DeMarco Murray shows Chip Kelly who’s a good fit


Clearly, Chip Kelly was an idiot. Or something.

Eagles running back DeMarco Murray, freed from the shackles of the coach who gave him a huge contract and didn’t use him, just took his first touch of the Pat Shurmur era 54 yards for a touchdown, giving the Eagles a quick 7-0 lead.

It was the longest run of the season for Murray, who entered the game with 633 yards, or 1,212 fewer than he had last year when he led the league in rushing yards.

Of course, Ryan Mathews started at running back for the Eagles, so it’s not as if Murray’s vengeance is perfect.

20 responses to “DeMarco Murray shows Chip Kelly who’s a good fit

  1. interesting what DeMarco Murray does with his first carry of QB under center today. Chip Kelly own stubbornness got him fired. See how quick Norv Turner changed up his original Shotgun handoff to AP game plan after that Niners beating. No way Niners should’ve been on the field with Minnesota but they wanted to change AP. NOOOO just lineup under center and give AP his 7 yards of momentum build up and watch him work. Same as with DeMarco Murray, if Coaches learn to adapt to their players instead of their “routine” offensive scheme they’ll last longer.

  2. Whether you like Chip Kelly or not, I’d be willing to bet that he hopes for the best with DeMarco Murray. If things were the other way around I doubt DeMarco would bite his tongue.

  3. Betcha the armchair experts will ignore the important fact that Murray is fresh, healthy and not beat up for his big run, unlike last year when he was beat-up and not effective last year at this time.

  4. i knew that some rocket scientist would take this shot. congratulations Mr. Gannt……..Murray runs untouched through a hole big enough for a Mack truck and that means that Kelly is an idiot……….. Murray has -5 yards on his next 3 carries……Shake yourself !

  5. Good riddance, xoach Chip Kelly, the fake genius!

    I guess it is now trendy to call onself a genius. Hmmm. The Eagle’s organization fell for this quick-talking snakeoil conman, coach Chip Kelly.

  6. This site is an absolute disgrace for the way they have repeatedly trolled Chip Kelly and Chuck Pagano.

  7. so Darin, after his first carry, Murray had 11 carries for 15 yards and a fumble…….. yeah, he really showed Chip Kelly. Shake yourself!

  8. 12 carries for 69 yds and a TD. Meaning outside of that one run he was 11 carries for 15 yds. Thats 1.4 yds per carry which is so much better than his garbage 3.6 under kelly. Hes so much better now that kelly is gone.

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