affulenza

  33. Pettine seemed to make one bad choice after another.

    But now you are starting to see how useless and meddling Haslam really is.

    I bet it would have broke just about any other coach in the league.

    Hard to make a great omelette when given rotten eggs.

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