Manziel goes AWOL on Sunday


Johnny Manziel’s exit from Cleveland may have been sealed by a failure to show up.

Peter King of reported on NBC’s Football Night in America that Manziel failed to show up on Sunday morning, as the team requires for players in the concussion protocol. Manziel didn’t show up for the 9:00 a.m. ET meeting with a member of the franchise’s medical staff.

According to King, the Browns tried to reach Manziel by phone, but couldn’t.

Via multiple reports, owner Jimmy Haslam has confirmed that Manziel didn’t show up at the facility on Sunday.

With the Browns now looking for a new coach, they may not make any decisions about Manziel in the near future. With their roster locked until the day after the Super Bowl, the Browns couldn’t cut Manziel for the next five weeks, even if they wanted to.

205 responses to “Manziel goes AWOL on Sunday

  1. Dead weight. Admit the mistake, cut him, and move on. Stop taking advice from homeless guys and get a real GM to run the show.

  2. The part that is funny about this whole situation is that some team will pick him up.

  3. Doesn’t deserve anymore chances. Hopefully he’s released and his NFL career is over. So tired of hearing about someone who hasn’t done anything since leaving college. Unfortunately Jerry Jones is dumb enough to sign him and honestly think he would be the future of the Dallas franchise.

  4. He has his own “concussion protocol”…17 vodka tonics on Saturday night and sleep in ’til noon on Sunday.

  5. Manziel makes more money from his oil rich family than he ever will in the NFL. At this point, you’re stupid to expect him to come in and behave like a professional athlete. He isn’t in this league to make a living as a football player. He is in this league to be named starter so he can keep his celebrity status for as long as possible.

  6. Manziel’s TRYING to get cut from the Browns, you dorks. It’s the only way to succeed in the NFL – just look at Hoyer.

  7. Classless, talent-less, disrespectful punk……I hope they cut him and nobody picks him up

  8. Cant he be denied payment for this? Suspended? Both?

    This guy really has no business on an NFL roster. Completely immature professional. And they knew it from thecstart.

  9. Mark this down. Even if he’s cut tonight he’ll get a chance with at least one more team. He’s just teflon that way.

  10. No worries, he’s still cuddling with his adorable pup somewhere in “Ohio”. In his pad with the shag carpet and strangely patterned, hotel like furniture…

  11. Had Concussion and couldn’t find the facility…….

    Bad PR move ….and how about the info coming out so fast from the team that he missed the session? Team is cutting the cord, for sure.

  12. Players like this should be forced to return all that signing bonus paid by the team. Becoming available for a franchise in the draft and then acting unprofessional like that is a big-time fraud.

  13. He wasn’t going to make it anyway. Running backs who occasionally throw a football will never be successful at the pro level.

  14. Johnny does not have what it takes to be a professional football player.

    Perhaps the first requirement is talent.

    The second requirement is showing up.

    He’s gonna slick-talk his way onto another team. Some GMs are either desperate or they’re arrogant enough to believe that Manziel will be handled better on their team, but his behavior will not change.


  15. Gee, I must have been AWOL when Manziel took the SEC West, then won the SEC Championship, and topped off his dream season with the NCAA title. Nah … didn’t happen. The guy was overrated in college–if your goal is winning team championships rather than accolades for individuals. And he’s been nothing but headaches for the Browns.

    Haslam should get rid of him, hire a good GM, then let the GM pick his QB. Helping the homeless means building a shelter, not taking draft advice.

  16. He is the main part of the problem, but the Internet lynch mob makes it worse by wishing for his demise before he had even suited up at a pro practice.

  17. He’ll be in Dallas talking to the mime owner and looking to sink that ship too…oh wait….

  18. “-pftreader69 says:
    Jan 3, 2016 9:14 PM
    Is there any staff left to cut him?-”

    OMG, THATS funny! LOL!

  19. Trying to get cut.

    “Concussion” protocol was probably code for grumpy Daddy Pettine didn’t like his Christmas Eve video. What better place for someone recovering from a concussion than the bright lights and loud noise of Vegas?

    Jerrah will take care of him. There’s a spot beside Blandino on the party bus already reserved.

  20. Don’t cut him, that’s what he wants. Sign him for 10 more years and keep him as a 3rd string quarterback to grow old and wither on the bench.

  21. Johnny should look at Doug Flutie’s career and go to the CFL for 6 years and then come back…but i guarantee he won’t be that humble

    Hopefully Johnny has a good financial adviser to spread his rookie contract through the duration of his life cause he ain’t getting much more

  22. Probably a smart move by Johnny to stay away. He’d have been tempted/goaded to blow the whistle on the Browns for this nonsense “concussion” claim.

  23. “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”
    -De Niro, _A Bronx Tale_.

  24. The City of Cleveland is just waiting for LeBron to dump Johnny then they can move on. Can’t do anything during a LeBron contract year that could hurt his money.

  25. Sounds like he’s trying his best to get cut. I can’t blame him though. He didn’t choose the Browns.

  26. can’t wait for 2016 when Football Jonathan is with the Cowboys and they become a bigger dumpster fire than they already are! And there are 20 more games in London… (sorry, had to throw that in there cause Goodell is his own dumpster fire)
    Btw, word-of-the-day: dumpster fire!

  27. Cowboys have a top-4 pick and could easily pick up Lynch or Goff as the heir apparent to Romo.

    Johnny may find himself backing up Blaine Gabbert.

  28. I’m convinced he’s doing this to get out of Cleveland. He will be signed by another team if he gets the boot and while his initial pay may suffer, he will likely have more success elsewhere. #goodmoveactually

  29. He should try the tried and true defense of the spoiled rich texan. I’m sorry but I suffer from affluenza.

  30. Johnny is begging to be released. Who in their right mind wants to play in Cleveland in today’s NFL? This ain’t your grandpa’s Browns.

  31. Where is poster Eagleswin?

    I was sure he would be here to clarify how Manziel is really Johnny Angel…

    Or maybe Eagleswin is too embarrassed to post on this Manziel thread????

  32. When is are the Browns going to wake up and cut this jerk. He neither as the skill or fortitude to play QB in the NFL Here is another case of a over hyped QB out of college. Let him take his money back to Texas a party all he wants.

  33. I remember everyone had my Vikings taking this train wreck, so glad Speilman is smarter than that. Hope the kid can figure it out, he has some talent, but maybe has to hit rock bottom to take care of that ego.

  34. Where are you Football John-John boosters? He’s just a kid, having fun. What were you doing at his age? You all are jealous of his fame, money, skill, etc. That about sum it up?

    He probably did do it on purpose.

    Please Jerrah, sign him when he’s a FA, pretty please.

  35. Remember when pft and Browns fans kept insisting he should be made the starter?

    Ok, actually some Browns fans STILL think he should have been the starter.

  36. Hmm, let me see. I can stay in Cleveland with a new coach of the worst franchise in the NFL or I can guarantee they’ll cut me and take a wild chance ANY PLACE OTHER THAN CLEVELAND!

    I think Manziel may have outfoxed Haslam.

  37. If had to live/work in CLE, especially for the Browns, I’d do everything to sandbag my chances of having to stay there too. That team makes the Dolphins look competent, and that’s hard to do.

  38. I find it odd that having a beer-shotgunning, fame + attention-starved perpetually drunk girlfriend hasn’t been a better influence on him.

  39. First Johnny Football, then Johnny Highball, soon to be Johnny LobbyistForHisTexasOilBaronFathersCompany, then in a few years Johnny GovernorOfTexas.

  40. I’ve been saying it since Manziel was at Texas A&M: he’s a total head case. He keeps proving it over and over. I thank God every day that my Vikings took Teddy Bridgewater instead of Manziel in the draft. It will be nice to see Manziel unemployed on the day after the Super Bowl–that is, unless Jerruh decides to make him a Cowboy, which would be a really, really stupid thing to do.

  41. Can’t believe some idiot posted about jealousy about Manziel, it’s called responsibility, skilled or not, the Browns are still his employer. They have rules and responsibility and this clown is an insult. Sad as it is, this clown will get another opportunity with a moron owner like Jerruh who values wins over anything ethical in life.

  42. Another bad draft by the Browns. And people wonder why they are where there at in the NFL picture.

  43. They drafted Manziel to be the franchise guy.. He asked for continuity. Browns fired Pettine.. It’s on to the next city for Johnny. Next stop, Dallas.

  44. Manziel is a complete scumbag and this just looks like a way for him to get released so skeletor can sign him.
    Would love to see the Browns trade him to another long time non contender far from the state of Texas but no team in their right mind would do that.
    Ultimately the Browns have no one to blame but themselves. Looks like they will be drafting another QB high in the first round again this year.

  45. Too many enablers around this guy, unfortunately, some of them in the Browns organization.
    Pettine had it right about this guy after all!!!

  46. Johnny, what’s wrong with you? You have so much talent and could be set for life. Instead, you are determined to muck it up; and get rid of that hussy of a girlfriend. Good gracious alive. What a waste of a person.

  47. Browns QB picks since 1995. You would think that they the law of averages would have kicked in and one of these guys became a franchise QB.
    Manziel, 1st rd.
    Weedon 1st rd.
    McCoy 3rd rd.
    Quinn 1st rd.
    Frye 3rd rd.
    McCown 4th rd.
    Wynn 6th rd.
    Couch 1st overall pick
    Zeier 3rd rd

  48. Cmon rem this post course J $ wants to get cut by the Browns he already got 6million in his pocket and he was due $1.4mil next year he will sign with Dallas 4yr $12mil 6mil guaranteed so he will make $5million more next year alone and will b in Texas!! Anyone wanna debate this please feel free!!!

  49. He’s a spoiled, suburban brat who had it easy his whole life. Not surprised to see him defy all rules, expectations, and responsibility that comes with being an adult.

  50. A lot of 23 year olds are lazy, lying drunks.

    But you don’t pay them millions to be the face and leadership of a multimillion dollar operation.

  51. They should’ve left him a room with a very angry Jim Brown to put him in line. Or during training camp give him a blanket party.

  52. Wasted youth is better by far, then a wise and productive old age.


    JFF’s favorite Artist.

  53. I think it should be obvious by now that he’s trying desperately to get traded by Cleveland to some other location where he can start fresh (or be around old friends…..say, Dallas…) because that’s easier than dealing with his situation like a man. With that weak of a mind, he’ll never be a successful QB anywhere.

  54. I think its fear. If he tries his hardest and fails, then he is a loser to everyone but if he has something that causes him to lose like bad behavior, poor friend choices, in his mind that gives him the out to blame his failure on.

  55. Intergrity
    All these words are too big for Manziel to understand.
    Never mind show the necessary traits associated with them.
    If Manziel can not invest in himself, why would any team
    invest in him? The pure shame of it is the Browns
    unfortunately drafted a first-rate, selfish jerk.
    Have fun in Vegas big guy.

  56. Don’t know if anyone but me remembers it, but when the “new” Browns were established, SI did a big article on how the Browns had an extensive team set up of security guys and others to ensure players wouldn’t get into any trouble and get counseling if needed, etc., etc., etc. State of the art stuff.

    Now, it’s as if Manziel got to Cleveland and they said, “We”ve assigned you a mentor. Johnny, meet Art Schlichter.”

    Not that Johnny would need Schlichter’s help to screw up.

  57. oh the irony, yet Manziel is far far more successful at the age of 23 than ANY of you guys were.

    Yep, listen to all the hypocrites dogging him…I don’t blame the kid for having a small chip on his shoulder for all the patrol police the NFL has become these days. Give the kid a break, he gets in deep doodoo for hanging out with a friend at home or going to the casino…Yeah i probably wouldn’t be that interested towards others that put him under the microscope either.


  58. Johnny Football was reported to be in the home of Jerry Jones from the hours of 10pm-12am on sat night asking if he could clean his glasses off if he would save him from the nightmare also know as cleveland browns “football”

  59. Keep him on the 53 man roster for the balance of his contract. There is no greater punishment.

  60. Isn’t it time to kick this bum to the trash heap of football history, and see how he can keep his job at the local car wash with his work ethic?

  61. Hey the man is big enough to know the consequences of his actions. His behavior just demonstrate the need for self destruction. Either he can’t handle the pressure of being a big league player,or he doesn’t want to become one, and just wants the money and party. Let it be written, so let it be done

  62. Please don’t just release him. Trade him to a worse team for a bag of balls. Wait — IS there a worse team?

  63. The Browns should give Manziel the ultimate punishment…DON’T release him. Keep him on the roster as the 3rd string quarterback.

    Then again, that may be viewed as cruel and unusual punishment.

  64. I always thought of Manziel as Ryan Leaf version 2.0 and I still believe that he’ll be out of the league completely by the end of his 3rd year (if not sooner).

    But Manziel also fits the definition of a coach killer. I don’t think any decent HC would be willing to come to the Browns if the ownership forces him to play Manziel as was the case with the recently fired HC.

  65. Stupid Browns gave Manziel a 4-yr $8.25 million contract, including a $4.3 million signing bonus and about $6.7 million guaranteed.

    If Browns cut him, he would have received all $6.7m for 2 years of services.

    Browns have two choices:

    1) charge Manziel for failure of fulfilling his contract and break the contract. NFLPA will fight it hard.

    2) Eat the contract but give Manziel the RGIII treatment and make him sit for the next 2 years.

  66. Don’t trade him, just dump him. Don’t even wish him well and all that, just announce, ”The Cleveland Browns have released Johnny Manziel.” Then the countdown can begin on ”How freakin’ stupid is Jerry Jones?”

  67. Johnnybust never had a concussion. That is why he did not go to the mandatory 9:00AM team doctor meeting … it was a ruse to try to save face and hopefully be able to get something for his sorry ass in a trade. What a waste of a person and a draft pick. Remember when he got the call and told Ray Farmer … ‘let’s wreck this league’? Ha ha. Just a spoiled brat.

  68. Seriously, this really sucks as a Browns fan. I can’t find fault in firing both Farmer and Pettine. Farmer was the worst by far, and for a short time, I thought it would be better to provide some consistency and keep Pettine but no matter…he’s gone and that’s probably for the best. I had hoped after seeing Johnny actually make an effort to learn that he would be-at least for the short-term- suitable as quarterback (that position isn’t our biggest problem) and that we could address other issues. That is not to be apparently because young Johnny is a head case. He should be made to sit his rear end on the bench for at least the foreseeable future just to make sure his bad behavior doesn’t end up enabling him further and screwing us over.

    However, I would like to point out to those who think it’s because Cleveland is such a horrible place that ALL of our draft choices have done better other places: that is NOT true. Yes, Brian Hoyer has done pretty well on the Texans, but Weeden was cut by Dallas and won only one game – against the Titans, Richardson is out of the NFL, Quinn is an excellent game announcer (but not playing), all those other quarterbacks and other positions taken in the first couple of rounds,-most not heard from so much. I think you may find maybe 3 or 4 former Browns who are even still playing, let alone flourishing under other management so no…it’s not Cleveland per se, it’s piss poor talent appraisal.

  69. Who is there right mind wants this guy. Yes he has talent…but….until he grows up he’ll just be a pain in any ones side. No one should pick him up..let him get a real job.

  70. So, now coming out he showed up to Browns practice inebriated this week … Some may say the Browns are enabling but why keep protecting this kid?? The concussion protocol seems to be cover for that.

  71. Some guys never learn despite multiple efforts from friends, family and teammates.

    I remember when I was 18 and working as a pizza delivery guy. Myself and my buddies went to visit a friend at a college about 2 hours away. We got drunk and I ended up missing work the next day. Guess what, I got fired! I learned a valuable lesson that day.

    Unfortunately, after multiple run-ins due to partying and drinking issues, Johnny Frat-Boy will probably lose his job. Unfortunately, some dumb owner will probably come along and enable him for a few more years.

  72. Maybe Johnny Football could coach for San Francisco? They’ll need a good scapegoat this season as they continue the “rebuilding” phase…

  73. This is what Johnny does! This is why we love him. I sure hope he goes to Jerry World cause we all know Jerry will let him be him! Just ask Michael Irvin.

  74. For some unknown reason, the media has been hoping that Manziel will fail. There is apparently a full time paparazzi following his every move to try to get him in trouble with his team and the public. I am sure Manziel is not the only NFL player who likes to party. Besides, what does his partying has anything to do with his performance on the field. He was the starting quarterback in 2 of the 3 victories the Browns had. That of course did not please his coach, who was fired because the coach was doing everything he can to keep Manziel from playing. I don’t see the Browns cutting Manziel. If they do, there is no shortage of teams who will pick him up off waivers.

  75. I remember (like it was yesterday) that when Browns picked him, the local sports radio show in the afternoon, hosted by two ‘ya hoos’, dissed me big time. Wish I had recorded it & send it to them now. Drives you nuts when 2 people think they know it all & won’t consider other input.

    Teams are so stupid not considering these young college kids ‘personalities’ when drafting them.

    I remain amazed there are not ’20’ good men to play Quarterback to compete with the other 12 teams that make the playoffs… (PLAYOFFS !)

    & amazing how many owners get it wrong on GM (Coaches) (& players)

  76. If this is a play to get cut by the Browns it is still dumb.

    He may be successful in getting cut, but he will also be successful in being an untouchable for every other team in the league.

    He probably could have forced his way out behind the scenes.

  77. Hey Johnny football. You must be hanging out with Ryan Leaf. You might have quit booze but gambling and Leaf’s playing the media stoned must be in your future. I am sure you’ll get on another team, not a Green Bay, New England, Seattle or Arizona quality team. Maybe Jerry Jones in Dallas where you can go home and try to deal with Jerry. GOOD LUCK As far as I am concerned your yesterday’s player. I thought getting help (good for you) might have brought you around, but your behavior surely is suspect.

  78. Hello Cowboys! Anyone else maybe takes a flier with a 7th rounder. Cowboy fan next to me sadly shaking his head saying if Jerry gets his way, it’s a 2d rounder on the way to Cleveland.

  79. The kid has a dependency problem. It hasn’t been helped by all of the people who have been picking up his trash over his life and keeping him from realizing what a mess he really is. He hasn’t hit bottom yet, but if he does, it’s going to be really messy. I hope that he survives it.

  80. Maybe he is in rehab…. as in Rehab at the HardRock in Vegas..hahah. Actually, he was at the same brothel Lamar Odom overdosed in.

  81. araidersfan says:
    Jan 4, 2016 6:12 AM

    But Manziel also fits the definition of a coach killer. I don’t think any decent HC would be willing to come to the Browns if the ownership forces him to play Manziel as was the case with the recently fired HC.

    Pettine certainly didn’t need any help from Manziel to get himself fired. Completely mishandling Manziel all season didn’t help him either.

    If he had actually played the guy all season, he might still have a job.

  82. sansbushman says:
    Jan 4, 2016 7:08 AM

    Browns have two choices:

    1) charge Manziel for failure of fulfilling his contract and break the contract. NFLPA will fight it hard.

    Exactly which clause or clauses in his contract did Manziel fail to fulfill and/or break?

  83. roddoliver says:
    Jan 3, 2016 9:20 PM

    Players like this should be forced to return all that signing bonus paid by the team. Becoming available for a franchise in the draft and then acting unprofessional like that is a big-time fraud.

    BS. The Browns knew what they were getting with Manziel. At least they should have known.

    He should have been starting from day one, to see if he was going to develop. What did the Browns have to lose? It isn’t like he was going to hurt their playoff chances by being the starter.

  84. Fly all the way too Cleveland for a doc appointment, then have to fly all the way back to the pub in Vegas!? Are you kidding me…
    No doubt those flights to Cleveland are milk runs, with stops along the way.

  85. How many chances does that jerk get?
    The NFL does not need a Johnny Dootball.
    He needs to lose it all – every penny – and maybe, just maybe, the fool will wake up.

  86. In terms of severity, Adam Jones was about as bad as it gets next to murder/Ray Lewis, Ec. He is now not only an excellent player but a good citizen for Cincinnati. Tough for Browns fans but Manziel could come back in another system.

  87. Perhaps Johnny figured since his bartender was pre-med and therefore qualified to make a diagnosis…

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