Clark Hunt expects at least one team to move to L.A.

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The window for seeking formal permission to relocate to Los Angeles opens on Monday, and one of the members of the league’s six-person L.A. committee expects at least one team to make the move in 2016.

Via the Associated Press, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt declined on Sunday to name which team would move from among the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders.

“All three of those franchises have tremendous fan bases in their home markets,” Hunt said. “In an ideal world, I’d like to see them all stay where they are. It probably won’t work out that way. There will probably be at least one team moving to LA. I can’t speculate who that might be.”

Hunt said that work will continue this week, in advance of a January 12-13 ownership meeting in Houston.

“There’s still a lot of information we need to look at,” Hunt said. “[W]e have to consider opportunities that have been put forward by the markets in Oakland, St. Louis and San Diego for their teams to stay.”

If only one team will move, it likely would be the Rams moving to Inglewood or the Chargers moving to Carson. The Raiders and Chargers hope to share the site in Carson; it’s also possible that one of those two teams will join the Rams in Inglewood.

Plenty of other outcomes are possible. What’s becoming more and more clear is that, however it works out, at least one team will be moving to Los Angeles.

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  1. The Rams have land, money, and team. The team has met the guideline for relocation. The Rams never asked for a new stadium only that their existing stadium be brought up to top tier. Now with the flooding in Missouri close to there proposed stadium site the city and state should concentrate on repairing the damage left by the flooding. The truth is their is no stadium it’s a sham. It will never be built. It’s all make believe in hopes it blocks the Rams from moving. The city of St. Louis is pathetic for their immature attempt to block the Rams from moving.

  2. As a Raider fan who wants the best for my team and who well remembers previous blunders I hope that the team(s) that move to Los Angeles do NOT include the Silver & Black. San Antonio would be a very good option. Portland pretty good. Sharing Levi’s isn’t that great but infinitely better than moving to La-la land. Best yet would be if Son-of-Al sold the team (in whole or in part) to someone who would be willing to commit financial resources to a new stadium in Oakland.

  3. I want to see the Rams move. They have the deepest roots in Los Angeles, and for as much as Los Angeles may be full of fair weather fans, it’s still crazy how the team ever left to go to a city like St. Louis to play in a venue that was guaranteed to become obsolete within a decade.

  4. If the NFL allows the Raiders to move to the LA market, the NFL won’t see any profit. 99% of Raider fans do not like to pay for anything . All the Raiders fans will vandalize the new stadium with graffiti and urine ! It’s the truth and It’s the demographic . All other NFL fans that spend thousands of dollars in tickets, merchandise and concessions will not spend a dime on the LA Raiders . Raiders fans will not pay for PSL’s or season seats . These fans want it all for free . Since the new stadium will be sophisticated the fans will not be able to hop the fence like they did at the colosseum or they still do at Dodger games . Hopefully NFL does their proper research , because I can already envision the Raiders in LA and the NFL complaining and asking why are there so many empty seats ? I remember when the Raiders played at the coliseum all the yellow jacket security would allow everyone in to the game for free. That was the only reason the seats would fill up. If the Raiders cannot sell out their own stadium in Oakland , it will be much worse in LA. The majority of Los Angeles fans cheer for other NFL teams and will not convert to the Raider fan base just because there here in LA

  5. I live in Los Angeles and these are Facts
    All Raiders fans reak alcohol on their clothes and breath , it’s so annoying . Also at the mall or market they won’t move an inch to the side so you can Bump into me and I have to tell them excuse me and they still mad dog me

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